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20 comments | Saturday, May 12, 2007

Over the past few days it has been almost impossible to escape the controversy surrounding the men of Coco Dorm . We all thought the troubled Flavaworks company that produces the Coco Dorm series had cleaned up it's act after allegations of models participating in unsafe sex and charges of embezzlement at the hands of the company's CEO Phillip Bleicher . That was until a shocking news story appeared on NBC6 in Miami that stirred up the controversy all over again.

Black LGBT bloggers Bernard Tarver, Jasmyne Cannick , C. Baptiste Williams , Keith Boykin , and myself all covered the story on our blogs and almost immediately found ourselves in the middle of a war that threatened to divide our community.

Everyone seemed to have an opinion on this story, bloggers were typing away, message boards were being flooded with comments, the Coco Dorm staff even had Bernard Tarver's blog shutdown in an attempt to "keep the fire from turning into an inferno."

It seems all of the usual LGBT leaders had a response and those within the community were aggresively voicing their support of the models or their disgust with the entire operation. But no one had heard anything from Philip Bleicher or the men involved in this salacious scandal...until now.

Instead of continuing to be on the outside looking in I decided to go directly to the source. This morning I spent an hour talking to Coco Dorm manager and model Alex Flex. In my exclusive unedited interview Alex gets a chance to tell his side of the story, the side of the story he says was left out of the NBC6 broadcast that ushered this scandal back into the spotlight.

Listen to it for yourself and then draw your own conclusion. It's definitely an eye-opener! Click here to listen to the full interview.

*Pictures courtesy of Alex Flex
*Text on all photos by Alex Flex



<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

I honestly do not think I have ever heard such spinning and evasion horseshit in my life, or such a half-assed "interview." He presents this laughably asburd "other side" to the story and you just nilly willy "accept" what this dude says on face value just because he was willing to talk to you? You don't ask him painfully obvious questions, such as why did Breion straight up LIE on camera to the reporter or why did Cocodorm claim they were never shut down by the city of Chicago when, in fact, they were? Or why the owner did not cooperate with the CDPH and no models who did test postive for STD's showed up for a special clinic set up for them? And why did you not challenge him on the contradictions in their own public statement, including their tactit admissions that they have indeed made exceptions to sending people home who tested for STD's? Hell, the guy even admits as much in the last part of your interview. Shame, shame, shame.

May 13, 2007 1:27 AM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

I sat through that interview and I have to agree with Bernie; Alex completely side-stepped the issues involving Cocodorm with that half-cocked white porn/double standard analogy, not to mention this whole racial issue and the future of Black boys.

A complete crock.

Also, concerning Bernie's site (since I'm one of the technical contacts), the site was shut down via a DMCA notice for copyrighted screenshots, not for any potentially libelous material against their company. Bernie's web host was able to have the site up quickly with no further issues.

I think it's time to hit them where it hurts -- in their subscription rates.

May 13, 2007 3:14 AM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

The real thing is how do we move past this and how can we as vocal members of the Black LGBT community help the CocoDorm guys. The CocoDorm guys and management need to come clean and have an open discussion about their company. The more they duck and dodge questions the worse it is for them. If they where to have a REAL and honest discussion about the issues that the community is concerned with and not duck and dodge questions and talk about what white people do. Cause this isn't about white porn. This is about members of the LGBT community have concerns about for it's other members. When we see something that is possibly harmful to our community members we have no choice but to call it out.

The CocoDorm staff, models, and management needs to be 100% honest and willing to have an open discussion. They need to sit down with the community and dispel our concerns and put in place policies for the future to insure the safety of the models.

No one in these discussions has stated that we want to shut down the CodoDorm. We have all be stating that we want them to come clean, be honest, and make sure that the models are being treated fairly, are safe, and that testing for HIV/STD is their #1 priority. If your going to run a business do it the right way.

May 13, 2007 8:45 AM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

Great interview Darian. Great Job - I missed a great opportunity with you on this story. My loss. I initially said no to you when you pitched me the story last week, because I wasn't sure of the angle you would take. The other bloggers were coming down really hard on those guys. I know media spin - rating - sweeps. There was just too much in this story that I know wasn't presented initially. I partially still live in Miami and know that area well. Naturally I because extremely cautious from the first few seconds of the NBC6 airing. They showed us kids in the street playing; Old ladies in what looks like a predominantly white neighborhood. The media is very skillful and can create whatever angle it wants to best sell a story. NBC6 got great ratings that week and was then on to the next "story". What's left behind is a viewpoint that black gay men are deviant and lack morality. The porn industry is huge... Especially in the South Florida area. Black (gay) oriented content probably represents less than 5% of what’s available. This story could have easily been presented from other angles (straight, white). Three years ago, I lived in a high-rises condo on the beach in Hollywood Florida, a few floors above one of the countries largest producers of adult internet content. Similar to Cocodorm, except the producer is white, The neighborhood was upscale and the models were sexy blond females. My point, porn is huge and is happening everywhere and consumed by many, including many that trash the young men at Cocodorm.

Looking from the outside in, I can't defend or judge Flava Works, Cocodorm, or Phillip Bleisher - My comment is merely to serve as notice that we must carefully evaluate and consider stories presented in the media. We [the bloggers] attacked each other and our young Black men instead of holding NBC6 accountable for a story that did nothing but cast a dark cloud on Black Gay Men as a whole. The story went into the homes of millions of viewers. When those viewers saw that story, they didn't see Cocodorm; they saw a story that, in their minds, referenced or represented Black gay men - our entire community. Just another image for them to ponder on when they think of Black Gay Men.

I really wished that some of the energy from a few bloggers was directed to NBC6, who could have been a bit more responsible with the “story”. But why would they – They’re out to sell expensive prime time slots to advertisers, and they did just that. You see, everyone here will win except the Black gay man. Yes, even Flava Works will win.

Just something to consider.

Dwight Powell
Clik Magazine

May 13, 2007 12:42 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

**Lesson Of The Day**

You should learn to trust your readers, and ultimately your writers when they pitch ideas to you for your magazine Dwight!

Excellent Job Darian!!! These other gay blogs better watch out because you are on their coat tails.

May 13, 2007 4:50 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

It never ceases to amaze me how many so-called committed Black gay men who call themselves "activists," concerned about Black gay men as a whole, who claim to be against discrimination and exploutation of Black SGL men would explicitly or implicity defense and excuse the excesses of a company like Flavamen and Cocodorm.

You people are no bertter than the Bush Administration who, when presented with allegations of misdeeds, point the fingers at everyone else: "It's NBC News 6's fault." "It's the Black gay blogger's fault." "It's some vengeful competitor's fault." Everywhere but where the real blame lies here and getting at the truth instead of blindly accepting whatever these known charlatans have to say.

Even if you are of the opinion that the NBC News 6 story was slanted, Darian's "interview" is so full of holes a 3rd grader could see through them. The statements on Cocodorm.com contradict nearly everything these people claim. But instead of employing critical thinking, asking the most obvious questions, and a little common sense, the Cocodorm apologist wagon rolls on, the porn equivalent to the Dubya supporting Alberto Gonzales and Donald Rumsfeld.

This isn't about Black gay men looking bad or sweeps month or jealous competitors. It is about how one specific company has done practically everything but held a lot of their models up at gunpoint or shot them up with STDs with needles. But, really, why should any of us be surprised by apologists like Darian and, now, sadly, Dwight Powell for whom I used to have much respect and admiration

It is very easy to claim to support Black gay and SGL men...unless it gets in the way of busting a nut.

May 13, 2007 6:02 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

OK im really done,The sole purpose of me doing this interview was to ensure that the guys who reside at the Miami dorm are represented correctly regardless of the past practices of the company they presently work for.( as stated in the interview). When i played the interview back to the guys at the dorm they were more than satisfied with the light in which they were represented."SO now they know we're people right" So for me this issue is closed.

As far as past scandals/Allegations, I explained that i merely provided the interviewer(DARIAN) with flavaworks current policies, and past documentation of the events in CHICAGO. Since these issues are in the past and apparently the main concern, then i say to all the guys/girls who feel that(flavaworks)statement(s) are indeed false. contact Illinois Attorney Gen office. Speak with the CDPH Find out the status of those cases for yourself. These other federal agencies who are they? since the Attorney General's 2005 press release www.ag.state.il.us/pressroom bleicher

and subsequent dropping of the charges, where does this case now stand more than a year later?

oh and darren( i'll answers your first 4 questions)

1. Breion is a grown man correct? Now for whatever reason he may have had. did not want to talk to the press, again his choice. He answered a question being asked by a camerman and reporter, Jeff Burnside , with the reply "What house?" I think for being bombarded twice in two days he handled himself wonderfuly all questions from the press were being directed to the site.

2. Once again i must stand by my statement made in the interview. ( I wasn't employed by flavaworks during the chicago time frame), yet they have provided me with their documentation and side of the story on that. Now i've read the same article by the FREE PRESS www.chicagofreepress.com/node/39 and feel like the situation there was horrible for all involved.(I do mean all, chicago residents included)not for the presence of the dorm, but the apparant lack of education in regards to STD's. Now the article itself started off depicting STD rates in different chicago area's based on a percentage of infections per neighborhood. Then isolated it's concern(index finger) on flavaworks, was it because the results that were documented allowed for a villian in this their human interest story? Test results prove that testing was occuring. How many other cases in the surrounding areas were there? If there was a list of names in those cases would they have gone after them? Were there any other groups cited? the 1 thing that seems to be ignored is that TESTING occured.

fyi: cocodorm/chicago was a dwelling and was not shut down, flavaworks the office(seperate location) was suspended of operation, and cited for lack of specific operating/shipping license's.

2.Models were given the option of going to the "SPECIAL CLINIC". Now if the model's did or did not attend, is that negligence of the company or was it a personal choice by the models in the wake of the media story and furthermore the threat of exposure im regards to their private lives are concerned? any answer chosen would be speculation so pick which one best fits your view.

3.Yes some people were given exceptions in regards to their being sent home. As far as other options of employment,(based on their exsperience and qualifications) Some were qualified for clerical positions in the office other's turned to the "behind the camera" aspects of the bussiness.Camera work, Model scouting, promotions,editing....... how would you have handled it?

to Karsh,

im not going to touch the fact that your affiliation with darren(regardless of it's degree of removal)Leaves a few questions on where your true intentions and motivations lay. Yes we did issue a DMCA notice for the removal of COCODORM Model images. now i want ur view on the negligence of posting pictures with statemnts of HIV/STD with no clear distinctions. how long do you think with bloggers requesting a mob be formed to burn down the gay black house, or any other psycho with a computer now have an addresss to go with the picture provided of dorm boys?

to address your comment at one point attacks shifted towards racial descrimination and exploitation,and was based on the "white owner" so if i inturn compare it to the all white productions of the similar sites/productions. It is in order to illustrate the hypocracy of it all, and if you are indeed an advocate for black people(or affiliated with one)in genral, shouldn't you care about the future of BLACK BOYS,as one myself im not gonna defend my concerns on the futurity of the race regardless of your views on their occupational choices?

What needs to be discussed and emphasized on is the current( since it's move to miami, and my recent employment) safe sex practices and enforcement by its employees in regards to all Flava works productions.


Alex Flex

May 13, 2007 7:04 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

If a Black man ran a gay porn site called "VanillaDorm" showing young White gay boys having high risk sex, and had been investigated by the Chicago Department of Public Health concerning an HIV cluster, do you think he would have been allowed to run off to Miami? Do you think he'd still be walking around free?

If that same Black man running a gay porn site called "VanillaDorm" showing young White gay boys having high risk sex had been the target of a News6 investigative report, do you think White people would rush to his defense claiming first amendment rights and that having them in the neighborhood wasn't bothering anybody?

Do you think White people would quickly jump to defend a Black man using White gay men in an exploitive fashion?

Of course not. Particularly by those who want to obfuscate the issues by pointing fingers at the media, Black gay bloggers, and anything that moves.

Only Black gay lives are devalued by both White and some Black people alike. Again, in this case, if it gets in the way of busting a nut.

May 13, 2007 8:05 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

Finally, I want to say one other thing about this whole issue about the owner of Cocodorm/Flavaworks being white:

Bleicher being white is basically irrelevant in and of itself. Everyone knows that the vast majority of porn including those that work with Black models in this country is either owned or co-owned by someone white and no one bitches and moans about it. Why? They do not have the reputation, spread mostly by former Cocodorm models, that Bleicher has acquired over the years.

What people who have been pointing out Bleicher's race in this ongoing set of scandals is that at the core of those allegations is the undeniable fact that this country has a long history of whites who have systematically used various means to exploit Black people in particular. And Bleicher/Flavaworks has a long and sordid reputation for acting as little more than white post-Civil War sharecropper landlords, who promise models one thing and then deliver something FAR different. That is the historical context of where the "a white man is exploiting these Black men" argument is coming from, not simply because Phil is white himself. And those white sharecropper owners always had Black overseers on the payroll...

To that end, I will point out one example that Alex Flex himself said in answer to Darian's half-ass question about models being charged for rent, linens, phone, food, etc. when that was supposedly a part of their full compensation package. Alex's response-- which you can hear for yourself in the podcast -- is to suggest that ALL of the models who have made that charge are lying and that maybe they were upset because they didn't get what they thought they should have been getting.

But why would their financial compensation be a question? Aren't the models under contracts that state what they should be getting? Shouldn't they expect to be paid what the contract promised? Yet Alex Flex's answer -- which acknowledges that some models have made claims of being financially cheated -- says volumes about the difference between what they should "expect" to be paid via their contracts and what some actually walked away with in their pockets.

Oh, by the way, have any models EVER received copies of their Cocodorm/Flavaworks contracts? Why didn't Darian ask that?

Then there is the outright lie that the Miami Dorm is not operating as an adult business. If a sex dorm has cameras set up for people to log onto their site for a fee to watch the activities that those camearas are there to specifically stream and record, what is it if not operating a business? A charity? It's called COCODORM, not GoodWill.

It's that kind of double talk and hair splitting from Flavaworks/Flex that these apologists for that company aren't questioning.

May 13, 2007 8:30 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

Im sure you have some knowledge of the entertainment bussness right? Does MIchelle Phieffer make the same amount of money per film as, Julia stiles? NO

Does Jamie Foxx make the same amount as Martin Lawrence, Deffinately, up until Jamie secured that oscar.In this BIZ you make ur name and then you get paif off it, the more you work,movies featured in and sheer poularity determine for lack of a better term your current FACE VALUE The only real differences btween actors in mainstream cinema, .and their adult fim counterparts simply put is ligitimate talent. Which due to thefact it doesnt come around to often is a lot more lucrative. Where as simly fucking on cam can be done by anybody.(atleast hypotheticaly)and your value is soley based on physical attributes

Lets be serious this is busness based on physical appearance, performance, and sex appeal. Just like every other porn company artist are paid accordingly.
does the contract state the amount a actor/actress is paid? YES Is it the same across the board? Hell NO
If model A comes in and wants to be in a movie has an amazing body, average looks and a average size penis.

Model B comes in under the same circumstances yet has made a movie before,in additon to that, brings to the table a more than aboveaverage 12 inch penis and matches the other model on evry other attribute.

They will both be cast in the movie yet model A will only make(depending on the production company) their standard first time adult model actors fee.

while modelB with his former exsperience and god given gifts has the room( If wise enough) to negotiate his contract.
yet even in these contracts there are clauses and to be blunt it covers whether or not you came at the end of the shoot. was your dick hard.....

Side note:Published in AVN (adult video news) are the going pay rates for the top Male porn stars in the indusrty ie, Bobby Blake, Tyger Tyson, etc.... the highest paid Model and this figure doesn't include whether they have gone on to forge their own companies or negotiated their contract to include royalties. range from 800.00-1000.00 for a full day of shooting.

Do you think that model A or B are making that? Now can these guys demand that amount hell yeah, will they get? I dont wanna say never but when its taken these top guys of this business years to get there. Doubtful

In the end a contract is a legal binding agreement between two parties, if there is a breech in the contract then you have every right to sue and then be compinsated. Now just cuz your young and black, doen't exscuse Nor should it be used as an exscuse for you not reading attaing and keping a copy of that contract for future reference. Well what about the wording? If ou can't understand what your signing DONT SIGN IT.

"((((IF a black man does the exact same thing with an all white site.)))" Is this analogy to help prove your point or someone else's cuz it kind sounds like hypocracy in relation to whats going on. So you would want him strung up just as in this sitch with bleicher or do you want an exception to be made because he's black?

May 13, 2007 10:19 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

dude now your just reaching, i have a copy of that interview. where do i mention al the models are lying? I do state that is a possibility, that shouldn't be overlooked, but on my end merely speculation. as you clearly hear in the interview i say " I DONT KNOW"

Why wouldn't the models have contracts? You would keep your contract right? I kept mine the first visit i made to Miami and did work for the company. Your arguments are becoming increasingly desperate, the way your constantly finding a new issue. Then you say the issue of race is irrelevant but make references to share croppers. If the issue is about wages and whether or not phil is paying these models fairly then address that. But have the facts

are you in fact a former model?
If so then why don't you just get to the point, and say what the deep issue between you and phillip bleicher is.


May 13, 2007 10:46 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

May 13, 2007 11:40 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

Welcome to my blog Darren. The next time I interview someone I'll be sure to e-mail you the questions first so I may get your seal of approval.

May 13, 2007 11:42 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

For all of these increasingly extended and convoluted explanations that Alex and these other folks are trying to put out into the universe, you all over at Flavaworks really need stop pissing on people's legs and telling us it's raining.

Alex, I said you "suggested" that all of these models who claim to have been financially mistreated by Flavaworks were lying. You yourself just now say that what you meant was to leave that possibility open. So what, exactly is your point of disagreement? Or, are you admitting that it is also possible that some models are telling the truth?

As to the whole ridiculous post about Hollywood stars not getting paid the same as others, again what does that have to do with anything? If a model is promised X money in their contract, then where is the confusion on their part? If you say you pay $1500 (cash) per monthly term in the dorm and a model claims they only walked away with $500 in cash, then what's really going on? Because what has been floating aorund in the universe from various Cocodorm/Flavaworks models is not that Model A thinks they should have made as much as Model B or more than Model C, but that Model A wasn't paid what was promised via their contract.

Every time you people open your mouths (or type on your keyboards), you just expose your lies and half-truths more and more.

May 14, 2007 12:32 AM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

Thanks for the interview, Darian, and taking the time to bring this perspective.

May 14, 2007 2:24 AM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

you just want a tennis match well 4 love (0) game is over.

If there is a valid ligitimate issue with a models contract( AND ONLY THAT MODEL WOULD KNOW,) so you and i debating over it is irrelevant. They have the contract the wrong doing can be proven so if it infact did happen they have proof, and can legally make a claim.
So if a model like the one(s) your so concerned about have these issues let them handle it if not.............throws his racquet in the stands, and walks away

May 14, 2007 3:01 AM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

"Opinion are like assholes, everybody has one and they usually only matter to their owners"

In discourse it's much easier to convey an ideal verbally than it is in print. There is no way that you can fit in every point and defense that you'll need for those determined to portray you in a bad light. You can go back and forth until the cows come home, what really matters in life is what you do. All that's happening at the moment is a bunch of verbal masturbation at how well you think you can type something and end it with a clever closing statement. To ALL the message posters, ask yourself if all your doing is typing your outrage onto some (with respect to the owners) innocuous blog, how much change are you really affecting?

I am neither condoning or condemning the dorm place, cause in the end what does my morality matter to them? I’m just someone who works with troubled youth everyday at a gay and lesbian center, and I mean EVERYDAY, with kids that are homeless because their fathers raped them and the family didn’t believe them to kids with veins so destroyed from shooting up that they resort to sticking needles in the flesh under their eyeball to get high. How many of the problems of the world can be resolved if people just stopped talking about it and did something? If you’re more than just an "armchair activist", understand that you're point has been made in print in these blogs and no more can be done in that arena. And I’m applying this to ALL the posters.

Now get up and go do something more. Move your bones and be active and make change. Become a stick or a stone. Because we all know that words will never (in the long run), hurt anyone

Notice the clever closing statement there?

May 14, 2007 10:22 AM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...


Do you have any suggestions of how average citizens can get involved helping gay youth. Lots of people want to help but don't know what to do.

May 15, 2007 11:02 AM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

wow! Interesting story about coco dorm. Alex Flex's answers to your questions were weak at best. However this is what i think, and it's only my opinion with a little fact. i enjoy porn and it certainly does stimulate and titilate and it is fantasy. However, I would not want to live beside a porn studio, whether or not the neigborhood was zoned for both commercial and residential. I work to hard for that. The pictures shown of the dorm says it all really. It looks rundown and unkept and the city of Miami can site you for that. And that's not a race issue. I disagree with Alex when he says it's not a business. It is a business when you are getting paid to have sex, even online. Money is being paid to watch these performers do their thing in a house financed by porn profit in a residential neighborhood, if this is the case it's illegal. No matter what your race or sexual orientation is. Find a commercial space for that.
Unfortunately Alex Flex is not who I would want representing my company admist a scandal such as this. When Alex Flex (real name Jason) lived in VA. he wasn't involved in the african american community and preferred white men as sex partners and lovers. He was unemployed most of the time and had an expensive marijuana habit. He rambled in your podcast and his entry in your blob was almost impossible to read or follow. No wonder these companies are always in trouble or under fire. It's not because they are african american in nature, it's because of bad business practices. Alex Flex is not worried about the African American community or 1st Ammendment rights, he's worried about his job!

ps...no relavent politician has ever used porn to advance his or her career.

April 24, 2008 12:28 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

The critisizm of Jeff Burnside and NBC 6 is wrong. The story did not place Black men in a bad light, there job did. I worked at the company and inter-reacted with many of them and they are nice guys. There is however a clear fact, while they are referred to as models thet are paid to have sex. While some may refer to them as actors or models, the accepted term for people who are paid for sex is prostitute no matter the color.

The defenders as well as those who are critical of Phillip Bleicher CEO of Flava Works should consider clear facts and a simple rule.

Facts: Phillip Bleicher has a sordid history that started with the Student Council in Chicago, IL and the altering of checks allegations. The allegations of his models at CoCo Dorm in Chicago testing positive for STD's and HIV/AIDS is fact. Phillip Bleicher has sued everone who exposes his history to the light of day so the truth does not come out. The one thing he can not do is in fact prove the allegations false There are many models with the same allegations regarding pay. They do not know each other but the story is consistent.
His history with company's he signs contracts with and payment along with the IRS in part are legal issues that can be found in various records in different states
when looking up county clerk records. The records do not include company's that did not sue him.
When being prepared for a deposition at dinner with Phillip Bleicher and his Attorney Marty Schwartz the following statement was made by Phillip Bleicher to his attorney "I have made a lot of mistakes in the past and learned alot" regarding his actions. What he has learned may be how to avoid prosecution?

The simple rule for both defenders and those critical of Phillip Bleicher is where there is smoke there is fire. How long do you stay in a building filling with smoke? Those who stay to long end up dead. Those who defend him should give this some consideration. While you defend and support him and survive, the result may be that you bury a brother, cousin, or friend, while Phillip Bleicher CEO of Flava Works makes a deposit at the bank from the profits generated by your dead.

March 17, 2011 8:09 AM


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