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1 comments | Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A very credible source whispered in my ear that Ciara was spotted yesterday rehearsing at The Artist Factory in Atlanta with Janet Jackson's choreographer Gil Duldulao for her appearance in Janet's Feedback remix video. Ciara's third studio album is also scheduled for release towards the end of the summer right around the time of Janet's tour. Early reports hinted that Missy Elliot would be joining Janet on the road, but my source says it's now shaping up to be the Ciara and Janet show. Take me higher Lord!!!

Update: 3/12- The scoop on the Janet & Ciara Feedback video keeps getting better and better. It seems fans are showing up to The Artist Factory here in Atlanta to get a glimpse of Ciara as she rehearses with Janet's choreographer Gil Duldulao. Well this morning two huge bodyguards have put the studio on lockdown and no one is allowed to come within ten feet of the rehearsal. Ciara has also booked the studio space under the alias "Coco" which coincidentally is her dog's name. Gotta love it!

Out filmmaker Maurice Jamal of the acclaimed indie flicks Dirty Laundry and Ski Trip was spotted with A-lister Vivica A. Fox at the Hyatt Hotel in West Hollywood last month during a pre-Oscar bash. Don't you just love the mohawk on Maurice?

American Idol's two David's. One that seems to be squeaky clean and another that has a gay stripping past. 17 year old David Archuleta is without a doubt the frontrunner and the one to beat this season on American Idol. But David Hernandez is holding his own with his amazing voice despite reports of his past performances for a mostly male clientele in Dick's strip joint in Arizona. Will this be the first season that we actually see two obviously gay singers snatch the American Idol crown?


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About the two David's - I don't know - it depends. It's all about song choice and last night was a bad song choice for both of them. That was probably something done by the producers - but who knows...

March 12, 2008 9:16 AM


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