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0 comments | Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Openly gay rapper and loldarian.com favorite Bry'Nt graces the cover of the new SGL Weekly. Affectionately known as the "Tiger Tyson" of gay rap, fans are drawn to Bry'Nt for his model-esque features as well as his ability to flow with some of the best MC's in mainstream hip-hop.

You may remember reading a profile on the talented New York rapper on this blog back in May and since then he's been extremely busy. Bry'Nt has just released Porn Star II, the follow up to his successful mixtape Porn Star and will make his feature film debut in Roger Omeus' Finding Me:Truth.

Openly gay since age 15, Bry'Nt describes his music as "rainbow- friendly" and has set out to change the image of gay men in hip-hop. "I feel like I have a responsibility to be openly gay in music because gay people don't have a figure to look to,"says Bry'Nt.

Christopher Street series creator Dwight Allen O'Neal caught up with the budding hip-hop artist on a stroll through the park on his new internet show "Dating Dwight". After watching Bry'Nt display his rap skills during the episode one YouTube viewer wrote:

"OMG he was rappin and i wasnt listenin 2 nuthin he sayd...not that he aint good, cuz he is..but he is 2 fine 2 concentrate on what he be talkin about..lmao srry brynt luv ya tho".

Not only is his beauty a distraction from his talent, but apparently it'll cause you to forget everything you learned in elementary english class.

Get into Bry'Nt on Dating Dwight in the clip below and order your copy of SGL Weekly here.


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