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0 comments | Monday, January 12, 2009

New York's weekly lifestyle and entertainment magazine for gay men HX chats it up with MTV's newest gay reality star JD Ordonez of The Real World Brooklyn. The 22 year old dolphin trainer from Miami along with his transgender housemate Katelynn, 24 from West Palm Beach are taking the long-running show back to basics when producers relied on interesting people to sell the show versus casual hot tub sex.

After 21 seasons it's almost hard to believe that The Real World introduced the world to the late AIDS activist Pedro Zamora, Norman Korpi, the first gay roomate from season 1,Kevin Powell, "the angry black man", and who could forget Karamo Brown from the Philadelphia cast.

It seemed the show once known not only for sex caught on tape but for thought provoking and life altering experiences for the roommates and the audience was a thing of the past, but if last week's premiere episode of The Real World Brooklyn is any indication of the rest of the season then viewers should set their DVR's.

GLAAD is already praising MTV for having their most LGBT inclusive cast to date. And JD Ordonez is quickly becoming the new gay poster boy for LGBT media.

But viewers and LGBT advocates should follow the journey of Katelynn closely as she will teach the world what it means to be transgender and educate even those within the gay community who are quick to leave off the "T" in LGBT.

Get into their interviews in HX here. And if you missed the first episode of The Real World Brooklyn you can watch it in full below.


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