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0 comments | Thursday, August 27, 2009

Los Angeles based photographers and co-creators of the highly visible NO H8 Campaign Adam Bouska and Jeff Parshley brought their campaign to the east coast yesterday making Atlanta their first and only stop. What began as a small grassroots movement after the people of California voted in favor of Proposition 8 , effectively banning same-sex couples from legalizing their unions, has now turned into a full fledge movement.

Loldarian.com was on set and in front of the camera as Bouska and Parshley shot Atlanta celebrities Sheree Whitfield, Kandi Burris, Kim Zolciak, Dwight Eubanks (The Real Housewives of Atlanta) author J.L. King, Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins (TLC), Tiny & Toya (BET), Michael Knight (Project Runway), independent rap artist Rasheeda, radio personality & female impersonator Miss Sophia (V-103), and Stasha Sanchez (Miss Gay USA) to name a few.

Bouska was gracious enough to grant some camera time to loldarian.com and to share with the readers of this blog the inspiration behind their successful campaign and the effect legalized discrimination contiunes to have on gay & lesbian couples and their families.

Get into the interview below and be sure to check back throughout the day for more celebrity interviews.

Many thanks to Jevon Peak of Peak Publicity


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