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13 comments | Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This just in regarding the newly married black gay couple mentioned earlier on loldarian.com.

The internet has been abuzz with pictures from the recent lavish marriage ceremony of popular Minneapolis hairstylist Michael K. Cole and his husband Jamil Smith Cole; and not everyone is throwing rice at the newlyweds.

SOVO's Matt Schafer reports of a very disturbing e-mail circulating on the campus of Morehouse College that is being traced back to Sandra Bradley, an administrative assistant in the office of Morehouse College President Robert Franklin.

The e-mail was sent to Southern Voice after making the rounds through several Fulton County offices, including the following lines from Bradley.

“I can’t believe this wedding. It’s 2 men. They don’t smile in a lot of pictures and they look like a few brothers I’ve seen in the streets looking STRAGHT. Black women can’t get a break, either our men want another man, a white woman (or other nationality that’s light with straight hair), they are locked up in jail or have a “use to be” fatal disease. I’m beginning to believe Eve was a black woman and we Black women are paying for all the world’s sins through her actions (eating the apple)," Bradley wrote.

Vanessa Crites, who does not work at Morehouse, received the email from her partner, who works for Fulton County, and said she was shocked by the comments.

“I almost started to cry. I almost could not believe what I was looking at, and I thought that Dr. Franklin needed to know,” Crites said. “I think she covered all biases, she’s discriminating against gay black men, she’s discriminating against white women, she’s discriminating against people with HIV.”

Crites sent an email to Franklin, which she copied to Southern Voice, to inform him of the situation.

"I am beyond horrified and deeply saddened that a staff member working so closely with you could think that this type of blatant bigotry would be acceptable or tolerated by your offices, especially after your address earlier this year to your student body," she wrote.

You may recall reading a post on loldarian.com in May about a groundbreaking speech given by President Franklin to his student body urging them to "learn more about the outlooks and contributions of gay men." The speech was given on the heels of intense criticism of the homophobic and often violent climate for gay students at Morehouse.

“Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are investigating and will take appropriate and prompt action,” Franklin wrote in an e-mail responding to Crites & Southern Voice for comment.

And if you think the anti-gay comments from Morehouse College employee Sandra Bradley are bad, then you probably don't want to read the comments on this "urban blog" that posted photos of the couple under the headline, "What In The Hell Is Wrong With These Pictures??".

I've given this advice to my heterosexual black sistas before and I'm gonna dish it out again. Stop wasting your energy getting all riled up about something that could never be yours to begin with.

Thanks Ryan, Matt, & Merrick


Noah's Arc actor and loldarian.com favorite Doug Spearman reflects on the impact of HIV/AIDS in a special piece written for Gay Men's HIV Awareness & Testing Day. Having grown up in an era when HIV/AIDS was a death sentence, Spearman writes a moving tale of a period of time when urgency and safety were a priority for gay men who were being disproportionately infected by the disease, to the nonchalant attitude of many who are at risk in today's culture of anti-retroviral therapy.

An excerpt from "The bubble burst a long, long time ago":

For a time in the 1990s you couldn't go anywhere, especially here in Hollywood, without seeing a red ribbon pinned to chest of a celebrity. I remember when my boss at CBS started wearing a small red ribbon brooch that was made of rubies. All I could think of was that the disease that was killing and crippling my people had become fashionable. You don't see a lot of red ribbons anymore, do you? We've moved on to white ones, because now that AIDS has been dealt with we've moved on to marriage.

The truth is society, gay and straight, seems to think of AIDS as the last century's problem. Now, it's a managed-care disease, as my doctor calls it. There are drugs and therapies to handle it.

Yeah. As long as you can afford them. As long as you've got health insurance and/or access to state funded medical services. I know a lot of people in California who are going to be doing a bit less biking and maybe less mountain hiking when and if Governor Schwartzenager's cuts to AIDS funding really do happen as scheduled.

AIDS isn't disappearing, especially if you're Black or Latino in this country. Infection rates may have gone down - a bit - among white gay men, but in minority communities from Oakland to DC, it's again that thing no one talks about. But it's killing us. For the last five years, the numbers of new infections among Black men between 15 and 35 is horrifying. The numbers are almost as bad among Latino men. AIDS is the number one killer of Black Women in the United States. People who don't think to look for it are getting it, and because they're less likely to have access to medical services, they won't find out till it's too late.

Every day that bubble of "not me - them" bursts. Every day people tumble backwards off that edge where Jeff and I stood - and it's still a long, long, long way down. I'm still waving my arms in the air. Still doing what I can to stay negative. Even though the fighting for funding, fighting for awareness and even fighting the temptation to just not put the condom on can be exhausting and overwhelming.

Why are so many of people - men and women, straight and gay - still converting? After more than twenty five years of messaging, pleading, begging, cajoling, teasing, taunting, and worrying people to take care of themselves and their partners, are we still spreading this disease to each other? How did we fail? We've tried everything, haven't we? What new imagining do we have to do? What new words do we have to craft, what new advertising campaigns? I don't know. Really. I don't.

What I do know is that as long as I have to, I'll keep getting tested. I'll keep asking my partners about their status before we have sex. I'll keep asking after my friends' health. I'll keep giving my friends holy shit when I hear they're not being safe. I'll keep giving money and time where I have it, when I have it.

I'll keep waving my arms in the air. To keep my balance. To not fall. To not give in. And to continue to draw as much attention to the AIDS and HIV as I can.

Read Doug Spearman's entire post here via Pam's House Blend.


What can you do with five dollars? That's the question actors Wilson Cruz (Noah's Arc, Coffee Date), Thea Gill (Queer As Folk) and HIV/AIDS activist Hydeia Broadbent along with others are asking in a new PSA for endhiv.com. Five dollars will go a long way in supporting the efforts of doctors committed to developing an HIV vaccine.

Scientists received their first signs of hope for developing a vaccine earlier this month in Thailand when the world's largest HIV/AIDS vaccine trial of more than 16,000 volunteers was the first in which infection was prevented.

Every day, 7,000 people worldwide are newly infected with HIV; 2 million died of AIDS in 2007, the UN agency UNAIDS estimates.

A successfully developed vaccine could mean the beginning of the end of a horrible epidemic that has taken the lives of so many people and has posed an even greater threat to gay men and communities of color.

To find out how you can donate click here. Get into the PSA featuring Cruz, Broadbent, and Gill below:

7 comments | Monday, September 28, 2009

Has been 90's rapper Warren G recently granted an interview to Vanity Fair to begin promotion for a new album to be released next month and out of nowhere began an anti-gay tirade that only made his already incoherent interview even worse.

From Vanity Fair:

Warren G: As a generation, we need to start leading these kids down the right path. I mean, I ain’t against the gays or nothin’.I know people that’s gay. My wife’s got friends that are gay. I got family that’s gay. Cousins and shit. He cool as fuck. He cool as a motherfucker. He’s my homie. I just mean that on some of these TV shows, they got dudes kissing. And kids are watching that shit. We can’t have kids growing up with that.

I know it happens, but let’s keep it behind the scenes. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with it if that’s what two dudes wanna do. Cool. But that’s not bring that out into the world, where the kids can see that. We don’t want all the kids doing that. ‘Cause that ain’t how we was originally put here to do. Like I said, I ain’t got no problem with the gays.

Sounds like you have a problem to me Warren G. By the way, what does the "G" stand for? How you doing?

And this ladies and gentlemen is coming from someone who was arrested in 2008 for possession of marijuana with intent to sell. Now that's a wonderful image to present to kids. SMDH.


It's the scripture that has caused insurmountable anguish and fiery condemnation for the LGBT community, and is most likely the single most quoted anti-gay scripture used to justify the church's demonization of gay people. But what does the bible really say about homosexuality?

I've avoided this topic over the past three years this blog has been in existence because it tends to bring out the worst in people. However, during my recent interview with recording artist and minister Tonex' I asked him about his interpretation of the said scriptures and what he's learned during his study of what so many people claim is the truth in black & white.

His answers may be a little to radical for the fundamentalist Christian who accepts every word of the bible as fact and has never allowed himself to dig deeper, but it wasn't anything I haven't heard before or learned on my own through individual study.

I wanted to highlight & post this section of the interview last because I think it's so important to have a dialogue around this issue because it has so many of us in bondage. One would only have to attend any mainstream black church or read over 300 comments by "Christians" on a recent AOL Black Voices article written by Tonex' to see the spiritual battle faced by many LGBT's.

As a black gay man and someone who has been able to reconcile his sexuality with his faith; I must tell you it hasn't always been easy, but it's definitely been worth it. I implore those of you who read this blog to look within, dig deeper, research, and find out exactly what God had to say about this issue and not Paul. The answer may surprise you.


If there was ever a video that should go viral then this is one of them. Dancer/actor Robert Hoffman ( Wild N Out, Step Up 2) created this hilarious spoof on the effeminate dance craze that has found it's way into much of the commercial dance choreography coming out of Los Angeles.

This performance was filmed in 2007 at the monthly Choreographer's Ball, better know to the dance community as Carnival, at the Key Club in Hollywood. I'm not sure why I'm just now seeing it two years later, but it was too funny not to share.

If your Monday is off to a slow start then hopefully this will give you a much needed boost. This video contains profanity and may not be suitable for work.


Thanks @pipmsalot69 on Twitter

12 comments | Thursday, September 24, 2009

An update on the horrific story of the Connecticut black gay teen whose gay exorcism was profiled on loldarian.com back in July and went on to receive national attention after video footage first appeared on YouTube.

The 16 year old gay teen who goes by the name "Jeffrey" appeared on the Tyra Banks show on Wednesday to denounce his former lifestyle and to proclaim that he'd been healed from homosexuality, although he admits that he still finds men attractive.

"I am healed by the power and authority of the Holy Spirit that came into me that day...and removed the unclean spirit from me, says Jeffrey.

Because I do not want to live the homosexual lifestyle. I have nothing against them if they want to live that way but they have a choice to serve ... the Lord."

Self-proclaimed "prophet" and demon caster Patricia McKinney was also on hand to defend the spiritual abuse of "Jeffrey" at the hands of she and husband "overseer" Kelvin McKinney- whose brand of heterosexist, dominant, & self-righteous judgement was on full display.

It's very telling that the teen seems to be wearing a beard as a disguise. I'm sure this won't be the first or the last time he has to do so. This brings me to tears. The black church has messed us up.

Watch the video in full below:

Thanks Bryan

0 comments | Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Celebrated black authors Clarence Nero (Too Much of A Good Thing Ain't Bad) and Eric Jerome Dickey (Resurrecting Midnight) along with relatives of the late E. Lynn Harris were all present last night at Outwrite Bookstore & Coffehouse in Atlanta to launch the national book tour of Harris' latest novel "Mama Dearest".

Harris passed away from a heart attack in Los Angeles on July 23rd, but his legacy lives on through the amazing body of work he left behind and the countless lives he touched with his generosity and amazing spirit.

Atlanta author Tracie Howard read the prologue from "Mama Dearest" featuring one of Harris' favorite protagonists- "Yancey Harrington Braxton" to a packed room and recalled how generous Harris was to write a blurb for her first book.

"Not only did he write a blurb for my book, but he sent out an e-mail to his entire fan base, says Howard. That's just who he was."

Author Clarence Nero fondly remembered being a college student at Howard University and having the opportunity to eat lunch with his literary idol who later became a mentor. Nero credits Harris for recommending his work to publishing giant Random House who eventually gave him his first publishing contract.

The impact of Harris' physical absence seemed to ricochet around the room during Eric Jerome Dickey's moving remembrance of his colleague and Alphi Phi Alpha fraternity brother. But there wasn't a dry eye in the house once his mother and baby sister stood to speak about the E. Lynn they knew.

Watch the video footage below of this touching moment as well as excerpts from the novel read by Nero & Dickey. Click here to find out when the tour will be rolling into your city.

| Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Update 9/22: Jet lag. Taking the day off. I promise to be back in full effect tomorrow. Good things come to those who wait:) Thanks for your patience.

9/21: Sorry no new updates today. Traveling to California for an exclusive interview that I hope to share with you all over the next few days. I promise it'll be worth the wait.

9 comments | Friday, September 18, 2009

This one is for my sistas. Our latest couple in our ongoing "Coupled Up" series is Brittany & Ty'Teana. The beautiful pair hails from Kentucky and began their relationship over a year ago after being introduced by a mutual friend. Brittany & Ty'Teana are the first black lesbian couple and the youngest to be featured in the "Coupled Up" series with Brittany in college and Ty'Teana on the way. I'm hoping they won't be the last.

Brittany on the initial chemistry that attracted them to each other:

There was sexual chemistry and we were both obviously attracted to each other physically in the beginning. But over time the chemistry continued to develop and we began to appreciate each other more for our personalities and character.

On the assumption that there's always a dominate and submissive partner in lesbian relationships:

Brittany: I am more dominate but I am very in touch with my feminine side. I honestly don't consider myself a "stud" because I am a lot more feminine than the typical stud. In our relationship I would say I'm dominant, but I'm not super aggressive.

Ty'Teana: Sexually she's more dominate... some stuff i just wont do!

On whether or not the black community & society are more accepting of lesbian couples:

Brittany: Definitely. I have cousins who accept our relationship, yet I hear them make derogatory comments about gay men all the time. I try to explain to them that we're gay as well and we both love the same. But for some reason they find lesbian relationships more acceptable than a relationship between two men.

Ty'Teana: Yes. I also feel the black community and society in general is more accepting of lesbians. People are more comfortable seeing two girls kiss in public, sadly there's still major prejudices when it applies to two men displaying public affection.

On coming out individually & as a couple and family reaction:

Brittany: I never technically came out. My mom always knew. She always told me, "no matter who you bring home, I will always love you". We just don't discuss it and I like to keep it that way. I'm still uncomfortable talking to her about my sexuality.

Ty'Teana: My parents cried and said "as long as you're happy". And of course they prayed. Some of my extended family knows and they seem to be fine with it. And there's also a portion of my family who are totally against it.

On the importance of religion/spirituality in their relationship:

Brittany: Im religious. Im in college, so whenever I get a chance to go back home & attend church I do. My church has spoken out against homosexuality, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. In the past I actually prayed and asked God to remove this from me. I cried and prayed to be "normal." But eventually I accepted it. I'm learning how to love myself more. I pray several times a day. God is a big factor in my life.

Ty'Teana: Its a big factor. I feel God brought us together, and when things go wrong I pray to him for guidance. We go to church. Some things we will never do because we are Christians. We dont feel like we are going to hell for being in love with each other.

On the myth that lesbians fall in love quickly and tend to rush into commitment:

Brittany: I was very cautious. I met her and didn't take her seriously until about six months into the relationship. I dont fall in love quickly and it took me a long time to be certain that I was in love. I'm quite the opposite of that stereotype, but I have several friends who fit into that stereotype perfectly.

On whether or not marriage is in their future:

Brittany: It's funny because we were talking about this the other day. Gay marriage is illegal in Kentucky and we're still young, so hopefully by the time we are ready to get married the law will have changed. I honestly dont care for marriage, but I do like the benefits of marriage. Plus I know Ty'Teana wants to get married and have a big wedding!

Ty'Teana: Yes. I don't think its right to tell us because we're in a same sex relationship that we cant get married. Love is love and she is who I want to be with. I'm happy with her and she's happy with me. She's my everything, so of course I'm going to marry her!

Many thanks to Brittany & Ty'Teana for sharing their relationship with us.

In Case You Missed It:

Coupled Up: Lee & Brandon

Coupled Up: Christopher & Shelton

19 comments | Thursday, September 17, 2009

"There's a notion that if brothas are having sex without condoms we're suicidal"- Activist Craig Washington

It's almost impossible to talk about barebacking, raw sex, or receptive sex without a condom, which ever you prefer-without the inevitable HIV/AIDS monster creeping into the discussion.

However, one would have to be blind or living alone on an island not to notice the prevalence of raw sex in adult gay films and perhaps in many of our bedrooms. This behavior persists despite the alarming increase of HIV/AIDS in the black gay & heterosexual communities.

Have you ever been in the heat of the moment and asked your partner to strap up only to be told, " I'm allergic to condoms, or I can't feel anything with that jimmy hat on, or my dick will go soft if I put that on"?

Is the fantasy of raw porn spilling over into the reality of our sex lives and putting us at risk not only for HIV/AIDS but a host of other STD's? Can two consenting adults ever have responsible raw sex?

Don't hold back. Discuss.


The new video for "Million Dollar Bill" from Whitney Houston's #1 comeback album "I Look To You" is out and the diva herself looks like a million bucks. The uptempo track penned by Alicia Keys is a personal favorite from the 11 track set that has returned "the voice" back into the spotlight.

It's great to see Houston once again doing what she was born to do. She's healthy, happy, and has released all of the baggage from her past. "I Look To You" is a must have CD for your collection. Get into the official "Million Dollar Bill" video below and be sure to tell me your thoughts.

13 comments | Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The inevitable fallout from the controversial interview by gospel recording artist and minister Tonex' on The Lexi Show featured on loldarian.com last week has begun and it looks like another gospel star, Deitrick Haddon is the first within the industry to break his silence.

In responding to repeated taunting and accusations from some of his Twitter followers regarding the large amount of closeted gay men within the gospel music industry, Haddon tweeted back in response, "There's not a sissy bone in my body".

Haddon who is married to gospel vocalist Damita Haddon is probably best know for the hit single "Sinner's Prayer" from his 2002 debut Lost & Found that peaked at #1 on the Billboard charts.

The controversial tweet posted on September 15 has mysteriously disappeared from Haddon's Twitter timeline but it was obviously present long enough for EJ of gospelpundit.com to pen a piece asking those within the industry to "take a moment to examine our hearts and live life more carefully."

"God is not pleased with the anger we exhibit, and the venom we spew, just because we say I’m doing it for YOU, Lord", writes EJ.

We condemn other religions for committing hateful acts in the name of God, we have seen (as a nation) racial oppression premised on people’s errant interpretation of Scripture. And we’ve not liked it. Yet here we are. And we’ve become so engrossed with judging every little thing that happens on this Earth that we easily become distracted from the greatest commandment– LOVE. I’m willing to guess that God would rather we simply keep quiet than demonstrate hatred in His Name. It’s not okay. Why? Merely because I never ONCE saw Christ do it."

Loldarian.com spoke with Tonex' who has been a longtime supporter of this blog regarding Haddon's tweet and specifically his use of the anti gay slur; " I'm a little disappointed with the response. I can't get mad at anyone's conviction, says Tonex'.

As a theologian myself I wish we would use the WORD in a way that wasn't violent or abusive. I think the term "sissy" wasn't necessary but as a brother of mine (Deitrick) no love is lost here", he added.

It boggles my mind how easily anti-gay slurs roll off the tongue of our people, even in casual conversations, when talking about LGBT people and they don't understand that the words "sissy, "fag", "dyke", and "tranny" is just as offensive and hurtful as "nigger".


A little eye candy to jump start the day via London based Urban Shotz Photography. As a fan of the U.K., the amazing work of Urban Shotz and featured model Zedekiah is doing absolutely nothing to curb my infatuation with my brothers across the pond.

Urban Shotz Photography definitely has a special gift for capturing the beauty in men of color. London based blogger ka-os theory recently asked Urban Shotz about the prejudice facing models of color and specifically the shortage of black male models in the industry:

"When I was starting out I was encouraged by an agency to work with white women rather than black men if I wanted to become successful. On the rare occasions a black man is used in an advertising campaign, he often has to conform to a non-threatening 'Gap advert' stereotype."

Get into more amazing photos lensed by Urban Shotz Photography via their official website here.

2 comments | Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Fire This Time is a new film based on real life events involving a group of black lesbian women who were named the "New Jersey Seven" by the media after they were charged with the assault of then 29 year old Dwayne Buckley in New York during the summer of 2006.

Three of the original seven women served six-month jail sentences for attempted assault. But four others stood trial on first-degree gang-assault charges that carried sentences from three to 25 years in prison.

The Fire This Time tells the story of the seven women’s trial and prison sentences, and the years-long fight by relatives and activists to get the women released. Along the way, the film reveals in devastating detail how the media, homophobia, and racism all work together in American culture to stigmatize and victimize gay people of color.

Watch the trailer below:

The Fire This Time The Film from blair doroshwalther on Vimeo.

Thanks Bernie


Openly gay rapper and loldarian.com favorite Bry'Nt graces the cover of the new SGL Weekly. Affectionately known as the "Tiger Tyson" of gay rap, fans are drawn to Bry'Nt for his model-esque features as well as his ability to flow with some of the best MC's in mainstream hip-hop.

You may remember reading a profile on the talented New York rapper on this blog back in May and since then he's been extremely busy. Bry'Nt has just released Porn Star II, the follow up to his successful mixtape Porn Star and will make his feature film debut in Roger Omeus' Finding Me:Truth.

Openly gay since age 15, Bry'Nt describes his music as "rainbow- friendly" and has set out to change the image of gay men in hip-hop. "I feel like I have a responsibility to be openly gay in music because gay people don't have a figure to look to,"says Bry'Nt.

Christopher Street series creator Dwight Allen O'Neal caught up with the budding hip-hop artist on a stroll through the park on his new internet show "Dating Dwight". After watching Bry'Nt display his rap skills during the episode one YouTube viewer wrote:

"OMG he was rappin and i wasnt listenin 2 nuthin he sayd...not that he aint good, cuz he is..but he is 2 fine 2 concentrate on what he be talkin about..lmao srry brynt luv ya tho".

Not only is his beauty a distraction from his talent, but apparently it'll cause you to forget everything you learned in elementary english class.

Get into Bry'Nt on Dating Dwight in the clip below and order your copy of SGL Weekly here.


During a CNBC interview on Monday, President Obama called Kanye West a "jackass" off the record regarding his behavior at the MTV Video Music Awards and now TMZ has posted the audio of Obama's colorful remark.

Listen to it here. Do you think this sort of talk is beneath the office of the presidency or did President Obama nail this one?


Former Miami Heat guard Tim Hardaway made headlines in 2007 after boldly proclaiming that he "hated gay people" after fellow retired NBA player John Amaechi became the first professional basketball player to reveal that he is gay.

The backlash against Hardaway was swift and harsh from the gay community as well as the NBA. In an ever changing society where homophobia is becoming less tolerated in many places, Hardaway has paid a price for his hate-filled rant, but has he changed?

The Miami Herald reports:

Hardaway will co-sponsor a South Beach fundraiser Sunday for The Trevor Project -- a national suicide prevention group for gay youth.

"Gays and lesbians, we don't have to accept the act, but we have to accept them as people. Especially children, we don't want them to kill themselves. We want them to live their lives as they want to,'' said Hardaway, who took several training sessions at YES Institute, a local anti-suicide group for gay youth.

After the anti-gay rant, Hardaway lost his advertising endorsements and income.

"The endorsements will never come back. People have taken that and it's gone. I understand that. I'm trying to look for work and provide for my family,'' he said. "All that stuff has left me high and dry. I have to dig for work.''

Hardaway has repeatedly apologized for what he said, but still wants to know who's gay in the locker room:

"We have a right to know. We'd say, `How do you want to do this? Do you want to go into the shower first, or do you want me to go into the shower first?' ''

Back then, he wouldn't have showered with a gay teammate, but today he might.

"I've probably already done it and not even known it.''

It's a shame that straight men like Hardaway wrongly assume that gay men cannot separate their personal and professional lives and we're out to bone every guy we come in contact with. And we've seen what he has to offer and personally I'm not impressed.


The past 48 hours have been incredibly busy in the life of music icon Janet Jackson with all sorts of new music and news emerging following her show stopping tribute to late brother Michael Jackson at Sunday's VMA's.

Fans were treated to a new track titled "Make Me" by hit producer Rodney Jerkins via Jackson's official website on Monday and today reports are circulating that fans should expect a new greatest hits album in November titled #1's.

AOL's Radio Blog reports:

Janet Jackson dropped her first single 'Make Me,' off her upcoming album, '#1's' -- a two CD set comprised of 30 global number-one hits. The album is set to release on Nov. 17.

There has been no official announcements yet about whether a greatest hits album is indeed true. #1's would be Jackson's second greatest hits release during her career. Design of A Decade was released in 1995 and reached double platinum status.

Listen to Jackson's hot new single "Make Me" here.

BTW, I'm sure all of the hardcore Janet fans noticed that longtime choreographer Tina Landon appeared on stage with Janet for the first time in over ten years on Sunday night. I'm sure I wasn't the only person who could barely contain my excitement.


Now this is exciting. Tony award winning choreographer Bill T. Jones is set to bring the life and work of Afrobeat legend Fela Anikulapo - Kuti to the Broadway stage next month when the vibrant new musical opens at The Eugene O'Neil Theater in New York.

Jones directs and choreographs the high-energy show based on the turbulent life of beloved Nigerian musician Fela who captured the attention of the world in the 1970's with his jazz infused music that served as a political rallying cry for his people.

Jones, who won a Tony Award for best choreography for the musical Spring Awakening is probably best know for co-founding the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Comapny with his late partner over 25 years ago.

Jones who is openly gay and HIV-positive is on a short list of black directors who have been given the opportunity to be in control of mounting multi-million dollar Broadway shows.

Fela also marks the return of another Tony award winner, the incomparable Lillias White who will star in the role of Funmilayo.

Fela opens on Broadway on October 19. Watch Bill T. Jones and the cast in action in the clip below:


The fallout continues for Kanye West after music fans around the world have largely condemned the Grammy award winning rapper for interrupting 18 year old country singer Taylor Swift's MTV VMA acceptance speech on Sunday night.

West appeared on The Jay Leno Show last night during a brief impromptu interview to continue apologizing for his immature behavior before his scheduled performance with Rihanna & Jay-Z.

West is rendered speechless (probably for the first time in his life) when Leno asks what he thought his late mother Donda West would think of his behavior. He also promises to take some time off for "reflection".

"So many celebrities, they never take the time off... I'm just ashamed that my hurt caused someone else's hurt. My dream of what awards shows are supposed to be, 'cause, and I don't try to justify it because I was just in the wrong. That's period. But I need to, after this, take some time off and just analyze how I'm going to make it through the rest of this life, how I'm going to improve."

Let's hope Kanye keeps his word and takes the time off to put his ego in check. His behavior is inexcusable and the rebuke he's feeling by fans has been long overdue. It's a shame fame and fortune doesn't always guarantee class.

Get into Kanye's appearance on the Jay Leno Show below:

| Monday, September 14, 2009

En route to ATL from New York so new updates will not resume until later this afternoon. Meanwhile, enjoy the madness Kanye West's immature diva behavior has created in the blogosphere. Be back soon.


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Stellar Award winner and Grammy nominated gospel recording artist Tonex has dealt with rumors regarding his sexuality for almost his entire career. The son of the late Rev. Dr. Anthony Williams and a minister himself, the accusations of homosexuality have been an enormous threat to his livelihood, ministry, and future as a respected leader in the black faith community in his native San Diego, California.

In 2007 with the release of The Naked Truth and the infamous YouTube video (that has since been pulled) where Tonex's use of profanity and secular posturing shocked gospel music fans; it seemed inside this talented singer was a ticking time bomb ready to explode. In that video Tonex emphatically denied being gay, but that was two years ago.

In a recent interview with The Lexi Show produced by The Word Network, Tonex' boldly opens the closet door in a way that I could never imagine anyone else in the gospel music industry having the courage to do. As a childhood victim of molestation, Tonex' refuses to blame his same-sex attraction on this experience like many of his colleagues who "struggle" with homosexuality (i.e. Donnie McClurkin) and corrects the interviewer when she attempts to frame the discussion in this way.

"It wasn't a struggle. And then people like to blame the struggle on molestation. No. Just say you were attracted to men and be honest and quit blaming it on that experience", says Tonex'.

On homophobia in the black church:

"The church has completely faggotized everybody who's gay, sends them to hell over the pulpit and the church literally screams hooray and are happy about that. And yet, we celebrate the pastor who has a clean record and a clean look, but yet he is still doing the same thing that the same gender loving people are doing. I believe that there's holy ghost- filled fire baptized gay people."

Tonex' is currently writing for Janet Jackson's upcoming CD and can be seen in Maurice Jamal's Friends & Lovers.

Watch Tonex' explain the man he is today in the videos below:

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Every now and then a piece of gay affirming literature written from a black same gender loving perspective comes along that has the power to not only entertain but to be transformative.

In the early 90's Keith Boykin's One More River To Cross became the light in a dark tunnel that was my forseeable future filled with loneliness, depression, rejection, and a sense of unworthiness- in a hostile and homophobic society that tried to convince me that this is what I would experience in life as a gay man.

Nearly thirteen years after Boykin's book was published and considerable achievements by black gay authors in a myriad of genres have occured, gay author and ordained minister Terry Angel Mason emerges with Love Won't Let Me Be Silent, a collection of essays, short stories and poems written to affirm the black gay experience.

A work of fiction, Love Won't Let Me Be Silent is slightly autobiographical as Mason cleverly weaves his life experiences as a black openly gay minister with the stories of so many wounded gay men of color navigating through life in search of acceptance, love, & equality.

Chapters like "Lord My Child is Gay, What Do I Do", speaks directly to parents of gay youth who often find it nearly impossible to reconcile conservative biblical teaching with homosexuality.

"Does God Hate Me Because I'm Gay"?, What AIDS Cannot Do", and Don't Walk Past Your Miracle, a look at the potential beautiful partners we overlook as gay men on a search for the fairy tale companion.

Mason masterfully tackles the intersection of race & homophobia in "Love Won't Let Me Be Silent" while simultaneosuly challenging heterosexual privilege; leaving the reader with a profound sense of self-worth whereas before it may have been in question.

If black men loving other black men is considered a revolutionary act, then Mason provides a blueprint to love God, yourself, and ultimately the man of your choosing boldly and without reservation in "Love Won't Let Me Be Silent". It's a must read.

You can learn more about Mason on his official website terryangelmason.com as well as purchase Love Won't Let Me Be Silent online or at any major bookseller.


Just when I thought NBA free agent and former Boston Celtics player Stephen Marbury couldn't possibly embarrass hinmself further on the internets he's outdone himself again.

You may remember reading about fellow NBA player Brendan Haywood's apology to Marbury on this blog last month after insinuating that he was gay after a video went viral of Marbury crying uncontrollably and being consoled by a man. Haywood compared the video to "gay porn".

In a new YouTube video Marbury denies he is gay and then commences to show off his freshly painted toe nails.

Whether he is gay or not is really no concern of mine, but whether or not he decides to seek therapy for the inevitable breakdown in his future is an entirely different subject. Let's just hope he doesn't post it on YouTube.

Get into Marbury's latest spectacle in the video below:


Apparently talk show host and new American Idol judge Ellen DeGeneres didn't get the memo that it's never a good idea to interview the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta at the same time. The housewives appeared on the hit daytime talk show yesterday during what is usually one solid hour of feel good TV complete with dancing, but thanks to a bitter feud between Sheree' Whitfield and Kim Zolciak the Ellen Show almost turned into an episode of Jerry Springer.

What started it all? I'm glad you asked. Allegations of bounced checks and brand promotion during the recent NO H8 Campaign photo shoot in Atlanta where Zolciak appeared topless and Whitfield modeled She by Sheree earrings.

The earrings I don't mind, but posing topless in a campaign created to bring awareness about the effects of a ban against marriage equality in my opinion is completely tacky.

Watch the drama between Sheree & Kim unfold in the clip below:

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The internet was a buzz today with newly released photos of music icon Janet Jackson on the cover of the October issue of Harper's Bazaar. Jackson grants her first interview to the magazine following the shocking death of brother Michael Jackson on June 25 from cardiac arrest.

Janet-Xone reports:

In the article, Janet reveals for the first time that she has indeed split with Jermaine Dupri, confirming rumors that they had broken up this summer.

The title of her new book True You is also confirmed and will be released next year. The article also states that her new album will come out next spring and that she will go on tour next year

Janet on the Michael Jackson Only She Knew:

As a 14-year-old, it was Janet's job to take care of her superstar brother. "I would shop for him. I washed his clothes and cleaned his room. When mother would go out of town, she'd say, 'I'm leaving you in charge. Take care of Michael.'"

She knew early on that her brother loved clothes that stood out. For the 25th Anniversary of Motown special, Michael grabbed his famous sparkly black jacket from his mother's closet.

"If it was shiny, if it had any kind of bling, he loved it," Janet said.

Except for his shoes. He danced them down to the soles.

"He would wear his shoes all the way down," remembered Janet. "His penny loafers would have huge holes in the bottom."

Just days earlier choreographers Wade Robson and Gil Duldulao created a major buzz via their Myspace and Facebook pages by announcing they were in rehearsals with Janet for the now confirmed tribute to Michael Jackson at this Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards along with a roster of A-list celebrity choreographers.

The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards will air live this Sunday, September 13, at 9 p.m. ET. Watch a Good Morning America report with Diane Sawyer on Jackson's interview in Harper's Bazaar here.


Sorry for being a few days late on this one. Users of the popular social networking site Twitter were introduced to one of the most homophobic trending topics to date on Septemeber 4th when once popular rapper Fabolous created #uknowhowiknowuregay. Trending topics are the top ten most discussed topics on Twitter and can spur millions of replies.

"Hey, I got a new topic... #uknowhowiknowuregay Twitter prolly wont make it a #TT cuz of the gay part but will b funny, he tweeted.

Well Twitter did make it a trending topic, and the "oh so straight" Fabolous commenced to project his own insecurity with his sexuality and dated gay stereotypes through his tweets. Check out the screen capture of his tweets below (click on the image to enlarge).

"The responses from others were actually far more offensive and viciously homophobic", notes Matt of Boy Culture. Ironically, Fabolous later TwitPics a shot of his never worn Louis Vuitton sneakers gushing, "All White Party 2nite! I been holdin these Louis V's 4 2 yrs. Can't believe Im bout 2 wear them".

All I can say is I hope he got a bag to match his pumps. To paraphrase Paris Is Burning: "You must have a handbag, no lady is certain at night."

"As casually as many people pose for Seen@s, I'm not sure they recognize what a significant gesture it is in advancing our movement. Other men see those pictures-gay youth, and older men who are still struggling with their sexual orientation-and they know that they are not alone, they know there are options other than invisibility and secrecy."

-A quote by Ryan Lee, Editor of David Atlanta Magazine from "A Picture of Progress" as seen in the September 5 issue of David.

Photos:Ryan Lee

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On September 5 the 3rd Annual State of Black Gay America Summit took place in Atlanta as one of many events offered to thousands of black same gender loving people and our allies who came from far and near to participate in the 13th Annual Atlanta Black Gay Pride celebration.

Bishop Yvette Flunder, an outspoken and influential black lesbian and Presiding Bishop of Refuge Ministries/The Fellowship and founder of The City of Refuge Community Church UCC in San Francisco, delivered a powerful keynote address urging the black gay community to no longer settle for conditional freedoms.

"I want to make it clear that I am not in favor of accepting conditional freedoms anymore in any way anywhere. I think we have settled for to little to long", she said.

"You see conditional freedoms sisters and brothers, or partial liberty is something that oppressed people tend to settle for. We accept it because what has been ingrained in us is a sense of second-class citizenship. We become satisfied when we're able to get crumbs from the table,"she added.

Bishop Flunder also addressed marriage equality and the military's discriminatory "Don't Ask Don't Tell policy" noting the harsh reality for black gay soldiers penalized under the ban.

"There is something insidious about being African American and homosexual in the military because there is more emphasis [of oppression] on people of color," she said. "We get oppression from our own sisters and brothers who turn them [gay African-American service members] in."

Bishop Flunder's 45 minute address to the nearly 200 people in attendance paled in comparison to the massive crowds that turned out for dozens of parties hosted throughout the Labor Day weekend, and the lack of young people present did not go unnoticed.

If the black LGBT community truly desires a place at the table and a world where equality and respect for all people is commonplace then we're going to have to start showing up and putting in the work.

Get into an excerpt from Bishop Flunder's keynote address in the video below:

Bishop Yvette Flunder photo via Dyana Bagby


What's Pride without a little skin, right? You may not believe it but last weekend's Fire & Desire Mini Ball during Atlanta Black Gay Pride was my very first ballroom experience. My only exposure to ball culture has been through DVD's, photos, and YouTube videos. This experience was simultaneously exhilarating and frustrating. Why can't we ever start our functions on time black people? Gessh!

I think one ball is enough for me. At least now I can say I've actually attended one. Get into some amazing photos from the event via loldarian.com affiliate Drama Dupree.

And of course there's video. Get into the clip here.