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4 comments | Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What's it like to be gay in America today? That's the question Advocate Magazine asked it's readers for it's 'Day In Gay America' series. Hundreds of LGBT people across the country responded by submitting snapshots of their everyday lives, no pride parades or outlandish costumes or fetish gear as the media often likes our community to be portrayed, but images captured throughout our day performing the most mundane tasks. However, noticeably absent was a significant presence of people of color amongst the dozens of photographs included in the series. No surprise here. Check out the people of color that made the series in the shots below including the Embrace TV family, one of two new LGBT networks geared towards people of color.

6:30 p.m., New York City: The Embrace team enjoys a lovely day in Central Park. 

6:27 p.m., New York City. Sylvia’s Place staff member Kristen Lovell looks in a mirror while her hair is styled. A program of the Metropolitan Community Church of New York, “Sylvia’s Place was one of the first shelters for homeless LGBTQ youths,” says photographer Lucky Michaels

8:44 p.m., Seattle. Twenty-eight-year-old Ronke Akanni smirks as best friend Alisha whispers to her at Seattle’s gay prom. “I didn’t get to go to my prom in high school,” she says, “so when Seattle decided to do a gay prom, I finally got a chance to go.”

10:18 a.m., Los Angeles. Corey Saucier meets with his physician, Juan Carlos Ricaurte. “My three-month checkup has become part of my norm,” Saucier says, “just another point on the itinerary of this HIV-positive man.”  

6:30 p.m., Chicago: Vernita Gray and Pat Ewart enjoy Starbucks in Boystown.

3:14 p.m., Los Angeles. Kim Klein (left) and Shirley Delovich snuggle with 2-day-old Sullivan and Samantha at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center. “Kim was able to carry and give birth to the twins, thanks to an embryo adoption,” Delovich says. 

8:58 p.m., Las Vegas. Bernard Gaddis (left) and Ross Gibson stretch between their performances in Cirque du Soleil’s Mystère, which is running at the Treasure Island hotel and casino. 

11:40 p.m., Palo Alto, Calif. RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Jujubee prepares for a performance at Illusions nightclub, sponsored that night by Club Fuz.