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0 comments | Friday, August 07, 2009

Forgive me for being a day late on this one.

It seems August 31st can't arrive soon enough for die-hard Whitney Houston fans. The highly anticipated album from the legendary pop diva is scheduled to land in stores a day before the deadline for Grammy consideration and Houston has been building the momentum by releasing three tracks off of the forthcoming project. The latest, "Million Dollar Bill" written by Alicia Keys and produced by Swizz Beatz was released to radio today and is poised to be the song to put Houston back at the top of the charts.

Fans who were fortunate enough to attend album listening parties in London and New York all agreed that "Million Dollar Bill" was a definite club banger. While the music is an infectious 70's throwback that is much needed on radio, the jury is still out on this track ruling the dance floor.

However, Houston's personal and professional comeback is all the more reason why I'll be supporting her and running to buy this album.

Listen and download "Million Dollar Bill" here.

Many thanks to Jeff & Kevin


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