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3 comments | Tuesday, September 08, 2009

After five weeks on MTV's America's Best Dance Crew Vogue Evolution's banner fell this past Sunday night when they were eliminated from the popular dance competition. An unlikely crew to win the the title from the beginning or to have remained on the show for as long as they did, week after week the openly gay dancers including one standout transgender member broke barriers and gained a loyal following in the process.

Last week the remaining crews were challenged to incorporate current popular dances into their choreography. Vogue Evolution performed the "Halle Berry", a dance set to the hit rap song by Hurricane Chris as they found themselves in the bottom two for the first time in a dance off with rival crew We Are Heroes.

Coming off of a drama filled week where ABDC judge Lil Mama unfairly mentioned transgender member Leiomy Maldonado's original gender during a critique saying, "You were born a man and you are becoming a woman. If you’re going to become a woman, act like a lady." Lil Mama apologized days later after GLAAD received a barrage of e-mails criticizing her remarks.

If it weren't apparent that their time on the show was coming to an end after this debacle; cameras capturing Leiomy telling Lil Mama to "kiss her ass" and the subsequent silence from the once supportive judge during their final critique made it completely obvious.

As a result of their exit they may be considered losers by ABDC rules but Vogue Evolution were winners from day one. The word groundbreaking gets thrown around a lot but in this case I think it's totally appropriate. Vogue Evolution is fearless and I love them for it.

Get into their final performance in the video below:


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September 08, 2009 11:45 AM

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I was just @ a Labor Day bbq yesterday. The topic of ABDC came up and of course Vogue Evolution was brought up. A lot of bad things were said about them such as how "disgusting" Leyomi is. It took everything in me not to jump on that foul-mouthed girl. Made me realize that they really made a difference on that show. Their mere presence on the popular show is frustrating to homophobes and encouraging to homosexual people.

September 08, 2009 3:38 PM

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They must be commended for being fearless and making it this far with smiles on their faces. But speaking in direct reference to their dancing and choreography, I have to agree that it definitely was time for them to leave. However, no matter who actually wins this season Vogue Evolution will be the ones who are most remembered.

September 09, 2009 3:39 PM


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