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0 comments | Monday, December 31, 2007

For the past few weeks there has been disturbing reports of violence and death committed upon black gay men in Chicago.It started with the death of 24 year old Larry Bland who was shot to death in his Englewood home after meeting someone online in an internet chatroom.

Then on December 23, 47 year old Donald Young, a choir director at Trinity United Church of Christ, was shot multiple times in his South Side apartment.

Now Felipe Rivera, a Cicero resident is accused of raping and sodomizing a man he believed "winked" at him during a party. Of all of these horrible stories I guess Rivera's victim should consider himself lucky that his attack didn't result in death.

According to a spokesman for Cicero police, Rivera and the victim encountered each other at a party Friday night in the 1200 block of South 50th Avenue. "Mr. Rivera got upset apparently because he believed the victim, No. 1, didn't respond to a female and then, No. 2, somehow winked at him -- made what he perceived as a sexual advance."

Rivera followed the victim to the outer staircase of a basement apartment, where he removed the victim's pants and raped him, authorities said. Afterward, Rivera punched the victim in the head, leaving him semi-conscious, then inserted a metal broom handle in the victim's rectum.

When asked why he did it, Rivera allegedly said it was "because he hates faggots and this is what they get."

Black gay and lesbian groups in Chicago are not watching silently as their lives are being attacked but are using the media to bring attention to growing cases of violence towards black gay men in their community. Marc Loveless of The Coalition for Justice and Respect held a press conference along with other members of the black LGBT community to denounce the murders and ask for help to stop what he believes may be a serial killer on the hunt to murder gay men.

So far none of these cases have been prosecuted as hate crimes because police say they lack the evidence needed to be labeled as such.

Sure(with lots of sarcasm).


The Great Debaters a new film by actor/director Denzel Washington and producer Oprah Winfrey were a main draw to get people into the theaters to see this film over the holidays. But I'm sure many moviegoers will leave the theater impressed with the talented and charismatic Nate Parker...I sure did.

The Great Debaters tells the story of a championship debate team from Wiley College in rural Texas in the 1930's who went on to achieve national recognition by defeating an all white team at Harvard University(fictionalized for the film, it was actually USC). While Denzel Washington is clearly the star of this film he gives all of his young actors a chance to shine and this couldn't be more true in the case of Nate Parker.

Nate plays the intelligent, well read,articulate, passionate, and womanizing Henry Lowe. For two hours I was completely enthralled in his performance and I must say his good looks. This young man has star quality, beauty and talent.

If you saw the movie PRIDE then you're probably familiar with Nate as he also had a role in this film. With all of the beefcake and homo erotic moments in PRIDE you would think I would have seen it at the theater but I haven't, but now that I've been introduced to Nate you can be assured that I will be making a trip Blockbuster real soon.

The Great Debaters is hands down one of the best films of 2007. It has been nominated for a Golden Globe award for best picture and I'm sure it's only a matter of time before Nate's name is on the ballot if he continues to turn in great performances like this one. Run out and see The Great Debaters if you haven't already, Nate alone makes it worth it.


Take me higher Lord!!!! I have no words. Why don't we just go ahead and rename 2008 the year of Ms. Jackson?! Below is the most current track listing from Janet's new album Discipline due in stores February 26,2008 and the producer of each song. You can also read the cover story from Hong Kong's Prestige magazine here. Thanks for the info Jeff.

1. "Lessons Learnt (Discipline Intro)" (produced by Rodney Jerkins)
2. "Naughty Naughty" (produced by Rodney Jerkins)
3. "Feedback" (produced by Rodney Jerkins & D'Mile)
4. "Let Me Know When" (produced by Jazze Pha and Jermaine Dupri)
5. "Your Way" (Interlude) (produced by Pharrell Williams)
6. "All Up" (produced by Pharrell Williams)
7. "Between Me & You" (featuring Maroon 5) (produced by Johnta Austin)
8. "Creep (Interlude)" (produced by Polow da Don)
9. "High" (produced by Polow da Don)
10. "Leave It" (produced by Rodney Jerkins & D'Mile)
11. "Steady Hands" (produced by Jermaine Dupri)
12. "Class (Interlude)" (produced by Pharrell Williams)
13. "Deeper" (produced by Pharrell Williams)
14. "To The End" (produced by Ne-Yo)
15. "I'll Always" (produced by Johnta Austin)
16. "Low" (produced by Jazze Pha)
17. "Dismissed (Discipline Outro)" (produced by Rodney Jerkins)

1 comments | Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hey All! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I'm sure you've noticed that the site is undergoing a major face lift, so please pardon the mess until I get everything finished. I hope to have everything in place by the new year. A lot has happened over the holidays that I'm dying to write about but I promised I would take a break and I'm keeping my word.

For those of you who are viewing the site on a MAC and are using Safari the background probably looks a little weird, this is not the case for PC users or for those who are using Firefox. I will be doing my best to fix this problem over the next few days.

I appreciate your patience and I look forward to bringing you another year of exciting commentary with a fresh new look.

0 comments | Friday, December 21, 2007

Well here we are at the end of another year.I honestly can't believe how quickly this year flew by. I'm so grateful for everything I've experienced in 2007, the good and the bad. I'm especially grateful for the courage and creativity God has given me to continue writing this blog even when times get a little rough. I'd like to thank everyone who logs on to this site daily to read my thoughts, subscribes, or passes the word on about loldarian.com. 2008 will definitely be the year that this blog and my dedication to activism will be taken to another level.

I've compiled a list of the most popular posts from this site during 2007 below (in no particular order). These posts received the most comments, links, or web searches, and in some cases stirred up the most controversy. It was hard narrowing it down, but in the end I was able to choose twenty. For some it will be a re-visit and for others an introduction.

This will serve as my final post for 2007. I will be on vacation for the rest of the year with Trey and my family unless something major happens and I have to write about it. Thanks for all of your support. Have a safe and happy holiday season!

Alex Flex of CocoDorm Speaks

The Death of The Black Gay Community

MIAKA:Men Imitating AKA

Gay Adoption

Straight Up:More Homophobia & Lies From The Church

A Letter To Donnie McClurkin

It's A Choice

Meet The Parents...Well Sort Of

Jonathan Plummer's "Balancing Act" Banned

What Every Black Woman Should Know About Black Gay Men

Where Are The Black Gayborhoods?

Gay Marriage. Do We Care?

To The Left To The Left


Say What?

Stand Up And Represent:ATL Black Gay Pride 2007

Is Bishop Thomas Weeks III Gay?

The Politics of Dating & The Reality of Being Alone

HRC & The Jena 6 Fallout

Obama Embraces Anti-Gay Gospel Singers




FYI: Feedback the first single from the new album will be released early on iTunes on December 27th.


Not a day goes by that someone doesn't tell me that I look like Tiki Barber. What do you guys think? Before it was Eddie Murphy and now it's Tiki. I guess I should be flattered, Tiki is attractive(at least I think so) and highly successful. Funny how I didn't know who in the world he was until people started saying I was his twin and I promptly googled him. Let's see if 2008 will bring some Tiki Barber money my way...lol!

4 comments | Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Gospel superstar Kirk Franklin released his new CD "Fight Of My Life" on yesterday and this morning I happened to be watching BET and came across his new video for the first single called "Declaration"(This Is It). I love Kirk's music and his last CD Hero got me through one of the most painful moments in my life. I was able to draw so much strength from his music and simultaneously grow deeper in my relationship with God, but I digress.

In the new single Kirk is challenging God's people to take back what's rightfully theirs and to stop stressing over life's woes. The message is wonderful and I'm sure it will resonate with a lot of people. But we know Kirk is no stranger to controversy and I'm sure he's going to rile up a lot of good God-fearing Christian folk who will have a problem with the half naked Franklin in his new video.

I must confess that I've always thought Kirk was hot as hell! I almost feel bad for even admitting that...he's a gospel singer! (lol) I definitely get the symbolism in this video and I understand why Kirk is shirtless, but I'm sure the heavy criticism is just around the corner.

I think it's safe to assume he's the first gospel artist that we've ever seen without a shirt on. Now let's see if he'll recreate this video for a live performance. Can you imagine this happening at the Stellar Awards? Get into the video below and the lyrics here .


This is why I look cross-eyed at people who say being gay is a choice.

In Orlando 25 year old Aundre Jermaine Hill(pictured above) was arrested last weekend on child abuse charges for beating a 7 year old boy with a belt when he discovered the child had applied pink finger nail polish on his nails. The child's mother discovered markings on his body as she was giving him a bath. Investigators said it appeared the boy was beaten on his buttocks, arms, temple, and legs.

In Atlanta Torry Reid, a black lesbian believes she was the victim of anti-gay police brutality due to her masculine appearance when she and her partner Elizabeth Toledo were pulled over in August 2005 by Dekalb County police officer Derrick Asberry. It wasn’t until after her teeth were damaged and her face began to swell that Reid said she was told that she had been driving without her taillights on.

He thought [Reid] was a man at first,” Toledo said of Asberry initially stopping the car. “But when he saw it was a lesbian, his whole attitude seemed to change. It was like, he was going to prove a point.”

“I don’t think I actually ever even imagined in my wildest dreams that someone would assault me [for being gay], and certainly not an authority figure,” Reid said. “I promise you, I feel like if my mother and my wife were not present, he probably would’ve killed me.”

Dekalb County spokesperson Keisha Williams said it was wrong for Reid and Toledo to blame their sexual orientation for the way they were treated. “I think it’s not fair to assume that the way you look is the reason you were treated a certain way,” Williams said.

Oh really? I wonder if the phrase "driving while black" means anything to Ms. Williams.

Throughout the traffic stop, Toledo, Reid and Reid’s mother said they repeatedly asked Asberry why they were pulled over; instead of answering the women, Asberry allegedly said he was taking extra precautions during the traffic stop because an officer was shot earlier in the night. When the women continued to protest, Asberry allegedly snapped.

“He said, ‘I’ve had it out of you,’ and then he took the back of my head and slammed it face-first into the cement,” Reid said.

By the time the paramedics arrived Reid was too afraid to receive treatment because she felt they were in cahoots with the officer as they were also making anti-gay jokes.

Read about the legal action that was taken by Reid and the history of foul behavior and complaints for officer Asberry here .

Hi-five to Bernie and Ryan Lee at sovo.com


This video was brought to my attention last week via Pam Spaulding and her hot blend of gay and political news, but I didn't post it because we were still reeling from Bishop Liston Paige and his foolishness. But it's a new week and I had to address 700 Club's Pat Robertson and a group from Texas who believes through prophecies, dreams and visions — that Interstate 35 in Dallas is the “highway to holiness” referenced in the Old Testament.

No further commentary is needed for this video because it's all inside of this jaw-dropping presentation. Make sure you read what happened after the tape stopped rolling here , you won't believe it or maybe you will.

I can't wait to read the comments on this one.

7 comments | Monday, December 17, 2007

Now you guys know I love myself some B. Scott and he is letting me have it with his latest video to Janet's new single Feedback! Take me higher Lord!! He is going to make me come out of retirement and put together a fierce dance video. Make sure you get into the video above and show B some love at lovebscott.com.

B also has a contest going on for the best video response to his original fierceness. Click here for the details. Also check out a sexy chocolate brother who calls himself Hasbey 1 dancing to Feedback. I'd much rather Hasbey 1 stand still just so we can admire his body, his lack of dancing ability ruins it for me...lol!


On February 25, 2008 ABC will bring Lorraine Hansberry's award winning play A Raisin In The Sun to the small screen in a new film adaptation starring the Broadway revival cast. Sean "P.Diddy" Combs will reprise the role of Walter Lee Younger originally played by the amazing Sidney Poitier, four time Tony Award winner and Private Practice cast member Audra McDonald will reprise the role of Ruth Younger originally played by Ruby Dee, Tony nominee Sanaa Lathan will reprise the role of Beneatha Younger originally played by the late Diana Sands, and a woman who needs no introduction Ms. Phylicia Rashad will reprise the role of Lena Younger originally played by the late Claudia McNeil. Phylicia's performance won her a Tony award for best actress, the first for an African-American actress.

A Raisin In The Sun tells the story of a family living and struggling on Chicago's South Side in the 1950's. A fiercely moving portrait of people whose hopes and dreams are constantly deferred, A Raisin In The Sun was the first play written by an African-American to be produced on Broadway in 1959. A little fact often overlooked about the playwright Lorraine Hansberry is that she was also a lesbian. Prior to her death in 1965 of pancreatic cancer she also penned The Sign in Sidney Brustein's Window, To Be Young, Gifted, and Black, an unfinished novel, and three unfinished plays.

This play holds a special place in my heart because I played Travis Younger, the son of Walter Lee and Ruth Younger as a twelve year old at The Alabama Shakespeare Festival in 1992. It was my very first professional job as a performer and the beginning of my love affair with theater. A Raisin In The Sun is an African-American theater masterpiece. I highly recommend that you read the play and watch the original movie starring Sidney Poitier if you haven't already.

The new film adaptation will be airing the night after the Oscar's on February 25, 2008 8PM ET/PT .


On Sunday night 60 Minutes took a closer look into the military's discriminatory Don't Ask Don't Tell policy by interviewing openly gay men who once served in many different capacities in the armed services. The most revealing interview came from Darrin Menzella, a medic who is currently serving in Kuwait.Darrin did not receive permission to participate in the interview and will most likely be dishonorably discharged in the upcoming weeks, but what he described as explicit honesty about his sexual orientation reveals that many people in the military could care less about a soldiers orientation and more about their commitment to serve their country.

After providing "proof" that he was gay through pictures of he and his boyfriend along with a video of the couple kissing passionately on a road trip to his superior, Darrin says he was told to get back to work and there was no evidence of homosexuality. Huh? That's exactly what happened.

Since DADT was signed into law during the Clinton administration over 12,000 skilled and highly qualified gay and lesbian soldiers have been discharged under this policy, but the numbers have decreased dramatically since 2001. So is the military finally realizing that a person's sexual orientation doesn't hinder their performance and is turning a blind eye to openly gay soldiers? All of the evidence certainly points towards yes.

But of course there's the conservative side to the argument and U.S. Army Maj. Daniel Davis appeared on the show out of uniform to emphasize that DADT is necessary to achieve unit cohesion and openly gay service members would disrupt that effort.

"Our purpose in the military is not social engineering," he argued. "It's about fighting and winning the nation's wars." He later went on to stress that it would be a violation of the conservative values that the overwhelmingly majority of the men and women serving adhere to, calling gays and lesbians repugnant.

For most of this news presentation I couldn't help but laugh at the ridiculous accusations from the right about the potential downfall of the military for allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly. I can't understand why heterosexuals don't think we're capable of separating our professional and private lives. If I'm in the trenches and my life is in danger the last thing that would be on my mind is hooking up with the guy next to me. But then again I would never sign up for this job(like they would have me...lol).

I highly recommend that you watch the video here and of course leave your thoughts in the comment section.

13 comments | Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Two Cents:

Before I begin to share my thoughts on this video, the minister, and what I believe to be a toxic theology that has manifested itself in black churches all over America I have to say this and forgive me for being so blunt, this is my blog and my thoughts herein. I don't ask for permission or require approval on anything I write or believe. If you don't like what you're reading then feel free to move along to a feel good blog that will not address the issues that directly impact our community. If you don't like what you see in this video then hopefully you're not sitting in silence while our lives as black gay and lesbians are being spiritually attacked from the pulpit, but are confronting this injustice head on. Are you?

I often write about the good and the bad of the black church because the church has always played a significant role in my life and I think the same can be said for most black people. Whether we continue to go to church as adults is a matter of personal choice but as a child many of us didn't have an option.

Not a week goes by that I don't hear from a young gay person who is struggling to reconcile his sexuality with his religion. Whether we choose to admit it or not most of the guilt and depression we experience when coming to terms with being gay is tied up in religion. The bible and Leviticus 18:22 has become a weapon used by the church to condemn gays and lesbians and convince us that we are loathsome and spiritually bankrupt. And what's so disheartening is that they've succeeded in many cases.

How many times have we attended services and heard messages like the one above and sat in our seats and felt uncomfortable but stayed silent? I'm guilty of it as well. Years ago I can remember being paralyzed by fear as I listened to ministers reduce my life to nothing...a mere biological and spiritual error at the hands of the devil.

How many times have we as gay and lesbian people decided to just walk away from the church completely because of the abuse, but yet refuse to entertain the idea of attending an LGBT affirming church? Meanwhile allowing ministers like Bishop Liston Paige to preach from his book of opinions and pass it off as the word of God to block our blessings.

This video makes me mad as hell! But what upsets me even more is when we can't discern the word of God from one man's twisted agenda and we accept the message as fact without researching the origin and intent of the scripture for ourselves. It's like the blind leading the blind.

Yes I was outraged when I saw this video. But guess what? Bishop Paige wasn't the first and regretfully he won't be the last. But we as black LGBT Christians or however you identify spiritually can decide to come out of the shadows of the choir stand, usher board, and yes... the pulpit and become examples of a true and living God in the lives of LGBT people and say enough is enough!

While silence is an approach that many of us are comfortable with, the old saying that if you continue to do as you've always done you will continue to get the same result couldn't ring more true.

I came across this video featuring a sermon by a virtually unknown minister(at least to me), or should I say a minister that doesn't have T.D. Jakes status by the name of Bishop Liston Page.I have some very strong feelings about the message he brings forth in this video, but for once I'm not going to write my opinion here for you to read but give you a chance to watch the video and formulate your own.

I challenged myself after watching this video not to let out my frustration in a fiery blog post and so far I'm sticking to it. But I can't promise once I make it back home to Atlanta from St. Louis tonight I won't let it all out.

I'm sure the comments are going to be interesting...bring em' on.

5 comments | Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Not too many people have the luxury of jumping on a plane at the last minute and flying to the destination of their choice for free, but I’m one of the few lucky ones and I did just that yesterday morning on a flight to New York City. The plan was to spend the day in the city with my friend Albert and catch a screening of Dirty Laundry at Clearview Cinemas in Chelsea before they carried out their plan to prematurely remove the film from their theater. It still amazes me how I can be in Atlanta one minute and in another city a few hours later and back home before the clock strikes twelve, ahh the beauty of planes…but I digress.

My goal was to confront theater management and ask them exactly why Dirty Laundry was being pulled from the theater after less than a week into a successful run since they refused to speak with me over the phone. After the movie I seized the opportunity to engage the theater manager in a little “Q&A” session that he was obviously unprepared for and it showed all over his face and in the bullshit answers he gave me to my questions, but more on that later.

Unbeknownst to me I’d become emotionally invested in the film and after seeing it for the second time today in over a year it became apparently clear. I am Sheldon Patrick/Patrick Sheldon. Rockmond Dunbar’s character Sheldon who prefers to be called by his middle name Patrick parallels my life in so many ways that it’s almost scary.

Patrick was born in a fictional small southern town called Paris, Georgia and I was born in the small southern town of Montgomery, Alabama. We both knew that we were ‘different’ at a young age and were often on the receiving end of anti-gay slurs. Patrick channeled his pain into his writing (something I would tap into later in life) and I channeled my pain into dance. Once we both became adults we left the south for the freedom and opportunity of life in New York City and vowed never to return.

The idea of living in New York City where the restrictions of living openly as a gay man were almost non-existent compared to life in the south, this was indeed attractive to Patrick and myself. To this day every time I return to Alabama it feels as if I’m suffocating. Do you ever get the sense that you just don’t belong in a certain place, the feeling that you’ve outgrown the people and the small town mentality? Like Paris, Georgia was to Patrick, Montgomery, Alabama is to me, my birthplace and not my home.

There’s plenty of dirty laundry in the film besides the secret that Patrick has managed to keep from disclosing to his family for years as producer Crystal Anthony McCrary so eloquently articulated on Reel Talk with Al Sharpton.

One major issue is the resentment the family felt for Patrick after he moved to the big city, got a big city job, fine clothes, new friends and an “uppity” attitude. I couldn’t begin to tell you the number of times I’ve had to listen to people from back home tell me that I thought I was better than everybody else simply because I had the courage to leave. The fact of the matter is I never believed I was better than the people I grew up with, but after living in New York City and traveling the world meeting people from different cultures, religious backgrounds, and sexual orientations, I began to respect and embrace the differences in people, a lesson many people in Paris, Georgia and Montgomery, Alabama were years behind in learning, including people in my family.

So with feelings of resentment comes the inevitable breakdown in communication, which leads to hurt feelings, estrangement and anger. Add a little homosexuality in the mix and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. But a person can only abide by the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that many black families have created for their gay and lesbian relatives for so long before the closet door is either flung open by the person in question or he is forced out perhaps by a messy relative. Now you know Sunday dinners in black families are famous for more than just the food being served.

Like Patrick I spoke my truth to prevent someone else for speaking it for me and while it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done it was also one of the most liberating. And while our families received the news with mixed reactions, the blood and unconditional love that made us a family superseded anything that could possibly be considered as a threat.

My mother always told me, ”Baby leave home in a way that you will always be able to return”. She says I never listen to her but after 10 years of being away I’m not exactly home but two hours away in Atlanta, and after 10 years of being away from Paris, Georgia Patrick returned, what a coincidence…lol.

As for the theater manager “Fajeem”, I asked him if it was normal procedure to pull a film after a successful opening weekend and he looked at me like a deer caught in headlights (I’m assuming he’d become accustomed to avoiding this conversation by hanging up on people who called the theater with the same motive, but I was standing in front of him) and replied, ”Oh I don’t know anything about that…how that all works, you’re gonna have to call the corporate office”. And then his sidekick Edwin, the ticket taker chimed in and said the movie was only scheduled for a limited engagement and was never supposed to run longer than a week because the distribution company (FOX? CODE BLACK?) wouldn’t authorize the theater to show the film longer than a week. Yeah right. If it sounds scripted then it probably is. Who knew I would get a show in the lobby too.

If you’re in L.A. and you haven’t seen Dirty Laundry yet then get your behind to the Beverly Mann Theater today. Atlanta, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. December 28.


Well it looks like radio and online media could not wait until Saturday to hear Janet Jackson's new single "Feedback" off of her upcoming album due to arrive in stores on February 26, 2008. New York's urban radio stationZ100 was the first to play the new single and within hours it spread like wildfire. I'm aware that my post is late because everybody and their momma has this song posted on their blog or website.

I had a gut feeling that Ms. Jackson was really going to bring it with this project and silence all of her critics and like always she does not disappoint, this new track is pure FIRE!!!!!!!!! It seems that this is the consensus across the board, people are excited about the rebirth of Janet.

I just changed my ringtone last night to Mary J. Blige's new single and I'm sure you can guess what my new ringtone is gonna be now. If you haven't heard Janet's new single then click here to get into it. And if you'd like to create your free "Feedback" ringtone for your phone then click here.

I guess I should apologize to my boyfriend now because he's going to be listening to this song for at least the next 6 months. Many thanks to all of my loyal readers who know what a big Janet fan I am and took the time to e-mail me the new single. My inbox was flooded with links to the song. Thanks!

0 comments | Tuesday, December 11, 2007

After eight years of George "Dubya" Bush there is a strong possibility that GOP underdog Gov. Mike Huckabee might secure the Republican nomination for President and continue to provide the American people with more of the divisive politics we've experienced from the current administration.

If you haven't heard about the 1992 statements from Huckabee during his Senate campaign regarding HIV/AIDS patients then you've obviously been living under a rock. Huckabee has already begun back peddling on statements he made such as this one where he said that “we need to take steps that would isolate the carriers of this plague“:

Oh Really?

Huckabee says he firmly stands by his statement and also said at the time that funding for AIDS research should be provided by Hollywood celebrities and not the government. I guess I missed the memo that said AIDS only affected gay men and those in Hollywood.

Jeanne-White Ginder, mother of Ryan White, was so alarmed by Huckabee's statements that she called for a meeting to discuss his views. In a recent statement Huckabee had this to say in his response to the invitation,"I would be very willing to meet with them. I would tell them we’ve come a long way in research, in treatment." As if the mother of a son who died from AIDS needs to be educated.

Ladies and Gentlemen this is exactly why you should be registered to vote, to keep dangerous politicians like Mike Huckabee out of a position to serve ALL people in America and not just Republican hypocrites who hide their dirt behind an unauthentic platform of moral superiority.

I'm so pissed that this man has a platform to spread his ignorance and fear that I could rant all day, but I won't. Read what everyone else is saying about The Huck.

Rod 2.0

Pam's House Blend

The Bilerico Project

Good As You

Media Matters


It's been a minute since I've professed my love for the greatest entertainer in the world(in my opinion) on this site, but when I heard Ms. Janet Jackson is officially releasing her new album in February 2008 and a new single this Saturday(December 15th) online I could not contain my excitement!

The yet untitled album is due to be released overseas on February 20th with an American release following shortly thereafter.For those of you wondering if longtime boyfriend Jermaine Dupri is producing the new album the answer is no. Janet is currently signed with Island Def Jam and the album is being spearheaded by music guru L.A. Reid. The new set will feature songs penned by Ne-Yo and Pharrel Williams along with a duet with Maroon 5.

The haters were ready to write Ms. Jackson off three albums ago but she's still here and showing no signs of disappearing. Despite harsh criticism of her last two albums they all went platinum and garnered hit singles. If Madonna can still make music so can Janet. I don't think the world is ready for the new Janet in 2008. I have no doubt she's going to prove why she's still in CONTROL!


Keith Boykin and Jasmyne Cannick are reporting today that the Chelsea Clearview Theater in New York where Dirty Laundry opened to sold out shows last weekend is closing on Thursday only after a few days. Despite pulling in a higher per screen average than a slew of major blockbuster films that opened last weekend, the theater management is not impressed and believes the film's producers purchased over 1,500 tickets to ensure a successful opening weekend.

When are the powers that be going to realize that their is an audience for black LGBT films? I agree with Jasmyne and many others who said this film should have never been in Chelsea but in Harlem, the Bronx, or Jamaica Queens. This whole thing just stinks of racism (and those who disagree please spare me the dumb ass comments and e-mails).

The people who came out to support Dirty Laundry did so because of an intense grassroots campaign via word of mouth, blogs, radio, and myspace.

I don't know how many of you have ever been to Chelsea but it's definitely a white gay mecca. I'm sure a theater filled with well-mannered negroes over the weekend was too much for some of their regular patrons to handle. Don't be fooled, racism is not limited to people outside of the gay community and this is a clear example.

The management at Clearview Theater needs to hear from you as well as Magic Johnson Theaters in New York and Los Angeles where the film should be running.

Clearview Chelsea Theater
260 West 23rd Street
New York, NY 10011
212-691-5519 (Ask to speak to today's on-duty mangaer "Nick")

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Update: I contacted Chelsea's Clearview Theater an asked to speak to on-duty manager Nick and after waiting patiently for him to come to the phone we were mysteriously "disconnected". I'm sure he's received an influx of phone calls and e-mails today and this has been his cowardly response to those of us seeking answers to why they've chosen to close Dirty Laundry. Well tomorrow morning I will be on a flight to NYC to support Dirty Laundry before it's pulled and I guess I'll have to ask Nick face to face the logic behind closing a profitable film.

6 comments | Sunday, December 09, 2007

The past few weeks have been particularly challenging for me and with the exception of two people nobody else was privy to the emotional turmoil I was experiencing. I knew what was causing my pain but I didn't want to acknowledge it because I was afraid it would cause me to do what I considered to be the unthinkable. I was mad at the world and God but more so his church and I was prepared to never go back.

These feelings were particularly troubling for me because I attend an LGBT affirming church where all of God's children are welcome to worship regardless of their sexual orientation. For a few hours on Sunday morning my church reflects the beauty of God's creation and simultaneously shields a marginalized people from a cruel world. But it's what happens after I leave the sanctuary of The Vision Church of Atlanta that I'm reminded of the toxic theologies and homophobia we often endure on a daily basis, most of it coming from the church and I'd finally had enough.

I consider myself to be a pretty strong and confident person. I know who I am and I don't allow other people to define me. I promised myself a long time ago that I would never allow anyone to deny me the God-given right to worship, inherit the kingdom, or live my life authentically. But I know other people who share a same-sex attraction that aren’t as strong and are suffering in silence.

When you are constantly being told you're an abomination, a whoremonger, a mistake, and a demonic spirit after a while you'll start to believe it and it will manifest itself in your life. Before you know it you will begin to look in the mirror and hate the person staring back at you. The person God created in his wonderful image, but yet the person the world is so quick to persecute and throw away like yesterday's trash.

While I was not attending church regularly like I'd always done in the past, I realized I was giving MAN the authority to take away what he never had the power to give; my relationship with God. For it was MAN who was attempting to rob me of my soul and it was MAN who said my life didn't matter.

Have you ever noticed what happens to same gender loving people when shame tied to religion is thrust upon their lives? I don't think it's a stretch to say that there wouldn't be a down low phenomenon, or anonymous online hook-ups that end in death, or thousands of new HIV infections everyday, or people who are infected but don't seek treatment until it's too late because of stigma and shame.


I'm mad at those people who preach intolerance and hatred disguised as religion and I'm mad at the people who blindly believe, "God said it, so I believe it, and that settles it" and proceed to create hell on earth for gays in the name of God. I'm sorry but more times than not "your preacher said it, you're afraid to question it, so you believe it".

I challenge my LGBT brothers and sisters to take back what's rightfully theirs in this world.

Take back your life

Take back your self-respect

Take back your dignity

Take back your civil rights

Take back your right to marry the person you love just like everyone else

Take back your right to walk in your truth

Take back your right to worship without the fear of fire and brimstone

Take back your right to be included in God's favor

Take it back and dare someone to try and steal it from you!



It's no secret that I love B. Scott and I post his videos here on my site every chance I get, but he's totally outdone himself with his latest video. In this video B. Scott talks about gays in the church and our favorite "ex-gay" Donnie McClurkin. There's also a brief mention of mega-pastor T.D. Jakes. I thought this video would be appropriate given my ordeal with the church over the past few weeks. Caution: If you're a fundamentalist Christian and you stumbled onto my site or this video by mistake and you don't like hearing the truth then you might wanna pass on this video. Enjoy and be sure to leave comments!


Okay I'm embarassed to admit that I didn't know who Tori Fixx was or had never heard any of his music until a couple of weeks ago, but now that he's in my life I never want him to leave! This dj/emcee/vocalist hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota and is known in many circles as the gay Timbaland. He was recently one of the headliners on the Homo Revolution Tour, the first tour exclusively featuring gay hip-hop artists.

Out. com recently wrote a glowing review for his new soon to be released album Code Red. A record that Fixx says is "less political in its nature compared to previous releases but very much a dance record."

I've been bumping his single "Dat Boy" non stop on my iPod. I think it's incredibly important to support artists from our comunity who are brave enough to come out. If they're not afraid to be honest and they're equally as talented then we should support our own. I don't know about you but I ran out and bought Donnie's CD when he came out and it was a great purchase.

I definitely suggest that you head over to Tori's myspace page to listen to his music, you can even download the songs and save them to your computer or iPod.

I'm a new fan and now I'm dying to get my hands on the rest of his music. Call me Tori...lol! No seriously.

2 comments | Friday, December 07, 2007

Today Dirty Laundry opens in theaters in New York and Los Angeles and the excitement is off the charts!! It's been years since the LGBT community has seen a film with a black gay character as the centerpiece of the story line. Kudos to Maurice Jamal, the amazingly talented cast, as well as the wonderful team of producers for all of their hard work.I feel like this is the birth of a baby and I'm sure Maurice feels the same.

Check out the pics above from a special VIP party held in L.A. for the cast and their fans courtesy of my friend Steven from Pink Mafia Radio.

Also read what others are saying in the blogosphere about the film here, here, and here. I will not be in New York or Los Angeles this weekend and I'm extremely jealous that everyone will be having fun without me...lol! But Trey and I will be making a special trip to L.A. next weekend to enjoy the movie for a second time.

If you're planning on attending a screening this weekend and you take pictures, feel free to e-mail them to me with your name, city, and a quick review to darianoutloud@mac.com and I will post it on Monday. Have fun at the movies!

10 comments | Wednesday, December 05, 2007

In some circles the December 7th release of Maurice Jamal's long awaited film Dirty Laundry has created the kind of buzz that is usually reserved for big studio productions tied to the names of Kidman, Cruise, or Washington, but people all over the country are excited about the message in this film and the rare opportunity to see the life of a black gay man depicted on the big screen. But when you mention the name DL Foster or visit his website Gay Christian Movement Watch the excitement comes to a screeching halt.

Pastor Foster has begun spearheading a religious protest against the film and against Dr. Bobby Jones of the Bobby Jones Gospel Hour on BET who appears briefly as a minister in the film. Pastor DL Foster (how ironic that his first two initials are "DL") whose first name is Daryl claims to be an "ex-gay" (calling Donnie McClurkin...now) and has dedicated his life mission to exposing the "homosexual agenda" and providing a way out for homosexuals who want to exit the "lifestyle".

He believes Dr. Bobby Jones' appearance in the movie is a direct attack on the black church and the black family. I made the mistake over the weekend of allowing myself to get caught up in his hateful biblical rhetoric on his website by defending the message in Dirty Laundry and Dr. Bobby Jones. Once you get sucked into one of Pastor Foster's mean-spirited debates it's hard to stop defending your position until you realize that he's an extremist and he'll always be right.

Pastor Foster's staunch opposition to Dirty Laundry and the gay community is a harsh reminder of the kind of hatred that still exists towards our community despite the progress we've made over the years towards full equality. If you thought Bishop Harry Jackson or Rev. Ken Hutcherson were homophobes then Pastor "Down Low" Foster is about to steal their thunder.

Tonight on CNN at 5:00pm ET Keith Boykin and Pastor Foster will go head to head and discuss the controversy surrounding the release of Dirty Laundry. I'm sure this is going to be a fiery debate that you don't want to miss.

If you're in New York or Los Angeles and you haven't already purchased your tickets to see the film then by all means do so today! Let's show the studios and the Pastor Foster's of the world that films dealing with this subject matter are important and can bring in money at the box office.

Here are some links to Pastor Foster's thoughts on Dirty Laundry and Dr. Bobby Jones. Depending on how much hate speech you can digest at once, you might want to read the posts over an extended period of time.

Gospel's Dr. Bobby Jones Appearing In Gay Movie

Open Letter To Dr. Bobby Jones

Why Dr. Bobby Jones Must Be Confronted

The Irony of Bobby Jones' "Gospel" Show