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2 comments | Monday, September 29, 2008

NY's Bleu Magazine continues to turn up the heat and they're doing so in a big way in their Fall/Winter Fashion Issue on newsstands on October 7th with "Black Boys Are BEAUTIFUL".

"Imagine if every man of color was raised to believe that he was beautiful?," asks Devon Christopher, Publisher of Bleu Magazine.

"What if when, the world and mainstream media call him ugly or an animal, that his neighbors, friends and family reminded him everyday that he is beautiful? What if when he looked in the mirror and saw a smile in the reflection every time? What if old ladies didn't cross the street when they saw him approaching them? Sometimes when you're a grown ass man it's too late to say hey, "you're beautiful". So today we take a stand and celebrate the thought of all "Black Boys are Beautiful", adds Devon.

Bleu chose 8 of the hottest male models entering the industry and or already trailblazing the runways and print pages of the US, United Kingdom, France, Italy and South Africa. These young men are challenging the gun-toting, broken English, over-muscular imagery of men of color that has saturated our subconscious. So as you turn the pages take a long look at these beautiful faces. It may be the first time you see many of them, but it won't be the last.

The Black Boys are Beautiful feature is a tribute and a reflection of the struggle black male models have faced on their long journey to being acknowledged in this fickle and superficial industry, states Antino Angel Crowley, Fashion Editor for Bleu Magazine.

Check out Bleu Magazine online here.


The wait for fans to see the big screen adaptation of Patrik- Ian Polk's groundbreaking black gay television series Noah's Arc is down to it's final weeks, but the wait ended for me last night after accepting an invitation to attend an advance screening of Noah's Arc: Jumping The Broom in New York City.

The popular series which followed the lives of a group of black gay men as they navigated through life and love in Los Angeles aired onMTV's LOGO Network from 2005 to early 2007 and became the first scripted show produced by the upstart network and arguably it's first taste of measured success, gaining legions of devoted fans both gay and straight.

The show was abruptly cancelled at the end of season two leaving loose ends, disappointed and irate fans, and a promise by the network to turn the beloved show into a feature film. The idea of Polk's unapologetic gay romantic comedy transitioning to the big screen drew it's fair share of skepticism that is still alive although the film is scheduled to hit select theaters on October 24th.

Fast forward a year and a half later and not only does Patrik Ian-Polk and LOGO deliver on their promise but they've created a film that we can all be proud of.

Jumping The Broom picks up two years after the show's season two cliffhanger finale. The boys have all traveled from Los Angeles to Martha's Vineyard to witness the marriage of Noah Nicholson(Daryl Stephens) and Wade Robinson(Jensen Atwood). The screenwriters cleverly delegate pieces of the story to each of the main characters in the beginning to catch anyone up to speed that may not be familiar with how the series ended.

Alex played by the hilarious Rodney Chester provides the comic relief as the self-appointed wedding planner who has planned every detail of the ceremony down to the final hour. Professor Chance Counter(Doug Spearman) and Eddie McIntyre(Jonathan Julian) who have now been married for four years and appear to be happy on the surface are confronted with the ugly reality that there relationship is in trouble, thanks to some help from 19 year old Brandon(Gary Leroi Gray), Ricky's(Christian Vincent) invited guest and latest addition to a long list of sexual partners.

As the big day approaches the truth begins to unravel and things are not as they seem. Everyone has a secret...and I do mean everyone.

There is not a dull moment to be found in Jumping The Broom. From the return of closeted British rapper Baby Gat to Noah's ultra Hollywood boss Brandy and new character Mrs. Robinson(Tonya Pinkins) who plays Wade's mother. Polk expands on the background of the lead and supporting characters while offering answers surrounding their behavior. This important development lends itself greatly to the relationship between Ricky, Noah, and Wade and serves as one of the juiciest and unexpected moments in the film. I would love to give you details but I don't want to ruin it for you, so you"ll just have to wait and see for yourself. But trust me it's definitely one of those black movie theater experiences when you have no choice but to shout at the screen!

Daryl Stephens is quite impressive in the title role and shows amazing growth as an actor and offers up a more well rounded and polished Noah. It's clear from the beginning he understands his characters journey. Equally impressive is Jensen Atwood's performance of the sexy Wade. This time around Wade contributes his good looks along with an emotional depth that was rarely seen in the series.

I'm certain fans will begin to put the pressure on LOGO and Polk to return Noah's Arc back to the small screen after the release of Jumping The Broom and it would be worth it. I'm not sure if it's even possible but a year ago we didn't think the film was possible and here it is.

I can't even begin to describe how powerful it is to see black gay characters that reflect our lives on the big screen. Whether you're a fan of the show or not there is no denying what Polk and his cast have done in the area of visibility for black gay men. If we don't tell our stories we run the risk of others telling them inaccurately for us.

As Noah states in the film "Sometimes you have to be a pioneer. You have to at least try to be brave. That's how it starts".

Support Noah's Arc: Jumping The Broom in six major cities when it opens in theaters on October 24th. For a complete list of theaters and to view the trailer click here.

A special thank you to Patrik-Ian Polk, Iman Criner of BazanPR and the cast of Noah's Arc.

6 comments | Sunday, September 28, 2008

"You cannot expect someone to see the good in you that you do not see in yourself".

If this word had been spoken to me during Sunday morning worship then it would have been my cue to shout "Amen"! I didn't receive this word in church or on one of Oprah Winfrey's infamous self-help episodes of her daytime talk show, no this word jumped out at me via a YouTube video by a North Carolina video blogger named Mike. Mike and I have never met, but the unabashed delivery in his video as a confident black gay man who had something important and uplifting to share made me pay attention.

A CEO of a web development firm in Raleigh, NC and a senior pursuing dual-degrees in psychology and interpersonal communications at North Carolina State University.Mike took to YouTube to discuss a late night instant message from a friend who had been recently dumped by his boyfriend and the self-esteem issues that he ensued once the relationship ended in a video titled "Why Are U Single"?

How many of us are single and desire to be in a relationship but really have no clue what it takes to have a successful one? How many of us believe that long -term relationships between black gay men are impossible? Deep down how many of us believe that we as black gay men don't deserve to find happiness in an authentic gay relationship because it's sinful? Maybe some of us just don't have our sh*t together and we're looking for someone else to do the job that was designated for our parents? Or my favorite, how many of us insist on hiding who we are and our relationships from those we care about because of fear?

All of these scenarios are real and collectively become the baggage that many of us bring into our relationships that ultimately lead to their demise. I believe that Mike has learned a thing or two and as I'm going into the second year of my relationship his words really resonated with me.

Hopefully you'll find Mike's video and his thick southern accent just as enlightening and entertaining as I did. Let me know.

4 comments | Thursday, September 25, 2008

On November 4th the next President of the United States is not the only important issue voters in California, Arizona, and Florida will be voting on. Voters in these three states will ultimately determine the fate of marriage equality for their gay and lesbian citizens when they head to the polls in less than 40 days. Of the three states California is the only state where gays and lesbians are treated equally under the law and are currently provided with full marriage equality.

Recent polls show 54% of Californians oppose Propisition 8, the discriminatory law that would ultimately ban same-sex marriage in the state, while 40% support the ban.

Both sides are aware of what's at stake on November 4th. The gay rights movement will without a doubt face a major setback if we lose, but the culture war as defined by Christian evangelicals over the past 30 years will certainly implode.

Activists on both sides are reaching out to voters to support their position, specifically African-American voters who are religious and traditionally vote against gay rights. One harder demographic to convince is young people between ages 18-35.That's where California's anti-gay marriage opponents step in with iProtectMarriage, a website designed to inform voters of "the truth" about gay marriage.

As I was perusing the website I began to wonder if it had been created by Karl Rove and the team of bigots responsible for making gay marriage a wedge issue in 2004 to scare voters into re-electing George Bush, as most of the language was straight out of the Republican playbook. But things got even scarier when two black females popped up on my screen to answer this question.

Do you think that interracial marriage in the 50's and 60's is equal to the struggle of same sex marriage today?

Black Puppet #1 "I get offended when people compare my ethnicity to the way that people act when they're gay, I was born this way. In and out I'm African-American. Nobody can change that. I can't even change that. Now people who are gay go through counseling all the time and through that counseling they get results. I can't be counseled out of my blackness, there's no way you can change that. So being gay and being African-American and the struggles in between them both are not the same."

Black Puppet #2 "I am offended at someone saying that me being black is the same as someone else being gay. I was born into my ethnicity, my race, so it's not something that I can change, it's not something that I can be counseled out of. Being gay is a choice; it's a lifestyle, it's not pre-determined. It's outrageous to me that anyone would try to compare an interracial marriage to a gay marriage. It's absolutely ridiculous and it offends me."

A recent NY Times article went to great lengths to predict that if Proposition 8 passes in November it will be because of huge black voter turnout for Barack Obama. If it sounds like a stretch then that's because it is. But the right-wing is counting on black folks to show why we've earned our reputation for being virulently homophobic by siding with them on Prop 8 and bolstering their chances of success. The same group of people whose moral compass throughout history has led them to oppose almost all legislation that would have advanced the civil rights of blacks in this country. Oh how quickly we forget about the sting of oppression when our civil rights as a minority are no longer up for the popular vote. It doesn't matter who was oppressed first or who was oppressed the longest, the point is no group should be oppressed.

It's embarrassing to see black folks and especially black clergy rally together with those who could care less about the real problems facing the black community but always seem to show up when they need a black face to further their cause. And like the good God-fearing Christians we are we agree to be their puppets for their bigoted crusade to take away the rights of another minority.


This could be an entire post all by itself so I'm gonna keep this short and sweet because I've written about this topic numerous times over the past couple of years and it always gets my blood boiling. Allow me to point out a few grim realities for those who truly believe that homosexuality is a choice. I'm sure if the lives of these men and women weren't taken by people who wanted to play God they would tell you otherwise. So tell me again when you chose to become a heterosexual? And when did it become honorable to vote to strip another American of their civil rights based on your prejudice?


I couldn't resist posting Clay Aiken's coming out cover on the new issue of People Magazine. I'm sure you've seen it by now on the million or so blogs that's posted it, so now you can add mine to the bunch. Clay has finally confirmed what we've known all along. There's a lot of harsh talk in the blogosphere about whether or not the gay community should embrace Clay Aiken after vehemently denying that he ever played on our team for so long. This comment from a reader over at Queerty sums it all up...at least for me.

"Yes, it would have been nice if he had come out long ago.But this lack of support (no matter the timing of the coming out) is exactly why more 'visible' gay people don't come out. No, we don't need to bow down and kiss their feet, ignoring all else. But we should show some support and encouragement.If gay celebrities, be they musicians, athletes, politicians, or astronauts, fear the loss of their fans/supporters AND condemnation from the very community to which they are now alligning themselves, why WOULD they take that risk. I know that it takes bravery for every gay person to come out. We all risk rejection. I know that I did. And because I know what that feels like I will be there to encourage those who (finally) find that bravery. And perhaps my welcoming heart will inspire them to inspire someone else to come out earlier, be even braver." -Gayvirgo

Now if only I could get the staff over at People- scratch that-EBONY to get Queen Latifah to come out it would be one for our community to their...shoot I've lost count.

1 comments | Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sorry for the lack of posts. Traveling extensively the past couple of days. Regular posting should resume later this afternoon. Thanks for your patience!

9 comments | Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Forget Monday Night Football as of last week the night officially belongs to the new gay basketball reality seriesShirts & Skins" on LOGO. After a somewhat lackluster premiere episode the boys are turning up the heat on and off the court in episode 2.

They pick up where the first episode left off with more of Swing Man and Beyonce impressionist Jamel's antics and self-loathing, but thankfully he doesn't dominate the entire episode with his idiotic views of homosexuality being a choice and his wavering position on his own sexual identity. I really want to like Jamel, but I'm finding it extremely difficult to watch him queen out constantly and in the next breath deny the obvious.

In preparation for the Gay Games and an upcoming challenge against ABA team The Rumble, The Rockdogs enlist the professional advice of former NBA athlete John Amaechi who is also openly gay. Amaechi who is now a licensed psychologist talked basketball but also served as a life coach in one of the most moving scenes of this episode involving the potential massive influence of The Rockdogs and the coming out process for 22 year old Mike.

In this scene Mike's vulnerability is evident as he addresses his fears of losing loved ones once they find out about his sexuality. A common fear that many gay men deal with and a major reason why many black gay men choose to remain closeted while simultaneously sacrificing their authenticity. The way John Amaechi handled this sensitive subject was wonderful and I think should be viewed by anyone struggling to come to terms with who they are. It also helped that Mike's teammates assured him that they would be there as a surrogate family in the event that others left him . Isn't that what we gays do? If we face rejection from one family we just create our own.

The second episode comes to a close as the guys whip some straight boys on the court in a pick up game in the neighborhood, team member Chris releases some sexual frustration with a late-night visitor caught on camera and the boys plan a fashion show to raise funds for their trip to the Gay Games. This last scene and the reaction from their manager "Papa Joe" left me feeling a little perplexed. Was I the only person who thought he was overreacting? Well I guess we'll have to tune in next week to see what happens next. I'm convinced this show is like fine wine and will get even better over time.

If you missed episodes 1& 2 you can watch them in full below.

Shirts & Skins Episode 1

Shirts & Skins Episode 2


from loldarian.com affiliate Ramone Johnson via gaylife. about.com

You no longer have to take a guy's word for it when asking about his status. The proof could be in his pocket. For only $19.99, Manhattan-based STFree Certifications offers a wallet-sized safe sex license that certifies that your date is STD and HIV free.

Here's how it works: With a member's consent, STFree verifies and stores an individuals STD information. Members then receive a confidential identification card or what STFree calls the Safe Sex License. With the license, members have 24/7 access to their STD/HIV information online. Members can also give their pin number to potential sex partners to verify their latest STD and HIV test results. A lifetime membership only costs $19.99 and members must get tested for HIV every six months. At first it may seem like foreplay been replaced by a safe sex check, but it's no more difficult to look up a partner's safe sex information than it is to unlock your private profile pics.

Bedford Stuyvesant native Eli Dancy founded STFree Certifications in 2003 in response to the failure of programs and general apathy concerning STD's and HIV in his Brooklyn community. According to The Daily News, nearly one-third of New Yorkers with multiple sex partners regularly have sex without condoms and more than 100,000 New Yorkers have HIV or AIDS.

"In places like where I grew up and where I worked, there are incredibly high HIV and STD rates," Dancy told The Daily News. "This card opens up the conversation for people to talk about it."

More than 15,000 people nationwide have signed up for the STFree service since the 2004 introduction. And with latest alarming HIV statistics and poor federal HIV/AIDS funding, there is no better time to protect ourselves and increase awareness.

Too often do gay men engage in unsafe sex because their partner "looked clean" or because "he said he was negative." Other comments surface about how HIV is just a gay disease or an illness that only affects urban-dwellers, like New Yorkers, or communities of color. Over 25 years later and nearly 60,000 new HIV cases (2006) reported, HIV has made it loud and clear that it can affect any of us at any moment. The Safe Sex License is one way you can protect yourself by not leaving your sexual safety up to chance.

So does this sound like a good idea? Would you sign up for your license and encourage others to do the same?

3 comments | Sunday, September 21, 2008

The beautiful and talented Darryl Stephens has been on his fair share of magazine covers since he burst onto the scene five years ago in the title role on the breakout LOGO series Noah's Arc, and now he's adding one more cover to his resume. Stephens graces the October issue of Instinct Magazine leading up to the premiere of his latest film; Noah's Arc Jumping The Broom and dishes about the cancellation of the series, playing gay on screen and his experience being black and gay in Hollywood.

Once fiercely secretive about his sexuality, Stephens who was listed on Out Magazines Out 100 in 2007 is now openly gay.

"I'm still private about my personal life, but my being gay certainly does not have to be any big mystery or secret. Maybe in the next few roles I get I'll learn how to settle into myself. I think that's kind of what I'm doing as a person: looking to settle into myself and be comfortable with who I am", says Stephens.

Fans will get a chance to watch Darryl settle into the character that they fell in love with when he returns to his signature role as Noah in the film version being released in select cities on October 24th. The films creators have promised to tie up all of the loose ends left from the shows abrupt cancellation at the end of season two. Stephens recalls the reaction in the upcoming issue when LOGO broke the news that the show wouldn't be returning for a third season.

"Oh, people were furious when they found out the show was canceled. People who liked the show were so touched by it," Stephens says. "They were so moved and responded with such raw emotion. It made me realize we really were doing something right, and it showed me that the show was bigger than me. Bigger than me as a gay man. Bigger than me as a black man."

Make sure to check out the full interview in the October issue of Instinct Magazine on newsstands or online.


I realize this post may be a little late, but I couldn't resist writing about Tatyana Ali's new project. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air alum traded in Hollywood for Harvard and graduated with a degree in anthropology in 2002 causing her to retreat from the spotlight for a few years. Well Tatyana is back and she is starring in what is sure to be one of the guiltiest pleasures since Elizabeth Berkley in Showgirls.

'Buppies' is a new made for the web sitcom that is a cross between Baldwin Hills, Sex and The City, and The DL Chronicles. Did you really think I was just excited about Tatyana and not a possible gay storyline? LOL! Little Ashley Banks has grown into a beautiful young lady but she's not enough to hold my attention.

It looks like Buppies will include a couple of gay characters who seem to be living on the down low from the two minute teaser floating around online. It remains to be seen how these two characters will be written. Hopefully they'll be fully developed and rely less on the stereotypical traits we've seen in the past.

Buppies was shot on location in Malibu and Los Angeles and is scheduled to debut online this fall. I think we should brace ourselves for the worst and maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised. Will you be watching?

Check out the teaser below.


Every now and then I come across an amazingly talented individual who blows me away with their skill and commitment towards seeing their dreams come into fruition. I like to surround myself around these types of people who have a sense of purpose and a relentless drive to succeed. New gay author and Atlanta resident Christopher Beckwith is one of those people and his debut novel titled 'What's In It For Me'? will no doubt do for him what Invisible Life did for E. Lynn Harris.

The similarities between the two authors are many, both call Atlanta home and like the early days of self-publishing for E. Lynn, Christopher Beckwith is gaining an audience by word of mouth and from selling books locally at bookstores, beauty shops, even from the trunk of his car.

'What's In It For Me' tells the fictional story of Ronald Davis, a promising Atlanta architect who has grown content with the coveted life that he has accepted as his destiny. Although there's no questioning the fact that he's been dealt a desirable hand, the lack of true love proves to be the underlying attribute missing from his otherwise fulfilling existence.

At the request of his boss, Ron finds himself compelled to travel to Houston on an untimely business trip with his co-worker Steve Sullivan. Making the best of the situation, Ron soon realizes that Houston has more to offer than he expected. To his surprise, the visit presents him with a positive twist as he meets the love of his life in the least likely of prospects. After spending several fun-filled days in Houston, Ron returns home to find himself blindsided by the tragedy of a lifetime. Forced to confront the heartbreak head on, Ron grievously ponders the question, "What's in it for me?"

I read a lot of books and I must say that this is one novel that is extremely difficult to put down once you've started. I've been waiting to read a book that has a black gay character that is central to the plot that isn't consumed by internalized homophobia, living on the down low, estranged from his biological and church family due to his sexuality or extremely pessimistic about the prospect of settling down with another black man.

The reality that all of these things are possible for gay black men come to life in the 414 pages of this novel. The well written and steamy love scenes between Beckwith's gay and straight characters always enhances the plot and are never contrived. Every character is written with such clarity an emotional depth it's nearly impossible not to become invested in each persons journey.

If you're looking for a new book to read by a fresh and exciting author I highly recommend that you order a copy of 'What's In It For Me'. I'm reading it for a second time and making sure my friends get to experience Christopher Beckwith's work too.

Get into Christopher Beckwith's first reading and book signing held last week in Atlanta below and learn more about him first hand.

You can order the book on Amazon by clicking here.

6 comments | Thursday, September 18, 2008

This post was originally published earlier this year, but I felt the need to post it again after observing first hand how cruel we as black gay men can be towards each other. It wasn't pretty and it forced me to take a couple of days to re-examine my own interactions with others and my position in the community. As a marginalized group of people we could all benefit from giving and receiving more love in the face of hate. Until Monday, be blessed.

Are We Our Own Worst Enemy?
Originally Published on May 14,2008

When I came out to my mother at 16 I can remember one of her greatest fears was that I'd be subjected to the cruel and unfair treatment that gays and lesbians face in society. She was equally afraid that I would face employment discrimination as well as rejection from the church. I assured her at 16 that I was strong enough to deal with any curve ball that life threw my way as a result of my "choice". I would later find out the choice I made to tell the truth and walk with my head held high was not as easy for everyone else as it was for me. But it was that decision that filtered over into every area of my life that I believe shaped my character and eventually led me into activism.

Gay rights is a civil rights issue. No American should be denied the right to housing, employment, healthcare, or marriage based on their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. But allow me to take it a step further. No American should ever have to feel unsafe because they decide to walk down the street holding their partner's hand or face rejection from their family and church because they don't fit into the traditional roles. There should be a place at the table for all of us. I believe there can be- and if doors are being closed on us before we can pull out a seat at the table, then by all means we should kick the door down.

The problem I'm finding in the black gay community is that not everyone believes they're entitled to these rights and it's painfully obvious in many different ways. Now what I'm about to say will probably upset a lot of people and you may disagree and fire off a nasty comment or e-mail and that's fine. But this is the truth as I see it.

If I never had to read another online message board it would probably be a good thing. You see it's online where people really get to show who they truly are. They use their keyboards to spew the hatred that would likely get them into a lot of trouble if it were done in the real world. But what's appalling is the division and anti-gay sentiment that often comes from those within the community and not just from the opposition.

I have my issues with the broader(white)gay community, but when it comes to rallying together to fight for their civil rights or to be represented in the media they are on one accord. How I wish it was the same for us.

It seems many of us are so afraid to live openly that we wear the DL title like it's a badge of honor. We sit in churches and listen to religious dogma that's detrimental to our souls, refusing to leave, refusing to acknowledge who we really are and willingly participate in the bashing.

We run to black gay pride celebrations all over the country in droves but we fail to show up to events that will have a long lasting impact on our lives.

We divide ourselves by our outward characteristics. Fems, fats, queens, thugs, trade, or "straight-acting".

We slowly destroy the very small representation we have in the media with the power of our own tongue. It happened with Noah's Arc and it's beginning to happen with The DL Chronicles. While we should always expect quality material we should never expect these shows to be all things to all people.

We scoff at the idea that black gay relationships can and do work often becoming jaded and closed off.

We're not in a position to defend ourselves publicly from attacks because we're too afraid to come out. And we wonder why the black community is content with equating gays with whites even when they know better? Our community spokesperson that we could all count on to speak for us whether you agreed with his politics or not is retired. Who do we have now?

Our self esteem plummets as a result of internalized homophobia and it leads to all kinds of reckless behavior.

This is a problem. Forget about the homophobes in the world and the great white gay majority because somedays it seems we are our own worst enemy.

0 comments | Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gospel recording star Tonex makes his stage debut as James Thunder Early in the San Diego Music Theater production of Dreamgirls running at the Lyceum Theater in downtown San Diego from Sept 12-28 2008. Fans are already giving him rave reviews for his performance in the role that earned Eddie Murphy an Oscar nomination. Broadway diva Stacy Francis stars as Effie White. Gay audiences can also catch Tonex in a small role in Maurice Jamal's new television series Friends and Lovers. Not sure if Tonex is slowly coming out but he's showing mad love to the gays nowadays.

The 2008 Black Weblog Award Winners get some love on EbonyJet.com. Like in most black families Ebony and Jet Magazines were staples in my house, so I thought it was pretty cool to see they acknowledged the work of black bloggers in this piece. Check it out here.

Gay filmmaker Kirk Shannon Butts(Blueprint) reports from the launch party of LL Cool J's new collection for Sears. LL’s sporty pieces retail for $20 - $60 at Sears stores and sears.com/llcoolj. From graphic prints inspired by his own tattoo to his own personal sayings printed across certain pieces, collection revolves LL Cool J's personal style. Judging by his line and his fabulous kick-off party, something tells me the ladies (and gents) are really going to love LL Cool J the fashion label.

LL can also be seen this fall as the opening act on Janet Jackson's Rock Witchu Tour in select cities.

At 42 years old Janet Jackson is reminding everyone why she's had longevity in the business for over 20 years during her new Rock Witchu World Tour. Critics are praising the show and fans are coming out in droves to support a living legend. Check out Janet live as she serves up some Discipline to a fan at her recent Oakland show.

Another treat for all of the Noah's Arc fans who are eagerly anticipating the October 24th theatrical release of Jumping The Broom. Check out the trailer for the film and a new HIV/AIDS public service announcement from the cast below. For theater locations click here.

Queen Latifah to name new album The L Word?

The "internets" are all a buzz about Dana Owens aka Queen Latifah possibly telling the world what we already know about her via her new album title. In a recent interview, Latifah joked that she considered calling her new album "The L Word" playing off the hit Showtime lesbian drama.

“Since people want to play games, I like to jab back sometimes just for fun, but I’m like, ‘Nah, that’s too much energy wasted,'” Latifah told RollingStone.com.

New loldarian.com affiliate Fly-Life Inc. has gotten me all excited about the release of the new Pussycat Dolls project Doll Domination due in stores on September 23rd. 'When I Grow Up' is the ish and the ladies recently took home an MTV Video Music Award for best choreography in a video. Of course they have gay choreographer Mikey Minden to thank for that. Get into the latest from PCD TV here. And for those of you who like to download albums in advance this link is for you:)

8 comments | Monday, September 15, 2008

You've seen the commercials on LOGO and BET J for months and have probably read several posts on this site about the extremely talented and gorgeous Demarco Majors and his teammates from the new LOGO reality series 'Shirts and Skins'. Well the wait officially ends tonight. LOGO will debut their newest reality series following the lives of The Rockdogs, a 13 member gold medal Gay Games winning basketball team hailing from the San Francisco Bay area.

After their last gold in 2006, the team fell apart, only to be rallied back together by their founders to defend their title at the upcoming National Gay Basketball Championship in Chicago.

This is not your ordinary professional basketball team and this is not your ordinary reality show. The word "groundbreaking" is thrown around a lot but I think it's definitely appropriate to label 'Shirts and Skins' and the colorful cast of b-ballers as such.

Men of color hold the majority on the team and all of the players are openly gay. Can't you just see the old stereotypes being stripped away? I wonder what Tim Hardaway is thinking right about now?

I had the pleasure of interviewing Rockdogs player Demarco Majors a few weeks ago and we had an opportunity to discuss his life, his new relationship with LOGO and his experience being an openly gay athlete.

Demarco is very soft spoken, which actually surprised me, but when he opens his mouth to speak he confirms that he has brains and beauty.

Get into our interview below and make sure to catch Shirts & Skins when it airs tonight at 7PM PT/10 PM ET on LOGO.

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Can you pray your gay away? It sounds like a ridiculous idea, especially for those of us who have been through the hell of coming out and the confusion and shame of growing up gay. Some people still seem to think homosexuals can be reformed through prayer and somehow magically transformed into heterosexual. A recent article from the Associated Press reported that Sarah Palin’s church is promoting an “ex-gay” conference to its congregation, brought to Anchorage by the ultra conservative think tank, Focus on the Family. Whether Sarah actually believes in the “pray the gay away” movement has yet to be seen.

I can’t speak for everyone, only for myself, but praying does not make homosexuality go away. Don’t get me wrong, I gave it an honest shot. From a very young age, I knew I was different. When puberty set in, I was positive I was different. Prayer was one way I thought I could make it go away, hoping that one day, I would wake up and be straight. “Nothing is too great for God,” I thought.

Besides just praying about it, I lived it. I dated girls, as most gay men have, and became sexually active at 16. I thought that my love for women would grow if I kept my secret under wraps and concentrated on being straight. I thought that if I only prayed enough that I would no longer be burdened with the curse of being gay. I thought wrong. The gay wouldn’t go away. The desire to be with men only grew stronger. When I finally gave in, the sex felt so right but the guilt felt so wrong.

After countless nights of prayer I eventually came to the realization that the gay wasn’t going to go away. I reflected back on my life growing up and came to the conclusion that I was made this way. That’s right, God made me this way for whatever reason and it was up to me to accept it and be free or reject it and be miserable. I believe God makes each of us perfect in his image. He made us exactly how he wanted us. Who was I to tell him he made a mistake?

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This one is for all of my Noah's Arc fans who are counting down the days until the film is released on October 24th. So far Patrik- Ian Polk and the cast have been tight lipped about any details regarding this highly anticipated film, but a very credible source from MTV/LOGO has provided some exciting info exclusively to loldarian.com.

Wanna be the first to see Noah's Arc on opening weekend? Well the film will have an exclusive platform release in 5 major cities before expanding into additional markets in the following weeks. Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, and Washington D.C. audiences will be the first to jump the broom! I will be posting specific theater locations and showtimes as soon as they're available so continue to check back.

As you know opening weekend is extremely important for new films and can make or break a release, so if Noah's Arc is not opening in your hometown first then grab your friends and drive to the nearest city and support a film that's made by us and for us.

Additionally my source reveals there are huge opening weekend parties being planned in some of the cities that will include the cast and crew. I'm sure you already know which site to log back onto in the upcoming weeks for specifics.

And there's more. No amazing film is complete without a hot soundtrack and Noah's Arc aims to deliver in the music department too. The soundtrack will feature Michelle Williams, Solange, legendary singer/songwriter Phoebe Snow, dance music superstar Bob Sinclair, drag queen rapper Pam Jones and three new songs by Patrik-Ian Polk. The soundtrack will be released on Tommy Boy Music next month, and is available for pre-orders on Amazon.com.

'The Idiot', a hot dance track with vocals by Patrik-Ian Polk along with new indie band Fol Chen fell into my hands and I've posted it below for you to stream.

Let's make liars out of all of the people who don't want this film to succeed and open the door for more films to be produced on an even larger scale that tell our stories. What will you be doing on October 24th? Jumping The Broom!

Update: Below are the locations where you can see Noah's Arc when it opens on October 24th. Palm Springs has been added bringing the total to 6 theaters where the film will be shown during opening weekend.

New York
Clearview Chelsea
260 W. 23rd Street
New York, NY 10011

Los Angeles
Sunset 5
8000 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Landmark Midtown Art Cinema
931 Monroe Dr. NE
Atlanta, GA 30308

Century Centre Cinema
2828 N. Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60657

Palm Springs
Camelot Theaters
2300 E. Baristo Rd.
Palm Springs, CA 92262

Washington, DC
E-Street Cinema
555 11th St. NW
Washington, DC 20004


from The NY Blade

After announcing last month that the annual number of HIV infections in the U.S. is 40 percent higher than previously thought, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention confirmed this morning in a conference call with reporters that young black gay and bisexual men are the population seeing the highest rates of new HIV infections.

Kevin Fenton, director of HIV/AIDS division at the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, called new HIV incidence data about black gay men ‘alarming.’ (Photo courtesy CDC) Of the more than 56,000 Americans diagnosed with HIV in 2006, 72 percent were gay and bisexual men; of those men, 46 percent were white, 35 percent were black and 19 percent were Latino.

But CDC officials announced “there were more new HIV infections in young black [gay and bisexual] men aged 13-29 than any other age or racial group” of gay men.

Kevin Fenton, director of HIV/AIDS division at the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, called new HIV incidence data about black gay men “alarming,” while black gay activists again criticized the CDC for long ignoring the group most affected by HIV.

Fenton again noted that some 80 percent of black gay and bisexual men have never come in contact with a CDC-approved HIV-prevention intervention.

The CDC currently has 18 interventions for HIV prevention, but only two of those programs specifically target black gay men.

from loldarian.com

So why do we continue to see the number of new HIV infections increase in black gay men? Many will tell you it's because we suffer from low self-esteem or we simply just don't care anymore. HIV/AIDS has become a manageable condition and many believe the HIV prevention ads are misleading because they show people who look healthy and are leading relatively normal lives. Well if people want to retreat to the images of HIV/AIDS from the pre -combination therapy days in order to scare black gay men into using condoms regularly it won't work. But I'll appease everyone.

The truth of the matter is we're in the middle of a crisis and it's not new. Nobody is coming to save us, not the black community, not the church, and definitely not the repugnant Bush administration! Why are we waiting on someone else to step up to the plate and save us when we can do it ourselves? The white gay community did it with ACT UP . They strategized and mobilized their people into action because they saw their friends and family die. Maybe their is a disconnect because my generation doesn't know what it's like to bury a loved one on a weekly basis from AIDS. But make no mistake about it in 2008 either you're INFECTED or AFFECTED by this disease.

The truth of the matter is people are still DYING from this disease in the age of successful treatment. And more times than not those who do die an early death are African-American. So contrary to whatever ads you may have seen on a billboard or in a magazine living with HIV/AIDS in 2008 can still be an uphill battle. Drug adherance and resistance are real issues for people living with HIV/AIDS. So choose life and if you engage in sexual activity use a condom every time.

The ads did get one thing right. Life doesn't end with a positive diagnosis but I'm sure it doesn't get any easier. Why put yourself at risk to live with it when you can easily live without it?

Take a look into the life of my friend Justin B. Smith as he shares his journey living with HIV.