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0 comments | Tuesday, September 01, 2009

"Yes he's my boyfriend, yes he's my baby and I got him". That line taken from the track "I Got Him" by Atlanta based artist Anye Elite wouldn't be given a second thought if it were played on the radio and the singer delivering the message was any one of today's reigning female divas, but when you combine the lyrics with the man everything changes. There's a shock factor there and when mainstream (and some) gay audiences get over the fact that Elite is an openly gay artist and lives his truth through his music listeners should get ready to be taken on a ride.

Elite describes his music as "hip-pop" blending elements of hip-hop and pop and can be heard rapping as well as utilizing his melodic tenor on tracks from his upcoming album "Gay 101". "I Got Him" is one of several standout tracks that deal with and affirm same gender relationships and happens to be an loldarian.com favorite.

Through social networking and word of mouth Anye Elite has managed to move through a growing field of openly gay artists to get his music noticed while offering up something different musically from the rest .

Those attending the upcoming Atlanta Black Gay Pride will have a chance to see him perform live during the opening ceremonies on Friday, September 4th at the host hotel.

Get into "I Got Him" in the video below:

And for those of you who prefer your hip-hop with a harder edge check out the remix here. Definitely worth a listen.


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