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0 comments | Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just when I thought NBA free agent and former Boston Celtics player Stephen Marbury couldn't possibly embarrass hinmself further on the internets he's outdone himself again.

You may remember reading about fellow NBA player Brendan Haywood's apology to Marbury on this blog last month after insinuating that he was gay after a video went viral of Marbury crying uncontrollably and being consoled by a man. Haywood compared the video to "gay porn".

In a new YouTube video Marbury denies he is gay and then commences to show off his freshly painted toe nails.

Whether he is gay or not is really no concern of mine, but whether or not he decides to seek therapy for the inevitable breakdown in his future is an entirely different subject. Let's just hope he doesn't post it on YouTube.

Get into Marbury's latest spectacle in the video below:


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