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0 comments | Wednesday, February 27, 2008

In my line of work I'm usually the person asking the questions, but last week I was in the hot chair on the popular internet radio show Da-Doo Dirty Show hosted by DJ Baker. DJ has interviewed some of the most outspoken and influential leaders in the black gay community to recording artists and porn stars. Yeah...he doesn't discriminate.

We had an opportunity to talk about my work, my relationship, the state of the black gay community and just about everything else that popped into DJ's head. This interview is definitely a rare opportunity to learn more about me. I talk about stuff that I would never write about here on my site. DJ has a way of making his guests so comfortable that they're willing to tell all of their business...lol!

Thanks for having me on the show DJ it was a blast!

Check out the interview on Da Doo-Dirty show here.


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