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0 comments | Sunday, January 20, 2008

The men of the gay fraternity MIAKA (Men Imitating Alpha Kappa Alpha) had to be one of the most controversial posts that I wrote last year. To this day people are still leaving comments on two individual posts written in the spring of 2007 about a group of gay men who look and behave as if they are the ladies of the original Alpha Kappa Alpha.

If you mention the name MIAKA you are likely to get a number of reactions from support to outright anger and contempt. I will not give my opinion on the group again, but I would like to ask them a few questions now that I know someone in their group reads this blog.

Why hasn't anyone come forward to explain what MIAKA is all about? Why hasn't anyone stood up to the homophobic attacks on the group from the media, the women of AKA and those within the black community?

Everybody is telling your story for you but you. Don't you think something is wrong here?

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