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0 comments | Thursday, January 24, 2008

I know you're probably saying to yourself, "not another Janet post", but I can't help it. With a little over a month to go before the release of 'Discipline' there is always new information to report. The latest is the early reviews from a listening party given by executive producer L.A. Reid to staff from VH1, Billboard and SOHH. Also look out for Janet to make appearances on the following shows over the next month as well as on the cover of the March issue of Vibe Magazine in support of 'Discipline'.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
The Late Show with David Letterman
Jimmy Kimmel Live!
The Oprah Winfrey Show
Good Morning America

Rumors were circulating that Janet would be performing on the February 10 telecast of The Grammy's but her rep Patti Webster denies this rumor. Webster told janet-xone.com, "Right now, Janet's focusing on the release of her new album Discipline. While she may attend the Grammys, she will not be performing."

Get into the Billboard review below:

"Luv" - In contention to be the next single, this track sounds like a cross between Chris Brown's "With You" and Cherish's "Do It To It," aka very youth-like. On it, Janet is doing her usual whisper/talking/singing layered vocals over double drums, cooing "Got me caught in a web/I'm a mess."

(sidenote: L.A. Reid shouted J.I. out for typing away our sidekick while listening to this track. We explained to the chairman of Island Def Jam and A&R of the project that it was the new modern tech way of taking notes. Stay with me here, Mr. Reid!)

In addition, we don't think "Luv" should be the next single. Continue readin and you'll find out why.

"Feedback" - Although this track, which is the first single, took some time to grow on folks, the beat - not to mention the video - is pretty insane. This week, "Feedback" jumps 72-38 on the Pop 100 chart.

"This Can't Be Good" - If you ask J.I., we'd say THIS song should be the next single, hands down. Everything from the piano intro to the rolling bassline on "Good" is reminiscent of old Janet i.e. "That's the Way Love Goes" and "Anytime, Any Place," which we love. This track was written by Ne-Yo (kudos!).

"Rock With You" - The intro to this dance track features a robotic-sounding Janet saying the title over once. J.I. thinks this Madonna-esque song will be a favorite in the downtown clubs of N.Y. It features running piano keys, hard drums and layered vocals.

"Tonight" - This club/dance track is super flirty, which we think is a good look for Janet. "Something in the air has got me feeling like I want I tonight," she belts in the chorus. In other parts, Ms. Jackson sings, "Don't want to be alone / I need you to keep me warm... My body's here / I'm soaking wet / I wanna give you something that you won't forget."

"The Greatest Ex" - At first listen, J.I. thought this song, which begins with the sound of a heart pounding, was redolent of The Dream's "Nikki" off his debut. Come to find out, the singer/songwriter penned this one for Janet. Typical Dream riffs are noticeable on the set, including a few repetitions and scattered "eghs." "I loved you and you loved me / I just couldn't see tomorrow," Janet sings over bass drums and slow running piano strokes. J.I. thought Janet's vocal ability sounded the best on this track so far.

"Discipline" - The sexy title-track was one of J.I.'s favorite and should be considered for third single from the album, but that's just our two-cents. On the sultry track, Janet sings, "I touch myself even though you told me not to / I can smell me on your sheets / I can taste you on my skin." Hot yet? There's more. "Now I want you to come punish me / I need some discipline tonight / I've been very bad / Daddy, make me cry." Still not feeling tingly? How about, "Did I make you mad? / Take out your frustrations on me," which leads to the grand finale of Janet's heavy breathing and sexual cooing, a la Intro on "Come Inside." Straight steamy!

"Rollercoaster" - This Darkchild-produced song starts with what appears to be African drums. The beat is big, full of thumping bass line and Swizz Beatz-like adlibs. J.I. thought it appropriately sounded like the noise you hear when inside a bumper car, taking us back to our Ride Playland and Coney Island days. Ahhh, the memories.

"Let Me Know" - This track sounded a little Dream-ish too, although we aren't hating (Team Dream!). We ain't mad at the fact that it sounded like a mix between Robin Thicke's "Wanna Love You" and Lloyd's "Get It Shawty" - two songs that we love.


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