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0 comments | Sunday, February 24, 2008

The wait is over!! Tomorrow Janet will be releasing her highly anticipated album 'Discipline' and will be taking over New York City at 7 A.M. with a performance on Good Morning America. Now I'm sure you all know that I live in Atlanta but there is no way that I'm going to miss out on seeing Janet for free in one of the most intimate performances of her career.

She will be performing live from the 2,100 seat Nokia Theater on West 44th Street and I will be there with my camera in hand.

I will be making the trip to NYC tonight just in time for 'Discipline' to go on sale at midnight at Virgin Megastore in Times Square and for the performance Tuesday morning. Expect some very exciting footage from Ms. Janet by the middle of the day on Tuesday here on this site. And I dare any of her security people to tell us we can't videotape the performance. It should be understood that this will be on YouTube ten minutes after she takes her bow...lol!

If you haven't had an opportunity to listen to 'Discipline' after the entire album was leaked online last week, then by all means BUY it and don't download it. Although, I couldn't wait and I downloaded it anyway! But I'm buying a copy tomorrow night.

Check out this great review of 'Discipline' by loldarian.com affiliate Adam Irby and revisit my excitement of the release of 20 Y.O. in the video below. I have a feeling my video for Discipline is going to be bananas! Many thanks to fellow blogger Clay Cane for hooking me up with the tickets.

20 Y.O.

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