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1 comments | Friday, February 26, 2010

Out Magazine profiles the talented and extremely versatile openly gay actor Guillermo Diaz in their latest issue.

You may recognize Diaz from his recurring role on Showtime's hit series Weeds as the hardcore drug smuggler Guillermo or his breakout role in the 1995 indie hit Stonewall as the memorable storyteller drag queen Miranda. He can currently be seen on the NBC drama Mercy as gay nurse Angel Garcia.

Diaz shares with OUT the often harsh reality for openly gay actors in Hollywood and how his managers objected to him being so open about his sexual orientation in the beginning of his career, a decision that Diaz didn't think twice about.

From Out Magazine:

“I never even thought about it,” he recalls. “I was like, I’m just going to fuckin’ act. And it’s never been an issue. I’ve worked constantly.”

“After I did Stonewall, I was doing all this gay press. My managers wanted to put a halt on me being out,” he says. “I just don’t have the patience for that shit. It seems like so much fuckin’ work to keep lying. I remember them saying, ‘We need to build up your body count.’ They wanted me to kill more people on film. I was like, ‘You guys would rather I kill more people on film than tell people I’m gay?’ Needless to say, I’m not with them anymore.”

This summer, Díaz returns to Weeds for his fourth season, and Mercy has been picked up through May. Angel, originally slated to appear in the background of seven episodes, has taken on a larger presence on the show, appearing in 12 of the first 13 episodes. The writers have even told Díaz they’re introducing a love interest for him. “I hope it’s not just talk,” he says.

While the network has been supportive of his character, the online message boards haven’t been as thrilled. “I’ve been getting some flack from people saying that Angel is kind of queeny, and I’m like, ‘Well, that’s just me,’ ” Díaz says. “I’m both. Sometimes I’m butch, and sometimes when I’m with my friends, I queen out. It’s all good. I’m just trying to keep it honest.”

Watch Diaz as drag queen LaMiranda in Stonewall in the clip below. And if you haven't seen this film then I highly suggest you track it down.

h/t Deadlee


Comedienne and late-night talk show host Wanda Sykes recently called into Rosie O'Donnell's Sirius XM Radio Show for some girl talk and the outspoken Sykes opened up about everything from motherhood to her unplanned decision to come out during a rally against Proposition 8 in Las Vegas in 2008.

The conversation took a gut wrenching turn when Sykes discussed the reaction from her mother upon learning about her sexual orientation and the possibility of Sykes coming out publicly.

"When I told my parent's I was gay my mother said..."well if it ever gets out I hope I'm dead".

Sykes also reveals that her family’s reaction to her coming out has been “not cool. "We’re still working on it. They’re getting better with it. I know they love me, BUT….”

Sykes goes on to address the double stigma of being black and gay and the prevalent misconception in the African-American community that homosexuality is somehow thrust upon blacks by whites.

Sadly, Sykes and many more LGBT people of color are not exempt from similar reactions from family & friends after coming out. We have so much work to do.

Listen to Wanda Sykes and Rosie O'Donnell's interview here via Auto Straddle.com and watch her coming out video below.


You may recall reading about the horrific hate crime of Michael Sandy, a 29 year old black gay man residing in New York on loldarian.com in the fall of 2006. Sandy fell victim to four gay bashers; John Fox, Anthony Fortunato, Ilya Shurov, and Gary Timmon who lured him to Plumb Beach, NY after initially meeting online.

The four assailants robbed and beat Sandy. During an attempt to escape his attackers forced him into oncoming traffic on a nearby Belt Parkway and Sandy was fatally struck by a car. He would later die from his injuries after lying in a vegetative state for five days.

Community Board 15 voted unanimously Tuesday night to allow the erection of a memorial stone for Michael Sandy near the Plumb Beach parking lot where he was last seen alive.

"The stone itself will resemble a tombstone. It will be made out of granite or similar polished stone, and will carry an inscription to Michael Sandy and all the victims that have lost their lives to hate violence", according to Tony Bruce, executive director of The Michael Sandy Foundation.

The unveiling ceremony is expected to happen on or near the October 8 anniversary of the incident.

| Thursday, February 25, 2010

Updates should resume after 4pm EST. Running all over this place this morning.

3 comments | Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sorry for being a little late on this one but it's definitely worth mentioning.

Stage and television star Sheryl Lee Ralph stopped by The Mo'Nique Show a little over a week ago and continued her impassioned plea for increased knowledge regarding HIV/AIDS in the black community and explained why she has been so heavily involved in AIDS activism over the past twenty years, specifically at a time when it was unpopular to even say the word out loud.

"It was the best and worst time in my life", said Ralph. Speaking of her time as Deena Jones in the original Broadway production of Dreamgirls and the beginning of the AIDS epidemic.

But mixed in with all of that came a time when men just started dropping dead. They were sick today and they were dead tomorrow. But what made it worse for me was the horrific silence that fell over their suffering and their dying. And I said this is horrible and it shouldn't be! I don't care what you think about them or their sexual preference they were kind men...good men.. somebody's son-a brother-a lover and I felt that we could do better".

Ralph urged the audience to get tested. "You must know your status", echoed Mo'Nique. "Regardless of the results we will love you through it."

We have two amazing straight allies in Sheryl Lee Ralph and Mo'Nique and their passion for all people regardless of race, sexual orientation, and HIV status is to be commended and supported.

Watch Sheryl Lee Ralph on The Monique Show below beginning at the 14:00 mark. And as an added bonus watch Ralph's keynote address during the 2008 State of Black Gay America Summit during Atlanta Black Gay Pride here.


My not having any interest in sports is the reason why the incredibly hot Chad Ochocinco was not on my radar, but thanks to his co-starring role as Monica's love interest in her latest video I'm now paying attention.

A simple google search proves the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver is not only a popular pro baller but a blog favorite. The above images are via Ochocinco's Twitter profile accompanied by the headline- "For Women Only"...uhmm yeah right.

I'm almost certain his January ESPN cover was targeting the ladies and straight men since straight women run to read ESPN Magazine and a half naked black man on the cover is certain to attract more straight male readers. Sarcasm intended.

Ochocinco is just as famous for his widely used catch phrase "Chile please" as he is for his tight body and gridiron action. Something tells me he's been around "the kids".

See for yourself in the video below:

*Video contains adult language and may not be suitable for work.*


R&B singer Monica is returning to the music scene in a major way with her new single "Everything To Me" and the newly released video co-starring Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco.

The Atlanta songbird has struggled as of late to make an impact on an industry she and fellow singer Brandy had on lock in the 90's, but this soulful new single currently in heavy rotation on urban radio may be the comeback she needs.

In the new video that plays like a condensed (but much better) version of the Idris Elba & Beyonce Knowles film "Obsessed" Monica deals with and ultimately beats down a crazed fan of her celebrity boyfriend played by Ochocinco. More on him later today.

Monica delivers fashion, elegance, and stellar vocals on this track. Isn't it nice to see somebody else getting some shine besides that other girl who claims she's taking a break but hasn't stopped working since she made that announcement?

Monica's new album Still Standing drops on March 23. Get into the new video below:

“The same-sex marriage movement has drained a lot of resources from other issues that are important to LGBT people,” says Kenyon Farrow, Executive Director of Queers for Economic Justice (QEJ), a community-organizing, advocacy and research organization that focuses on helping low-income and working-class LGBT New Yorkers, especially in the areas of housing and public benefits like welfare. Though Farrow, 35, came to New York to be an actor, after volunteering in 2006 at a resume-writing workshop for LGBT homeless, he found his calling as a community organizer to help empower the sometimes powerless members of his community.

“QEJ and other organizations like ours are made up of people that the mainstream movement long [ago] forgot.”

“It’s a myth that most donations to nonprofits come from the wealthy. They [actually] come from lots of people giving $10, $25, $100 at a time,” says the Bed-Stuy resident. “We know from the Obama campaign what a lot of small donations can add up to.” By donating just $10 per month to the seven-year-old QEJ, Farrow says, you can provide food and transportation for their groups in the shelter system. “We have a very real crisis of LGBT homelessness in New York,” the Cleveland native points out. “But where are the massive rallies for that?”

Queers for Economic Justice is located at 16 W 32nd St. Visit Q4EJ.org or call 212-564-3608 for more info. (SOURCE)

7 comments | Monday, February 22, 2010

Fresh off the heels of a lengthy profile in The New Yorker former gospel singer turned recording activist Ton3x continues to open up about his spiritual journey and his sexuality in the new issue of SWERV Magazine, an SGL publication based in Washington, DC.

The incredibly talented and bold singer also publicly addresses comments made by gospel industry colleague and "ex-gay" Donnie McClurkin during the recent Church Of God In Christ Convocation in Memphis, Tennessee. McClurkin railed against gays and lesbians to a crowded church referring to them as "vampires" while also invoking Ton3x's name to illustrate "how the church had failed".

Ton3x has demanded an apology and doesn't mince his words when asked about his feelings towards McClurkin. SWERV Editor-In Chief L. Michael Gipson gets the scoop.

From SWERV Magazine:

LMG: The New Yorker has quoted you saying that “Donnie McClurkin owes you an apology” for including your name in his now infamous condemning outburst against homosexuality to a roomful of children and teens. Why do you think he included you and what would an apology mean to you if Donnie continues his crusade to sow more seeds of uncertainty in the lives of teens struggling with their own histories of sexual abuse and their sexual identity?

Ton3x: I just handed him a Grammy a few days ago. He gave me this big old bear hug like we were ‘boys’. I gave him a gingerly tap on the back to be polite and professional, but I wasn’t feeling him then and I’m NOT feeling him now. I don’t respect disrespect. How phony can you be to throw me up under the bus at the C.O.G.I.C. Convocation and turn around and hug me like I’m your brother in Christ? You don’t ever have to worry about me carrying on a legacy of self -hatred and personification of the very thing that I’m bashing someone else for. I know he must be in a weird place, but don’t ‘come for me’ because I know who I am in God and I know that God knows how everything is going to end and I trust God enough to be honest about where I am.

He still has yet to apologize for using my name to state his claims about gays in church. He called me confused and wounded. Uhm, no. He’s confused and trying to deflect the bullets on to someone else to cover up his own sexual insecurities.

The bible says work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. I’ve never had a beef with this man. He was in San Diego in September 2009 defending me and telling people to keep their mouth off of me (and I have the footage to prove it), yet in the next breath (because I’m a trending topic on twitter) you put me OUT there like that? Be a MAN and come to me if you got a problem. I’m only addressing this issue publicly because I was bashed publicly and a ‘fake hug’ ain’t gonna fix it.

Somewhere behind all of McClurkin's fake proselytizing to please straight hypocritical Christians is a man dying to break free from the chains he's placed on his own life. I'm almost certain he envies Ton3x's ability to reconcile his sexuality with his faith. Sadly, that's something Donnie McClurkin has never been able to do.

Some background:

Loldarian.com Exclusive: Recording Artist Tonex' Addresses His Critics, Coming Out, & The Hypocrisy of the Black Church

Gospel Artist Tonex Opens Up About Sexuality


An update to the video we brought you last week featuring World Net Daily columnist Molotov Mitchell who went on an anti-gay rant in support of Uganda's "kill the gays bill".

The fake Christian and advocate of the death penalty for gays has returned to mock effeminate gay men and proclaim how he has led countless gays and lesbians out of the "lifestyle"- whatever that means.

And in the tradition of all homo haters Mitchell boldly proclaims that his position on homosexuality is a tough one since he has gay friends. Really? I'm not sure about you but he's not the kind of friend I need.

Watch the video below and get ready to hurl.

h/t Joe.My.God

7 comments | Thursday, February 18, 2010

This is unbelievable. Molotov Mitchell, a columnist for World Net Daily, one of the largest and most widely read Christian websites in the country has released a video in support of Uganda's "kill the gays bill". A bill which if passed will result in the imprisonment and execution of gay and lesbian Ugandans and even those who fail to report those who are gay or lesbian to authorities.

Mitchell invokes the bible, America's founding fathers, and even Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as reasons why the "kill the gays bill" is not inhumane but good for Uganda. Something tells me this wingnut would be elated to import Uganda's homophobic tyranny in America.

So now it's perfectly acceptable and "Christian" to publicly advocate for gays and lesbians to be put to death and suffer no recourse? You have to see this for yourself.

4 comments | Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Academy Award nominee Mo'Nique is on a roll after winning Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards for her knockout performance of troubled mother Mary Jones in Precious.

The comedienne turned actress and late night talk show host recently made headlines when singer Miki Howard appeared on The Monique Show and the topic of gays in the black church arose.

"To all of our gay brothas watching, we love you this is the no judgment zone. You are always welcome and you are always loved. If you're in the church and you're gay, God is not judging you. Be who you wanna be", said Monique.

Journalist Clay Cane has a remarkable interview with Mon'Nique on Advocate.com and she expounds on her views of the gay community and the black church's pervasive homophobia.

From The Advocate:

Advocate: Recently on your talk show you had R&B singer Miki Howard as a guest. Both of you said you grew up with gay people in church and there wasn’t anything wrong with it. That was so refreshing to hear. Could you elaborate on your experiences with gays in the church?

Mo'Nique: I actually was not a person that grew up in church — that’s what Miki was saying and I was agreeing. Now, I know a lot of folks that go to church and are gay. I tell them, “God don’t make no mistakes, baby, and we keep using it when it’s convenient.” If we are all made in his image, there are no mistakes. I think it’s absolute foolishness, just in my humble opinion, when people make statements like, “It’s blasphemy and you’re going to hell!” Really? And I’m a child of God — do you think God set me up? I’ve never bought in to it. With gays and church, I think there are so many of our brothers and sisters that’s in pain because they go to a place to receive nurturing, the love of God, and you start hearing that you’re going to hell because of who you were made to be. I just don’t buy that!

Advocate: I interviewed Lee Daniels in September and he said he feels very much alone in the black community being openly gay. We know not all black folks are homophobic, but what do you think it will take for some sectors of the black community to have a shift in consciousness when it comes to the gay community?

Mo'Nique: Love. That’s it; there is no special formula. People that have a platform, if they start speaking about love — we are creatures that latch on, may it be negative or positive. So imagine that if in all of the black churches they started saying, “Let’s love each other unconditionally. Let’s not judge.” That’s it! You can have members be openly gay! Not “Well, we think Troy is gay, but you know! Yes, he switches, but we’re not gonna say nothing!”

Advocate: He’s the choir director!

Mo'Nique: Baby, he’s the choir director! You’re telling people to love life, but you’re telling them to live a lie. If we’re given these platforms and we are truly vessels of God or the universe — the God that you think you’re representing — that gay person is his child as well. You’re telling his child, “You’re going to hell.” I don’t think God is appreciating how we continue to separate his children. I just don’t think he’s appreciating that or she’s appreciating that or they’re appreciating that — whatever that beautiful thing is, I think they’re saying, “You know what? We gonna slap the shit out of somebody because we love all of them!” [Laughs]

And a final message to her fans:

Mo'Nique: To all of my gay babies, free yourself. Be free to be who you are, and watch how life works out for you. With no apologies!

Damn I love this woman!


My business trip to NYC yesterday caused me to miss the fabulous RuPaul at Outwrite Bookstore last night as he promoted his new book "Working It", but thankfully our friend Matt Hennie at Project Q Atlanta was in attendance and shot some great photos.

From project Q Atlanta:

RuPaul arrived sans drag wearing an open-collared pink shirt, dark suit and orange pocket square, a stark departure from the heavy coats and faux fur sprinkled throughout the crowd. The crush of people filled Outwrite, stretched out the door and around the corner east along 10th Street. In a town that seldom hosts gay events with rope lines, RuPaul’s appearance did just that. And fans didn’t seem too bothered by their lengthy wait outdoors as temperatures inched below freezing.

Once inside, RuPaul delivered brief remarks and posed with Nicole Paige Brooks (second photo) before hunkering down and autographing copies of the new book, “Workin’ It! RuPaul’s Guide to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Style.” Brooks was a contestant on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” this season before getting eliminated in the second episode. But he made use of the spotlight with RuPaul and asked the crowd to “let Ru know she made a mistake last week” in dropping her.

(Above Atlanta poet/activist Antron Reshaud Brown and friend in support of RuPaul)


This weekend in Dallas, Texas February 19 -21, Black Cinematheque Dallas, along with Fahari Arts Institute, DFW Senators, and Mandrake Arts & Media will be hosting a Marlon Riggs Film Festival in the home state of the late black gay filmmaker who brought us the masterpiece Tongues Untied.

"This groundbreaking work is featured on Friday evening and is a must see for serious admirers of queer cinema", notes gay podcaster JW Richard of Mandrake Society Radio who also made loldarian.com aware of the festival.

Riggs (pictured top left with Essex Hemphill) died from AIDS related complications in 1994 but prior to his death made his mark in cinema by infusing racsim, sexuality, homophobia, and HIV/AIDS themes into his work viewed by mainstream audiences. He produced many documentaries for public television, some of which were considered controversial by media watchdog groups, who protested the fact that Riggs' films were produced with money from the National Endowment for the Arts.

On Sunday, February 21, Riggs' last film, “Black is, Black Ain’t”, which had to be completed by his co-director and friends due to his untimely death in 1994 will be featured. In one of the most gripping scenes of the film Riggs offers up this quote from his hospital bed:

"As long as I have work then I'm not going to die, cause work is a living spirit in me-that which wants to connect with other people and pass on something to them which they can use in their own lives and grow from".

For more info on the festival click here.

Watch clips of Riggs' amazing work and the impact of his legacy below:


You may recall reading about BET's new modeling reality series "Model City" on loldarian.com last year when news first broke about the first show to feature the lives of professional black male models. Well the time has come as the highly-anticipated show is set to debut tomorrow night on BET's new Centric network.

About the show:

The reality series follows the lives of four Black and Latino male models of RED Model Management NY, as they work to make a name for themselves, while dealing with the various challenges of “making it” in the female- dominated modeling industry. Models Wendell, Ibrahim, Nelson, and Zeric grant viewers exclusive access into their fast-paced lives, and their never-ending 24/7 grind to become fashion’s elite faces.

Model City documents the contrast of model’s glamorous runway lifestyles with the realities of being a black model; less jobs, more competition, as well as the general struggle to stay on top of the game while handling rejection, exhausting schedules, jealous girlfriends, and the personal insecurities that can come along with the job.

Meet the incredibly sexy and incredibly "straight" cast here.


I'm really excited about this show. Let's hope it's not ruined by manufactured heterosexual romances with obvious gay cast mates (there's already one that is setting off my gaydar-name withheld).

Get into a hot promo clip below that includes the "very gay friendly" Tyson Beckford. Model City debuts tomorrow night at 10pm on Centric.


The internet buzz is growing for new reality show "Boss Ladies"and rightly so. Atlanta based Red Label Media Group is tapping into unchartered territory and serving and underrepresented community by creating a series centered around three beautiful transgender females.

In the show, the "boss ladies" must navigate the personal and professional obstacles of the fashion and entertainment industries as they strive for success under the guidance of fashion designers and former reality TV stars. Viewers will follow the women on their dynamic entrepreneurial journey from conception to completion -- from brainstorming for their line in Atlanta, moving to Los Angeles, and finally the much-anticipated opening of a clothing boutique on Rodeo Drive. Along the way, the ladies will face trials, tribulations and drama, in a reality TV adventure that is an exciting hybrid of "The Real Housewives" and "Project Runway."

"One boss lady in particular is not new to the media spotlight, Nadia(pictured-bottom) a makeup artist and fashion designer, is often on the L.A. and ATL scenes and grabbed headlines several months ago when word broke alleging she was rapper Bow Wow’s “special friend", according to Black Gay Gossip.

Londyon (pictured-middle) is sure to be one standout cast member. A former Morehouse College student and creative director of Shoecrush.com she is legendary in Atlanta and in many fashion circles.

Watch a quick intro of the ladies in the clips below. As soon as the name of the network where Boss Ladies will be airing is released I'll let you know. It's about time our trans sistas got some shine.

h/t Black Gay Gossip


Retired NBA basketball player John Amaechi became the first player to publicly acknowledge he is gay in 2007 amidst a media firestorm and subsequent release of his memoir Man In The Middle. Amaechi, who divides his time between his native UK and the U.S. has written a thought provoking op-ed for Pink News surprisingly on the effects of homophobia in straight men.

This piece follows a failed effort to release an anti-homophobia PSA produced by the UK Football Association in attempt to eradicate homophobia in sports and homophobic taunts by fans. Several players refused to participate in the ad for fear of humiliation and retaliation. Watch the PSA here.

An excerpt from Pink News:.

I think homophobia is an important issue because of the effect it has on straight people. Homophobia is literally and figuratively killing our youngsters – especially young, straight boys.

In school, for a boy, being clever and interested in academia is gay, being kind and thoughtful is gay, being respectful to parents, authority figures or women is gay.

For a man, being sexually considerate – that is, not sleeping with everything female that moves – is gay. Having non-sexual friendships with women is gay. Being nurturing and considerate is gay. Having a friend who is gay, is gay. Choosing not to drink until you puke is gay. In football, even reading the Guardian or using words with more than three syllables is gay.

We still socially reinforce industrial revolution-style gender identity on our boys and men so that to be a 'real man' you must be the opposite of anything even remotely considered feminine.

We wonder why violence against women is rising? Why our boys run away from academic pursuits in school? Why they rebel against authority and steel themselves from the true expression of emotion despite the consequences?

In part they do these things because even when it's irresponsible or illegal, such behaviour serves to reinforce that they are a 'real man'.

Very cleverly stated. But will this message by received by it's intended audience? Amaechi's points are clearly illustrated in the black community where we glorify hyper- masculine and thug behavior as examples of true manhood- while a black man who doesn't carry himself like 50 Cent is labeled soft at best and gay at worst. Sadly, whether an individual is gay or just suspected of being gay in many circles is the equivalent of a moral plague.

| Monday, February 15, 2010

Posting will probably be light until Wednesday as much of my time will be spent either in the air or in meetings. I'm gonna have to start calling this site "the little blog that could". Some amazing opportunities have come my way over the last week. As always, many thanks to those who read daily and even those who admire the work we do through anonymous hate mail...you keep me going.

| Friday, February 12, 2010

"Homosexuality is not destroying the African-American community, intolerance and hate is destroying the African-American community. Until the leaders of our community take a positive stance, we as a people will continue to sink to the weedy disarray of the bottom.

Until black folks become more informed, educated, and determined to embrace the humanity that 365 years of chattel slavery and Jim Crow segregation should have taught us-we are doomed to fail. Why today are black folks still patriarchal and religious even though just a short time ago folks used religion as an excuse to deprive us of equal rights? Religion is the most common justification for cruelty.

-Blake Worthington commenting on Damien & Seanmicahel : An Untold Black Love Story on AOL Black Vocies


Via Joe.My.God comes news of ongoing violence against gay men and lesbians in Africa. Three men who were suspected of being gay were chased out of their residence in the town of Mtwapa in the Kilifi district in Kenya early Friday by an angry mob out for blood.

Daily Nation reports:

Police were forced to intervene to save the three men who residents had accused of being "notorious gays" who were behind the spread of the practice in the town.

Two men suspected of being a couple by residents were flushed out of their apartment within the town and police found wedding rings on their fingers.

Subsequently, a same-sex marriage that was planned to take place in the coastal town failed to take off as two men who announced the wedding went into hiding.

Police also dramatically rescued a another man and managed to rush him to Mtwapa police post.

“We thank God for saving this town from being turned to Sodom and Gomorra of this era as we may be on verge of being doomed had this criminals managed to conduct their evil exercise within our neighbourhood,” said Bishop Laurence Chai, Kilifi district representative and leader of the Operation Gays Out movement.

Flanked by Sheikh Ali Bishop Chai called on the government to vet all nightclubs in the town and close down those found promoting to gay activities.

Sheikh Hussein declared that they were ready to shed their blood to protect the dignity of Mtwapa town and called on the residents to raise against the vice.

The level of homphobia in Kenya and Uganda where the infamous "kill the gays bill" is being proposed to provide the death penalty for gay men and lesbians and incarceration for anyone who fails to report a gay person runs deep as seen in the comment section of The Daily Nation.

"I would want to thank the two clerics, both moslem and christian for doing practical moral policing, writes commenter "Hammerman".

" Homosexuality is a sin and in the old testament people were stonned to death. All gays and lesbians need to be hanged by the neck. Yes, hanged by the neck. I dont really care what their sympathisers say on this forum. Hang them by the neck. Robert Mugabe said they homos and lesbians are lower than dogs. How true!"

How do you respond to that? How do you begin to eradicate such deep-seated homophobia that's ingrained in African and American culture?


Bishop Terry Angel Mason, author of the acclaimed book "Love Won't Let Me Be Silent- reviewed here on loldarian.com last fall is a radical voice to be reckoned with in the gay civil rights movement.

Mason has taken on the black church in a confrontational piece titled "Don't Blame Me For Your Mess!" published by the Pittsburgh Courier and over 40 additional newspapers across the U.S. .

Never one to hold his tongue when it comes to challenging homophobia and the inequality imposed on LGBT people of color by our own people, he holds no punches in questioning the black church on it's anti-gay stance and lays appropriate blame for it's silence on the HIV/AIDS crisis. A silence that many believe has caused an epidemic in the black community.

From The Pittsburgh Courier:

Yet, where are our pastors, the shepherds, and religious leaders we hold in high esteem and do everything to protect and cater to? In Washington, D.C. or in Sacramento, California, fighting to deny hard-working people the right to marry the person of their choice.

And what is their answer to the AIDS pandemic that is ravaging their ministries and claiming the lives of millions of their parishioners and the millions of men and women who are being herded like cattle in prison institutions, while unions and the private sector get filthy rich, the result of their incarceration? That is easy to answer. Channel over $45 million of their parishioners' tithes and offerings to combat Proposition 8 when many churches don’t even have a food pantry to feed the poor or a church bus to transport its elderly to and from church, no effective counseling programs for sexually-active teens to keep them from having children out of wedlock or prevent them from contracting AIDS or STDs, and no marriage preparation programs that deal with real issues for couples considering marriage.

The piece concludes:

And lastly, someone please inform them that the best way to shore up the institution of marriage is to spend generous amounts of time with their congregations and couples who are considering marriage and not be MIA (missing in action) because they are down at the courthouse protesting. Rather, teaching couples how to be good husbands and wives and how to walk in love and integrity from the Word of God. Jesus said that what convinces the world more than anything that we are His disciples is that we walk in love and live lives of integrity before people, not misappropriate $45 million fighting a proposition that will ultimately be overturned, which by the way, had it passed, would have generated countless millions of much needed revenue over the next ten years into California’s impoverished economy.

Wisdom would surely encourage our spiritual leaders to readjust their priorities and start addressing the real issues that plague their congregations and communities and to stop being remiss in their responsibilities as leaders and shepherds.

Amen brotha!

Watch Bishop Mason speak about many of the issues mentioned in "Don't Blame Me For Your Mess" and Love Won't Let Me Be Silent in the clip below. It begins at the 8:00 mark.

Terry "Angel" Mason/Up Close and Personal from Willie Williams on Vimeo.


New Hampshire representative Nancy Elliot wants the marriage equality law recently passed in her state repealed and during a recent session she colorfully explained why: because apparently all gay men have a fetish for human waste. I swear I'm not making this up. This is what an elected official said on the record:

"We're talking about taking the penis of one man, and putting it into the rectum of another man, and wiggling it around in excrement, and you have to think. I'm not sure. Would I allow that to be done to me? All of us — that could happen to you — Would you like that happen to you? Is that normal? Is that something that we want to portray as the same as the one-flesh union between a man and a woman?"

Why are some straight folks so obsessed with gay sex?! How can anyone even take her brand of homophobia seriously when she makes no attempt to persuade her audience with concrete evidence, instead she just aims straight for the gutter.

I bet she'd be shocked to know that anal sex is not practiced nor enjoyed by all gay men and there's a large amount of straight men and women who enjoy this particular sexual act.

Rep. Elliot is not the first public servant to make a complete fool of herself in order to stop marriage equality. Dr. Ruth Jacobs of D.C. made similar statements regarding anal sex, HIV/AIDS, and black gay men during her testimony to the D.C. City Council last November.

New Hampshire voters need to "excrete" Rep.Elliot out of office when the time comes. Watch her diatribe below:

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This is 1:12 of the most powerful and heartbreaking footage of the injustice imposed upon gay and lesbian couples who seek to legalize their unions in this country. The idea that there is freedom and justice for all in America is utter bull****.

From Pink Buffalo:

In an act of civil-sorta-disobediance, local LGBT activist Kitty Lambert received a marriage license to a stranger named Ed at Buffalo’s City Hall today, after being denied a license to marry her same-sex partner.

With news cameras rolling, Kitty then turned to the crowd and asked for any male who would be willing to get married to her. A gay man named Ed stepped forward and volunteered. They briefly exchanged information and presented the appropriate documents along with $40. City staff verified the information, and proceeded to give them a marriage license.

Watch the video below:


My first piece for AOL Black Voices is currently live on the site featuring the beautiful love story of Seanmichael Rodgers and Damien Ramsey, a couple I profiled late last year in our Coupled Up series.

As I expected there's tons of homophobic vitriol being spewed by my straight brothers and sisters who can't seem to keep their minds out of Damien & Seanmichael's bedroom long enough to focus on the core of the piece which is about the love they share.

A special thanks to Angela Bronner Helm, Senior Editor at Black Voices Life & Style for having the courage to show the black community a true example of black SGL men & same gender love that isn't entrenched in the hysteria of the down low.

Read the entire article here and by all means join the discussion.


Okay so my heading may be leaning towards being just a little sacrilegious but you get my point.

My friends over at Queerty have given me a much needed boost to what has started off as a very slow day with images of the incredibly sexy trainer and model Cross Thompson.

I'm sure you've seen images of Thompson around the net as he is very popular. Let's just say he's giving me everything I need this morning. Enjoy!

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