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10 comments | Thursday, March 13, 2008

New York's Gay Men's Health Crisis is launching one of the most appealing, effective and most likely controversial safer sex campaigns that I've ever seen. "I love my boo" is filled with beautiful images of Black and Latino gay couples who are committed to loving and respecting each other by communicating and wearing condoms in order to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.

One ad reads,"When we first met we didn't talk about sex, we would just use condoms and that was it. Eventually we wanted to stop using condoms so now we get tested together regularly. We are all about taking care of each other".

One of the elements of this campaign that I love is that the language reflects it's target audience. It's current and even a little hood.

"When we met it was all about the sex. He's got the nicest lips and a beautiful ass. But what really got me was how he came at me with respect. It just made me open myself up to love him. He is real sexy and we have the hottest sex I've ever had! That's wassup. The most important thing is I know I can count on him".

And lastly, I must say it's a breath of fresh air as a black gay man to be referred to as such versus the more clinical term MSM(Men Who Have Sex With Men)that is widely used to demonize black gay men during discussions of the down low.

Beautiful images of brothers loving and respecting each others bodies and souls. Now that's not something you see everyday.

Kudos to GMHC! Finally, somebody got it right.

Thanks khalid(spelled with a lower case k)


<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

Mu guess is that Dr. Majorie Hill, the black lesbian executive director of the GMHC, had something to do with these ads. She is a beautiful woman both inside and out.

March 14, 2008 4:13 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

March 15, 2008 12:32 AM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

Darkie??? Is that polite??

March 16, 2008 7:21 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

Don't worry pono. That comment was left by a really close friend. It's a twisted little nickname that he has for me. No harm done. But thanks for having my back.

March 16, 2008 10:56 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

You know, Darian, my first reaction to the "hey darkie" greeting was WTF! Then I decided to let it go thinking the two of you must be close friend's.

Ponoono's comment, however, made me reevaluate my original position. If you are ok with your friend calling you that then he should do it via personal e-mail where only you can read it.

I've been called a "darkie" (it was a black gay man that said it) and I did not find it amusing. I ended the "friendship".

A black gay friend of mine (he died several years ago of the virus) told me a story: he once asked a black gay man to dance in a gay bar years ago and the guy's response was "I don't dance with darkies". My friend was very hurt over this and talked about it for years afterwards.

Some might think that I should develop a thicker skin or a "sense of humor". I don't know, maybe you younger men have a different frame of reference than we guys of a certain age. Like younger guys calling each other the "n" word as a term of endearment.

My experience with the word darkie is perhaps not the same as yours.
The hey darkie greeting brought back painful memories to me. I decided, after my initial hesitation, to share my feelings.

March 18, 2008 7:42 AM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...


Thank you for sharing your story with me. I've since removed the comment from this post. While I know my friend didn't have any malicious intent, I'm now aware that his comment was highly offensive.

I'm not particularly fond of the nickname he's given me and I tell him every time, but I guess you have to know him to understand.

Thanks for reading.


March 18, 2008 9:13 AM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

Yes I have to admit it is really refreshing to see these type of ads, especially in the NYC area where it seems that all you see is people "hooking up". Thanks Dr. Hill.

March 18, 2008 6:43 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

Although Dr. Marjorie Hill is a brilliant and powerful woman, it was actually the brain child and work of Francisco Roque and Luna Luis Ortiz.

June 10, 2008 1:55 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

Although Dr. Marjorie Hill is a brilliant and powerful woman, it was actually the brain child and work of Francisco Roque and Luna Luis Ortiz.

June 10, 2008 1:57 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

Mad love to GMHC for this campaign! It's about time. I suspect that the posters will be or already have been savagely vandalized by intensely homophobic (read fearful)guys, but it's been put out there & no one can ever take that away. GMHC, you rock! Respect, y'all! In case anyone wants to know, I'm a str8 Caucasian 60-year-old NYC woman.

November 11, 2010 5:03 PM


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