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2 comments | Monday, September 29, 2008

NY's Bleu Magazine continues to turn up the heat and they're doing so in a big way in their Fall/Winter Fashion Issue on newsstands on October 7th with "Black Boys Are BEAUTIFUL".

"Imagine if every man of color was raised to believe that he was beautiful?," asks Devon Christopher, Publisher of Bleu Magazine.

"What if when, the world and mainstream media call him ugly or an animal, that his neighbors, friends and family reminded him everyday that he is beautiful? What if when he looked in the mirror and saw a smile in the reflection every time? What if old ladies didn't cross the street when they saw him approaching them? Sometimes when you're a grown ass man it's too late to say hey, "you're beautiful". So today we take a stand and celebrate the thought of all "Black Boys are Beautiful", adds Devon.

Bleu chose 8 of the hottest male models entering the industry and or already trailblazing the runways and print pages of the US, United Kingdom, France, Italy and South Africa. These young men are challenging the gun-toting, broken English, over-muscular imagery of men of color that has saturated our subconscious. So as you turn the pages take a long look at these beautiful faces. It may be the first time you see many of them, but it won't be the last.

The Black Boys are Beautiful feature is a tribute and a reflection of the struggle black male models have faced on their long journey to being acknowledged in this fickle and superficial industry, states Antino Angel Crowley, Fashion Editor for Bleu Magazine.

Check out Bleu Magazine online here.


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