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3 comments | Thursday, January 31, 2008

I have officially seen it all. BET aired The Top 25 Fabulous Freaks last night and judging from the image of Lil Kim with her mouth wide open ready to "receive" this show was not an attempt to repair the network's damaged reputation.

Wasn't there a time when we were proud to have our own network that showcased the talents and achievements of black artists and politicians? Believe it or not I think that network was called BET. But those days are long gone.

The great discussions I lived for as a pre-teen on Saturday morning episodes of Teen Summit have been replaced by "Hot Ghetto Mess" and The Top 25 Fabulous Freaks. Bob Johnson should be proud. But I'm sure the millions he's made by exploiting our shortcomings outweighs any feelings of guilt he might have.


What do you think my reaction was when I learned two of my favorite artists, Janet Jackson and gay hip-hop/dance artist Tori Fixx were collaborating on a remix to Janet's new single Feedback? I freakin lost my mind!!!! The remix is hot and I've got it here for you guys to listen to.

Tori has posted his Feedback remix for a limited time on his myspace page along with other great tracks from his new album Code Red.

Okay in my excitement I may have gotten a little carried away, let me clarify that Janet did not authorize this remix but it is a special Tori Fixx creation.

I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do. Are you ready? I am. Cause it's all about control...oops wrong track. Get into the Feedback remixes below and a bonus track from Tori Fixx.

Feedback-Tori Fixx Remix
Feedback S.T.O.P. Remix
Dat Boy-Tori Fixx


At the beginning of the month I reported the latest homophobic scandal to occur at Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. under the leadership of Bishop Alfred Owens. Three separate e-mails sent by a female choir member attempts to out over 100 gay members of the church.

Bishop Owens first caught national attention for a fiery homophobic sermon he preached during a Palm Sunday service in 2006.

"It takes real men to confess Jesus as Lord and Savior," Owens said in the sermon, which was recorded by the church. "I'm not talking about no faggot or no sissy...Wait a minute! Let all the real men come on down here and take a bow. All the real men-I'm talking about the straight men," he preached. "You ain't funny and you ain't cranky, but you're straight. Come on down here and walk around and praise God that you are straight. Thank him that you're straight. All the straight men that's proud to be a Christian, that's proud to be a man of God." Listen to the audio here.

The Washington Blade along with The National Black Justice Coalition and blogger Pam Spaulding have all written about this unfortunate experience Bishop Owens and some members of his congregation continue to put their gay and lesbian members through.

Sylvia Rhue, director of the National Black Justice Coalition’s religious affairs program and a licensed clinical therapist with a doctorate in human sexuality, said she was troubled but not surprised to hear that a large number of gays continue to join and worship at a church like Greater Mount Calvary.

“We know that many of the gays that go there like the traditional setting of a church like that,” she said. “It tears at your soul. It has the potential of causing depression, drug use and other harmful effects.”

Read my original post here to get the entire story.

Washington Blade

Pam's House Blend

0 comments | Wednesday, January 30, 2008

If you're like me then you probably don't start to pay attention to the American Idol contestants until they've chosen the final twelve. But there is something about contestant Leo Marlowe from Iowa that made me stop what I was doing last night and pay attention.

Besides having an amazing voice, he has a wonderful personality and the balls to come out within the first minute of meeting the judges. Leo didn't waste any time sharing his voice or the truth about his sexuality from the start. Unlike many of the male American Idol contestants who came out after the show,RJ Helton,Mario Vasquez, & Anwar Robinson amidst scandals.

And he did so in one of the most non-threatening ways possible...a homecoming queen joke. Get into the video above and check out Leo for yourself.

0 comments | Tuesday, January 29, 2008

R&B hitmaker Ne-Yo recently sat down with Essence Magazine in a very candid interview where he discussed being dropped as the opening act of the recent R. Kelly Tour, the lawsuit that followed, baby mama drama, and the persistent gay rumors that refuse to go away. Ne-Yo handles this interview and subsequently the gay rumors with a great deal of class and professionalism usually only seen in industry veterans. His mother's reaction to the gay rumors on the other hand were a little bit more volatile.

"When she heard the rumors that I was gay she was like, ‘Who do I have to pay a visit? Who’s a-- do I have to kick?’, stated Ne-Yo.

Below are a few excerpts from the Essence interview by Kenya N. Byrd due out on stands next month.

On being dropped from the R. Kelly tour:

Essence.com: Well, can you explain how your dismissal from the tour came about?

N.Y.: Well, it wasn’t even told to me directly by [R. Kelly]; he sent his people to tell me. 

Essence.com: So do you think your affiliation with Jay-Z and Def Jam had anything to do with it, considering that they once toured together and didn’t complete the tour together?

N.Y.: I don’t think so, because if that were the case I wouldn’t have been on the tour to begin with. It’s no secret that I’m a Def Jam artist so I don’t think that had anything to do with it.

Essence.com: It’s been reported that you were asked to leave the tour because you upstaged him. Is that simply speculation?

N.Y.: Well, I’m the one who made that statement. I only did two shows in Columbus and Georgia. It was only the next day after the first two reviews came out and they gave me great reviews and his were not so positive. 

Essence.com: Wow—so did you ever speak to R. Kelly about your dismissal?

N.Y.: Nope. That was another thing—as a man he showed me blatant disrespect. He never tried to come and speak to me, but he wouldn’t even have to come to me, I would have been willing to talk to him about it, but that never happened. 

Essence.com: Had you met him prior to this tour? 

N.Y.: No, I was on tour and I didn’t get to speak to that man. I didn’t see his face. He didn’t make an attempt to speak to me; it was as if it didn’t matter that I was there. 

Essence.com: Well, what about during rehearsals? 

N.Y.: Never.

Essence.com: Wow. So would you be willing to sit down and talk if he ever reached out to you?

N.Y.: Absolutely, I don’t hate R. Kelly. There won’t be no diss records—we don’t do that in R&B. Seriously, I looked up to R. Kelly as an artist, and still do, but I don’t have respect for him as a man. I was happy to join the tour. I’m a man, so I don’t disrespect other men. I would still be open to talk to him. But his not coming to me directly was blatant disrespect, because he didn’t even view me as someone important enough to show respect to by talking to me man-to-man. If you have issues with me, then be man enough to come to me personally, but instead he had his people do it and then they said it wasn’t him but that the promoters asked me to be removed from the tour and that’s b---sh--.

On the gay rumors:

Essence.com: You’ve said that your mom always looks out and was even ready to knuckle up when rumors first surfaced about you being gay.

N.Y.: (Laughs) Yeah, my mom is my dawg. When she heard the rumors that I was gay she was like, ‘Who do I have to pay a visit? Who’s a-- do I have to kick?’

Essence.com: And your initial reaction to folks questioning your sexuality?

N.Y.: Honestly, when I first heard that there were rumors out there about me being gay I thought, Wow someone must really hate me. There’s nothing wrong with being gay, but I just couldn’t understand why someone would make up lies like that. I remember speaking to Jay-Z about it and he was like, ‘Look, man you haven’t made it until someone says you’re gay.”

Essence.com: And what about now?

N.Y.: Nah, I don’t even think about that mess anymore. Once it’s said, it ain’t nothing you can do but ignore it.

My Two Cents:

And believe it or not it's gonna be brief...lol. I just have a few questions that I'd like to ask to gain more insight and understanding on my end and hopefully spark a discussion. We all know black gays exist in the entertainment industry and almost all of them are CLOSETED with the exception of RuPaul (who doesn't really count). Here's the first question.

1) If Ne-Yo or another black celebrity were to come out would it help or hurt their career?

2)Would the black community with it's reputation of being "the most homophobic" shun the artist, therefore sending his career into a nose-dive?

3)Would the black gay community rally around the artist in support of their courageous step as the white gay community has done for their own or would we turn our backs?

Hi-five to towleroad.com.


Nobel Prize winning author Toni Morrison's old comment about Bill Clinton being the "first black president" recently ignited a firestorm debate about the role of race in the current presidential campaign against Democratic front runners Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. It is widely known that she (Toni Morrison) has been close to the Clintons in the past and was expected to show her support for Hillary Clinton's campaign, but if she thought Bill Clinton was the closest this country would ever get to having a bonafide black man in office, the emergence of Senator Barack Obama as a likely candidate to win the nomination and ultimately the presidency has become a sweet surprise. A surprise that Toni Morrison recently endorsed publicly in a way only a gifted writer would, she sent him a letter.

Read the letter below courtesy of The New York Observer.

Dear Senator Obama,

This letter represents a first for me--a public endorsement of a Presidential candidate. I feel driven to let you know why I am writing it. One reason is it may help gather other supporters; another is that this is one of those singular moments that nations ignore at their peril. I will not rehearse the multiple crises facing us, but of one thing I am certain: this opportunity for a national evolution (even revolution) will not come again soon, and I am convinced you are the person to capture it.

May I describe to you my thoughts?

I have admired Senator Clinton for years. Her knowledge always seemed to me exhaustive; her negotiation of politics expert. However I am more compelled by the quality of mind (as far as I can measure it) of a candidate. I cared little for her gender as a source of my admiration, and the little I did care was based on the fact that no liberal woman has ever ruled in America. Only conservative or "new-centrist" ones are allowed into that realm. Nor do I care very much for your race[s]. I would not support you if that was all you had to offer or because it might make me "proud."

In thinking carefully about the strengths of the candidates, I stunned myself when I came to the following conclusion: that in addition to keen intelligence, integrity and a rare authenticity, you exhibit something that has nothing to do with age, experience, race or gender and something I don't see in other candidates. That something is a creative imagination which coupled with brilliance equals wisdom. It is too bad if we associate it only with gray hair and old age. Or if we call searing vision naivete. Or if we believe cunning is insight. Or if we settle for finessing cures tailored for each ravaged tree in the forest while ignoring the poisonous landscape that feeds and surrounds it. Wisdom is a gift; you can't train for it, inherit it, learn it in a class, or earn it in the workplace--that access can foster the acquisition of knowledge, but not wisdom.

When, I wondered, was the last time this country was guided by such a leader? Someone whose moral center was un-embargoed? Someone with courage instead of mere ambition? Someone who truly thinks of his country's citizens as "we," not "they"? Someone who understands what it will take to help America realize the virtues it fancies about itself, what it desperately needs to become in the world?

Our future is ripe, outrageously rich in its possibilities. Yet unleashing the glory of that future will require a difficult labor, and some may be so frightened of its birth they will refuse to abandon their nostalgia for the womb.
There have been a few prescient leaders in our past, but you are the man for this time.

Good luck to you and to us.

Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison isn't the only celebrity showing her support for Sen. Obama. Actor and author Hill Harper is spreading the message to" BaRack The Vote", taken from the popular slogan used during the last presidential campaign to urge young people to participate in the political process. The Obama campaign has created an entire website where supporters can go to purchase hoodies, t-shirts, and tank tops in an assortment of colors to show their love for the man who will become America's first African-American president...and the first competent one in eight years.

Log onto barackawear.com to purchase your merchandise today. I will definitely be sporting my "BaRack The Vote" tee. 25% of the proceeds go to support Barack Obama's campaign.

Actress and The View co-host Sherri Shepard continues to make an ass out of herself and embarass us in front of millions of white folks on a weekly basis. I guess she never learned the rule as a kid "to think before she speaks", because every time she opens her mouth she proves to the world just how ignorant she is.

It wasn't that long ago that she was asked by co-host Whoopi Goldberg "is the world flat?" She first responded "…I don't know" and expanded that she "never thought about it", the co-star of two network programs continued that it was more important to her that she thought about how she was "going to feed her child". Barbara Walters replied to this defense of her scientific illiteracy, "You can do both." She then went on to quote scripture.

And if that wasn't bad enough, Sherri attempted to assert that Christians existed in classical Greece, and that the Greeks threw them to the lions . When confronted on this point, she further claimed that "Jesus came first" (before Greeks and Romans) and stated "I don't think anything predated Christians".

I think most of us were willing to give her a pass after the first couple of dumb statements, but three strikes and you're out Ms. Shepard, and that third strike happened yesterday.

On The View yesterday morning, Sherri recounted her close call of almost missing the cutoff for registering to vote via absentee ballot for the election in November. (Shepherd resides in New York, but is a California resident.) And apparently this is the first time that Sherri will be voting...ever! Having turned 18 in 1985, the now-41-year-old has missed out on the past five presidential elections because she "never knew the dates or anything." She said it was important to vote in this one, though, because otherwise, she wouldn't have a right to complain on The View about whomever is elected for an entire year. (She probably meant to say "four years")

God how I want Barbara Walters or Bill Getty to find a loophole in her contract so they can axe her and bring on another token black host. At least we have Whoopi.

Watch the video here.

2 comments | Monday, January 28, 2008

Things are kinda quiet on this end until I get back to Atlanta and I'm able to focus my energy on writing. But in the meantime I wanted to plug the upcoming season of America's Next Top Model. I know it's a guilty pleasure. This season Tyra and the contestants go back to where it all started nine seasons ago to The Big Apple.

I have to be honest and admit that I watched the show sporadically after Eva "Pigford" Marcille won the title a few years ago. I'm excited to see that the show is going back to its roots and the successful formula that had fans hooked and placed the UPN Network(now CW) on the map.

But not only is Tyra serving up more drama, hair weaves, and photo shoots. Ms. Banks is using one of my personal favorite songs and Janet Jackson's new single 'Feedback' to help create the excitement for the new season in the Cycle 10 promo airing on TV now.

Get into the promo below! America's Next Top Model:Cycle 10 airs on the CW Network on February 20th. Don't miss it!

Thanks Jevon(If you had a blog this is where I would provide the link. What are you waiting on?).

6 comments | Sunday, January 27, 2008

By Guest Writer L.T. Dinwiddie of O1LT.com

While the D.L. Chronicles has been successfully creating a strong buzz with the black gay community at local film festivals and pride weekends, as well as garnering national critical acclaim. There are still a lot of people who have yet to have the opportunity to take in the fantastic work of Creator, Director, and Producers Quincy LeNear and Deondray Gossett's, compelling stories of what its like to live on the DL. Well, now you’re wait is over as the “DL Chronicles” Season One comes to DVD in the very near future.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that the DL Chronicles is a series about men who live sexually duplicitous lifestyles. This remarkable sequence of episodes share with us four multi-dimensional characters Wes, Robert, Boo, and Mark as they struggle with their inner demons to live a “straight life” while trying to balance their attraction and desire to be with the same gender.

While the mainstream media has introduced the DL lifestyle as a man who just sleeps around with other married men, Quincy and Deondray successfully display the multiple layers that go into one’s decision to try and balance duo lifestyles.

As sensational as the storyline is this brand new DVD reminds us that these stories are human experiences and a human story that many, particularly in the African American Community, deal with on a daily basis.

In the first episode of [Chronicles] they tell the story of Wes Thomas (Darren Schnase), an upwardly mobile real estate banker who soon finds himself overwhelmed by the demands of his marriage, career, and closeted attraction to men. When Wes' sexy but ambivalent brother-in-law (Ty Vincent) stops in for an unexpected stay, he is faced with temptation and ultimately falls for the forbidden fruit.

The second episode delves into the story of Robert. A closeted talent agent (Terrell Tilford) falls for a hot health food store manager (Kareem Ferguson), 20 years his junior. What Robert fails to share is that he has a daughter, he convinces his lover to be a "client" of his. When Robert's new lover grows suspicious about his many secrets, a game of cat and mouse ensues.

Another episode tells the gripping story of Boo. Boo is an ex-convict, a mooch, and a player who lives his life on the DL. His girlfriend is fed up with Boo's cheating and kicks him to the curb. Boo's mother tells him it's time to settle down, but Boo is unfazed and continues having sex with multiple partners, including an unprotected romp with Deron, his neighborhood friend. But when shocking news rattles Boo, he is forced to reconsider his reckless life on the DL.

And the last one is the all too familiar story of Mark and Donte, a loving couple who have been living on the DL, are jolted by the unexpected arrival of Mark’s thuggish cousin, Terrell, who shows up at their house needing a place to crash. Desperate to keep their relationship a secret, Mark asks his boyfriend to pretend he’s straight. When Donte reluctantly agrees to play the part of Mark’s “roommate” for their new houseguest, a chain of humorous events unfolds, and Mark eventually comes to realize the ridiculous nature of living on the DL in their own home.

The DL Chronicles exhibits an accurate portrayal of the dynamics that men, particularly African American, are forced to deal with in our society. And while the term “DL “ draws passionate feelings from all walks of life. It’s great that we all finally get to see this part of the world as it truly.

The DL Chronicles, along with Here! is bringing these fantastic stories to DVD on February 5th. Make sure to go out and get your copy soon.

Check out this interview with the directors Quincy & Deondray courtesy of Jengo TV here.

1 comments | Thursday, January 24, 2008

Director/Choreographer Debbie Allen along with her sister, Tony award winner Phylicia Rashad will make broadway history when they open Tennessee Williams' award -winning play Cat On A Hot Tin Roof on March 6th at the Broadhurst Theater. This will be the first time the estate of the late Tennessee Williams has approved a production featuring an all black cast. Set to join Rashad are Terrence Howard in the role of Brick, James Earl Jones as Big Daddy, Anika Noni Rose as Maggie The Cat, and Lou Myers and Gioncarlo Esposito in supporting roles.

Hypocrisy, greed and secret passions threaten to tear apart a wealthy but dysfunctional Mississippi family in Tennessee Williams' stunning American masterpiece. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof searingly portrays the larger-than-life characters of Maggie 'the Cat,' her alcoholic husband, Brick, and the dominating family patriarch, Big Daddy.

This will mark the fourth time Cat On A Hot Tin Roof has been revived but the first time with an all black cast. Early cast announcements last year had Forrest Whitaker, Audra McDonald, Angela Bassett and Beyonce attached to the project.

Audra McDonald, a four time Tony award winner was originally being considered for the role of sex siren Maggie but was snubbed when producers decided to cast Beyonce. When questioned about the decision Audra had this to say, "I think Beyoncé’s an incredibly beautiful, talented singer. But the stage is a very difficult beast . . . a lot of people don’t understand how difficult it is not just to do it right once, but do it right eight times a week and keep it up". Thankfully, Anika Noni Rose won the role in the end.

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof will begin previews in New York on February 6, 2008.

After over five thousand performances since it opened on Broadway in April 1996, RENT is set to close on June 1st. RENT, the rock musical that dealt with the devastation of the early AIDS crisis, but at the same time gave hope an inspiration to millions of people around the world who flocked to the theater to see this masterpiece created by the late Jonathan Larson, undoubtedly changed musical theater forever.

Winning every major award including The Pulitzer Prize for drama as well as four Tony Awards, RENT was the most unlikely candidate for a successful Broadway production, but won over almost every critic and created a cult -like following of fans known as RENTheads. I was unashamedly one in college, spending 20 bucks almost every week to see the show from the front row.

Current cast members include Tamyra Gray as Mimi from the first season of American Idol and Broadway veteran Michael McElroy as Tom Collins. As of today fans have 185, 526 minutes before RENT takes it's final bow.

Fantasia may have been the six-million dollar woman by earning The Color Purple increased sales before she even hit the stage, but weeks after the end of her contract the producers of The Color Purple have announced the show's closing, shortly after Bebe Winans, Chaka Khan and Lakisha Jones were added to the cast.

The show will play it's final performance on February 24th after playing 910 regular performances at The Broadway Theater.

Now in its third year on Broadway, it recouped its entire $11 million investment in its first year on Broadway, having grossed over $103,000,000. The first North American Tour kicked off in Chicago in April and continued on to San Francisco and Los Angeles and is currently scheduled through 2009.


It was my intention to watch the debut of Fox's new reality show The Moment of Truth last night, but somehow I missed it. However, I did get a chance to see a pretty awkward clip that's circulating around the internet of professional football player and contestant Ty Keck.

The premise of the show is to ask people a series of intrusive questions in front of loved ones. The more personal the question, the greater the potential of cash reward, and answers are gauged against a previous polygraph test. The final question out of 21 is worth $500,000. For the record, I don't think there's enough money in the world for me to sit in that chair on national television and air all of my business to the world. Believe it or not there are some things about my life that even I don't share on this blog...lol!

So I'm sure you wanna know what the question was, right? Let me just say all men are probably guilty of this regardless of their sexual orientation. I'm just surprised ol' boy decided to tell the truth.

Click here to see what I'm talking about.


I know you're probably saying to yourself, "not another Janet post", but I can't help it. With a little over a month to go before the release of 'Discipline' there is always new information to report. The latest is the early reviews from a listening party given by executive producer L.A. Reid to staff from VH1, Billboard and SOHH. Also look out for Janet to make appearances on the following shows over the next month as well as on the cover of the March issue of Vibe Magazine in support of 'Discipline'.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
The Late Show with David Letterman
Jimmy Kimmel Live!
The Oprah Winfrey Show
Good Morning America

Rumors were circulating that Janet would be performing on the February 10 telecast of The Grammy's but her rep Patti Webster denies this rumor. Webster told janet-xone.com, "Right now, Janet's focusing on the release of her new album Discipline. While she may attend the Grammys, she will not be performing."

Get into the Billboard review below:

"Luv" - In contention to be the next single, this track sounds like a cross between Chris Brown's "With You" and Cherish's "Do It To It," aka very youth-like. On it, Janet is doing her usual whisper/talking/singing layered vocals over double drums, cooing "Got me caught in a web/I'm a mess."

(sidenote: L.A. Reid shouted J.I. out for typing away our sidekick while listening to this track. We explained to the chairman of Island Def Jam and A&R of the project that it was the new modern tech way of taking notes. Stay with me here, Mr. Reid!)

In addition, we don't think "Luv" should be the next single. Continue readin and you'll find out why.

"Feedback" - Although this track, which is the first single, took some time to grow on folks, the beat - not to mention the video - is pretty insane. This week, "Feedback" jumps 72-38 on the Pop 100 chart.

"This Can't Be Good" - If you ask J.I., we'd say THIS song should be the next single, hands down. Everything from the piano intro to the rolling bassline on "Good" is reminiscent of old Janet i.e. "That's the Way Love Goes" and "Anytime, Any Place," which we love. This track was written by Ne-Yo (kudos!).

"Rock With You" - The intro to this dance track features a robotic-sounding Janet saying the title over once. J.I. thinks this Madonna-esque song will be a favorite in the downtown clubs of N.Y. It features running piano keys, hard drums and layered vocals.

"Tonight" - This club/dance track is super flirty, which we think is a good look for Janet. "Something in the air has got me feeling like I want I tonight," she belts in the chorus. In other parts, Ms. Jackson sings, "Don't want to be alone / I need you to keep me warm... My body's here / I'm soaking wet / I wanna give you something that you won't forget."

"The Greatest Ex" - At first listen, J.I. thought this song, which begins with the sound of a heart pounding, was redolent of The Dream's "Nikki" off his debut. Come to find out, the singer/songwriter penned this one for Janet. Typical Dream riffs are noticeable on the set, including a few repetitions and scattered "eghs." "I loved you and you loved me / I just couldn't see tomorrow," Janet sings over bass drums and slow running piano strokes. J.I. thought Janet's vocal ability sounded the best on this track so far.

"Discipline" - The sexy title-track was one of J.I.'s favorite and should be considered for third single from the album, but that's just our two-cents. On the sultry track, Janet sings, "I touch myself even though you told me not to / I can smell me on your sheets / I can taste you on my skin." Hot yet? There's more. "Now I want you to come punish me / I need some discipline tonight / I've been very bad / Daddy, make me cry." Still not feeling tingly? How about, "Did I make you mad? / Take out your frustrations on me," which leads to the grand finale of Janet's heavy breathing and sexual cooing, a la Intro on "Come Inside." Straight steamy!

"Rollercoaster" - This Darkchild-produced song starts with what appears to be African drums. The beat is big, full of thumping bass line and Swizz Beatz-like adlibs. J.I. thought it appropriately sounded like the noise you hear when inside a bumper car, taking us back to our Ride Playland and Coney Island days. Ahhh, the memories.

"Let Me Know" - This track sounded a little Dream-ish too, although we aren't hating (Team Dream!). We ain't mad at the fact that it sounded like a mix between Robin Thicke's "Wanna Love You" and Lloyd's "Get It Shawty" - two songs that we love.

1 comments | Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Click here to view the video.

Transcript: I think gay men and women ought to have the same rights as heterosexual men and women to make contracts and to have hospital visiting rights and to join together in marriage, and I don't understand why it is considered by some people to be a threat to heterosexual marriage to allow it by gays and lesbians.

Shouldn't we be promoting the kind of faithfulness and loyalty to one's partner regardless of sexual orientation? Because if you don't do that, then to that extent you're promoting promiscuity, and you're promoting all the problems that can result from promiscuity. And the loyalty and love that two people feel for each other when they fall in love ought to be celebrated and encouraged and shouldn't be prevented by any form of discrimination in the law.

Hi-five to Chris Crain@ Citizen Crain

1 comments | Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Breaking News- Sources are reporting Hollywood actor Heath Ledger died of an apparent drug overdose in his New York City apartment around 3:30 P.M. . Ledger's body was discovered by his housekeeper face down and surrounded by prescription drugs.

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has released the following statement: The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) mourns the death of actor Heath Ledger, who died today at the age of 28. "Heath Ledger will forever be remembered for his groundbreaking role as Ennis del Mar in Brokeback Mountain. His powerful portrayal changed hearts and minds in immeasurable ways. He will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends."

Heath's autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow.


GLAAD(Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation)recently announced the 2008 honorees and nominees for their 19th Annual GLAAD Media Awards. Making the list this year are loldarian.com favorites Dirty Laundry in the category of best film-limited release and mega-star Janet Jackson and out actor Wilson Cruz, both are being honored for their commitment to the LGBT community.

Janet Jackson will be receiving the Vanguard Award at the Los Angeles ceremony and Wilson Cruz will be receiving the Visibilidad Award at the South Florida ceremony.

The Vanguard Award is presented to media professionals who, through their work, have increased the visibility and understanding of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Past recipients include Charlize Theron, Antonio Banderas, Eric McCormack, Elizabeth Taylor, Liza Minnelli, and Whoopi Goldberg.

The Visibilidad Award is presented to an openly lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender Spanish-language media professional who has made a significant difference in promoting equal rights for our community. Previous Visibilidad honorees include Richard Pérez-Feria and Jaime Bayly.

Kudos to Maurice Jamal and the entire cast and crew of Dirty Laundry for receiving their second nomination of the season.

The GLAAD Awards will take place in four cities throughout the U.S., New York on March 17th at the Marriot Marquis, South Florida on April 12th(Wilson Cruz) at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Los Angeles on April 26th(Janet Jackson) at the Kodak Theater and San Francisco on May 10th at the San Francisco Marriott.

For a full list of nominees click here. To purchase tickets click here.


Barack Obama continues to impress and inspire me. This past Sunday he gave a stirring speech to the congregation at Martin Luther King Jr's former church Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. Obama's position on gay rights and his desire to see Dr. King's dream come into fruition for everyone,including same gender loving people, isn't limited to gay and lesbian audiences. Obama took his message to the black church, an institution that has been less than friendly towards the gay community.

"We have scorned our gay brothers and sisters instead of embracing them", Obama stated during his speech to light applause.

Some people may see this as a small step in the fight to eradicate homophobia in the black church, but I see it as a massive step by a brave leader who has been consistent about all of God's people enjoying the rights and privileges of being an American regardless of sexual orientation.

Obama 08!

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Remember the year Halle Berry and Denzel Washington both won Oscar's in the best actor and actress categories? The year was 2002 and I knew it was a rare occurrence and one we would likely never see again. The 2008 Oscar nominations were announced this morning and unless I'm wrong(which I doubt) only one black actor made the cut. Congratulations to Ruby Dee for her portrayal of Mama Lucas in American Gangster.

So it looks like most of us will not be watching the overrated snoozefest again this year. At least we had the excitement of Jennifer Hudson and the Dreamgirls performance last year to look forward to. When is Angela Bassett gonna get her Oscar by the way?


Is this man serious? Is this how he felt he could bond with black children? Watch the video for yourself. If you're not registered to vote please go and do so...now!

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One of the great things about living in Atlanta is all of the history and culture that is wrapped up in this city. Today we honor the life and legacy of one of our greatest leaders, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. . I had the pleasure of visiting the MLK Center over the weekend and I was overwhelmed with the achievements and personal sacrifices he made in order for us to enoy the freedom that we sometimes take for granted today.

There are no words that I could possibly write to describe the impact he had on our nation during his lifetime and the impact of his words and what he stood for even after his death that will never be forgotten. So I will reflect on his famous "I Have A Dream Speech" on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 1963.



American Idol winner and Broadway star Fantasia brought down the house this past weekend at Traxx nightclub in Atlanta during the annual MLK Celebration. I've got exclusive video of her performance thanks to my friend Gyant from SOHH.com .

I love it that Fantasia is not afraid to get down and dirty when she performs. It's all raw emotion and I live for it!! Take a look at the clip and you'l see what I mean. Enjoy!

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Clik Magazine's February issue is living up to the sub-title "The Hot Issue" as given by editor-in-chief Dwight Powell. It's no secret that I write for the magazine and some may believe my opinion is a little bias(and that may be true...lol)but at first glance the hotness just jumps off the page!

Openly gay pop singer Ari Gold is on the cover with feature articles on the fabulous B. Scott, DJ Baker of Da Doo-Dirty Show, both written by yours truly, along with contributions from Jasmyne Cannick(Hollywood's Black Gay Conundrum), Anrae Holmes(cover story),and Taylor Siluwe(A Peek Into The Harlem Renaissance).

The best in movies, music, sports, and travel are also included in this hot issue. Do yourself a favor and pick it up when it drops on February 15th, or you can always subscribe here.


The men of the gay fraternity MIAKA (Men Imitating Alpha Kappa Alpha) had to be one of the most controversial posts that I wrote last year. To this day people are still leaving comments on two individual posts written in the spring of 2007 about a group of gay men who look and behave as if they are the ladies of the original Alpha Kappa Alpha.

If you mention the name MIAKA you are likely to get a number of reactions from support to outright anger and contempt. I will not give my opinion on the group again, but I would like to ask them a few questions now that I know someone in their group reads this blog.

Why hasn't anyone come forward to explain what MIAKA is all about? Why hasn't anyone stood up to the homophobic attacks on the group from the media, the women of AKA and those within the black community?

Everybody is telling your story for you but you. Don't you think something is wrong here?

Click on the contact link at the top of the page to get at me.


This summer LOGO, America's first gay network,will be introducing the San Fransisco based team The Rockdogs in a new reality show where viewers will have the chance to peek into the lives of twelve men as they live together and prepare for competition.

This is a story that initially broke towards the end of last year that somehow went completely unnoticed...at least by me. I'm not big on sports but when the team consists of beautiful openly gay men of color I immediately begin to pay attention.

The Rockdogs will no doubt be a step in the right direction when it comes to diversity on LOGO. After the cancellation of Noah's Arc there really hasn't been much representation of black gay life. It looks like someone at LOGO finally got the memo.

I think it's safe to say that this show will be groundbreaking. I will definitely be tuning in and hopefully you will too. Meanwhile let's enjoy the pics and hope the show is as hot as the cast.


Last week I sat and watched the media and the right wing anti-gay machine use the spread of MRSA(Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus)amongst gay men as a tool to further demonize men who have sex with men. I sat in shock and disbelief as if it were the early 80's and G.R.I.D.(Gay Related Immune Deficiency) was just being discovered, the disease we would later come to know as AIDS.

Matt Barber, Policy Director for Cultural issues with Concerned Women for America (Concerned Women for America), said, “The medical community has known for years that homosexual conduct, especially among males, creates a breeding ground for often deadly disease. In recent years we have seen a profound resurgence in cases of HIV/AIDS, syphilis, rectal gonorrhea and many other STDs among those who call themselves ‘gay.’

“The human body is quite callous in how it handles mistreatment and the perversion of its natural functions. When two men mimic the act of heterosexual intercourse with one another, they create an environment, a biological counterfeit, wherein disease can thrive. Unnatural behaviors beget natural consequences.

A week later the doctors from The University of California San Fransisco involved in the statement that went around the world regarding MRSA infection in gay men are scrambling to retract the statement or at least be more specific in the language used.

We deplore negative targeting of specific populations in association with MRSA infections or other public health concerns,” Dr. Henry Chambers, one of the report’s authors and a professor of medicine at the University, said he was surprised by how the report had been spun.

“I think we were looking at this from a scientific point of view and not projecting any political impact,” he said. “We were focusing on the data. You want to make sure it’s as right as possible and written up in a form that reviewers would understand what you’re trying to say, and do it in a clear manner so it’s not subject to misinterpretation. Which is what happened later, it appears.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, which helped finance the study, affirmed on Wednesday that the disease was not sexually transmitted or limited to a certain type of person. It is transmitted through skin-to-skin contact, the agency said in a statement, and is widespread in hospitals and among hospital workers.

“These infections occur in men, women, adults, children and persons of all races and sexual orientations,” the statement read, adding that while the particular strain identified in the report had been found in gay men, it had also been found in people who were not gay.

But I guess the media failed to report the last part of that statement. I wish I could say I was surprised.

Read the entire article from the New York Times here.

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Hey guys. I'm fighting a nasty cold, so I will not be updating the site today. Instead I will be on the couch dressed in layers underneath the covers trying to sweat this mess out(old southern remedy) along with the help of Tylenol Cold.

Isn't it just my luck that I would get sick before the Atlanta premiere of Dirty Laundry and all of the festivities happening during MLK Weekend, not to forget I'm moving? Ughhhhh...I need to be pampered.

I will be up and out tomorrow night regardless. If you run into me at the theater don't be afraid to holla. Have a great weekend!

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I've never been a sports fan but if this is what happens at basketball games then point me to a box office where I can buy season tickets! But things are not always as they seem. The two University of Louisville basketball players shown in the photo above captured by Sam Upshaw Jr. of The Courier-Journal has caused "great discomfort" for Courier readers and they've demanded an apology and or explanation. Out of 90 photos taken the photographer felt this shot conveyed the emotion of the game.

It's very unlikely that the two players are gay and if they were I doubt that they would choose the middle of a game to be affectionate. So what is the big deal? I think the folks in Kentucky should just get over it. But I do love this picture!

As if 8 years of George W. Bush wasn't enough, this idiot wants to pick up where he left off. If this isn't enough to make progressives and young voters run to the polls then I don't know what it will take.

Huckabee told supporters that he favored Constitutional amendments banning abortions and gay marriage because, "it's a lot easier to change the Constitution than it would be to change the word of the living God. What we need to do is to amend the Constitution so it's in God's standards rather than trying to change God's standards so it lines up with some contemporary view of how we treat each other and how we treat the family."

Huckabee gives new meaning to pandering for the evangelical vote. And all this time I thought we were electing a new leader for our country and not the Southern Baptist Convention. What was I thinking?

The Invisible Daytime Lesbian aka Ellen Degeneres

I really have nothing bad to say about Ellen. I like her a lot actually. But I can't help but wonder if Americans have forgotten that she's a lesbian. Or better yet, has Ellen forgotten during the hour she's on the air everyday. Is it in her contract to stay away from gay issues or even the word? It's been almost impossible to escape the headlines about her popularity surging past Oprah's. She's courageous,groundbreaking, out, and she dances...I get it. But Ellen definitely makes me go hmmmmmm.

Feel free to file this one under "Say What"? . As a new Barack Obama supporter(yes I've forgiven him for the Donnie McClurkin misstep)I'm quite offended by the above video clip. But I'm not sure if the Honorable James David Manning should be taken seriously, especially since his disdain for Obama is based upon him being bi-racial. Listen to it for yourself. This definitely makes me go hmmmmm.


Allow me to introduce you guys to a young lady who will soon be taking over radio and television. Chantel "Chani" Christie is the fourteen year old daughter of Los Angeles Clippers player Doug Christie and professional model/designer Jackie Christie. Chantel is slated to release her first album titled "My Dream" this spring.

At fourteen years old Chantel's sound is mature and far from the bubble gum pop music of her predecessors. Reminiscent of early Aaliyah in image and sound, her debut single "Here We Are Again" and my favorite "I Know You Want Me" are radio friendly tracks that could easily spin on heavy rotation.

Chantel's music is as ambitious as the vocalist behind the microphone. I love a person who knows exactly what they want in life and is unafraid to put in the hard work needed to be successful and Chantel welcomes the challenge.

Chantel will also star in her very own reality show,"Coming Up Christie" that will chronicle the recording process of her debut album. Viewers will get a chance to become acquainted with the privileged daughter of celebrity parents, but unlike other shows, the leading player is not an out of control socialite but a focused, talented, and well spoken young lady.

Chantel is not only committed to her music but to humanitarian causes as well. She serves as the United Sates National Youth Ambassador on HIV/AIDS and the Washington D.C. YMCA Outreach Spokesperson.

Her debut album will be released on the independent label JEAN RAH FYA /REGARO INC later this year, but the first single "Here We Are Again" will hit the streets and airwaves on Januray 25th.

I highly recommend that you check out this young lady's music and the trailer for her reality show below. I promise you won't be disappointed.


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