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0 comments | Sunday, March 09, 2008

Since I was out of pocket last week I didn't get a chance to write about Janet's new video Rock With U. Well let me tell you for a half an hour last Wednesday I totally forgot I was sick as I watched BET's Access Granted. Ms. Jackson holds the cure for the flu because she sat me straight up in my bed! LOL!

I have to admit I was a little nervous about this video when I heard Saam Farahmand the director of Feedback was also directing Rock With U. Saam's directing style is a little too European for the kids over here in America. Very few people actually got the concept of the Feedback video, the kids thought Janet was dancing in a bowl of milk!

But I must say Saam and Janet delivers in this video. It's classic Janet, she gives us one good ole' dance video. Am I the only person that's living for her damsel in distress walk towards the end of the video when she's running her fingers through her hair at 3:18? WERK BITCH!!!!!! Ok I need to calm down.

Discipline is the #1 album in the country and Feedback is also #1 on the Billboard dance chart and just skyrocketed from #53 to #19 on the Hot 100. So for all the haters who had counted Ms. Jackson out, I'm so happy she's having the last word.

Rumor has it that Janet and Ciara will be filming a video this week for Ciara's remix of Feedback. Ya'll might as well call the paramedics now because I will definitely need some medical attention after I see that video!

Get into the Ciara "Feedback" remix here and Janet's new video for Rock With U below.


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