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1 comments | Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You may recall reading about BET's new modeling reality series "Model City" on loldarian.com last year when news first broke about the first show to feature the lives of professional black male models. Well the time has come as the highly-anticipated show is set to debut tomorrow night on BET's new Centric network.

About the show:

The reality series follows the lives of four Black and Latino male models of RED Model Management NY, as they work to make a name for themselves, while dealing with the various challenges of “making it” in the female- dominated modeling industry. Models Wendell, Ibrahim, Nelson, and Zeric grant viewers exclusive access into their fast-paced lives, and their never-ending 24/7 grind to become fashion’s elite faces.

Model City documents the contrast of model’s glamorous runway lifestyles with the realities of being a black model; less jobs, more competition, as well as the general struggle to stay on top of the game while handling rejection, exhausting schedules, jealous girlfriends, and the personal insecurities that can come along with the job.

Meet the incredibly sexy and incredibly "straight" cast here.


I'm really excited about this show. Let's hope it's not ruined by manufactured heterosexual romances with obvious gay cast mates (there's already one that is setting off my gaydar-name withheld).

Get into a hot promo clip below that includes the "very gay friendly" Tyson Beckford. Model City debuts tomorrow night at 10pm on Centric.


<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

one of the boys is gay,and open,and in the ball room scene... his name is zeric

February 26, 2010 6:50 PM


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