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0 comments | Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is proving me wrong for the second time in two weeks by using her celebrity to speak out against the ongoing discrimination and hatred faced by LGBT people all over the country. You might remember Ellen used her show to condemn the heinous murder of 15 year old Oxnard, California student Lawrence King and yesterday she condemned the hateful statements made by Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern. Kern told a room full of her constituents that "gays were more of a threat to our nation than terrorism and Islam".

Check out Ellen's response to Sally Kern's remarks here via our friends at goodasyou.org.

Oklahoma's News9.com has extensive coverage of the chain of events as well as a record breaking 2,500 comments from Oklahomans weighing in on the debate.

Below are some examples of their attitudes towards gays and lesbians and the original video that started the controversy. Click on the image to read the text.


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