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0 comments | Monday, January 12, 2009

You may remember the viral video Prop 8: The Musical by Hairspray composer Marc Shaiman that took the internet by storm at the end of 2008 starring Jack Black as Jesus along with Margaret Cho, Jennifer Lewis,and John C. Riley.

Well the cast received a little makeover last weekend as Prop 8:The Musical was performed live in West Hollywood during one of many protests organized over the weekend in dozens of cities against the federal Defense Of Marriage Act(DOMA).

"Proposition 8: The Musical" which featured the oh-so talented Wilson Cruz as Jesus got to show what great pipes he has to people who may not be aware of his career in musical theater including "Rent" on Broadway. Others in the show included Tony Tripoli, Alec Mapa, Peter Paige and "Noah's Arc" stars Darryl Stephens and Doug Spearman", according to Greg Hernandez of Out in Hollywood.

Get into the video below:


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