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0 comments | Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Now this may be a first. New York based indie singerNhojj is catching the attention of music lovers all over the world with his soulful single "Love". Nhojj made history late last year when he became the first African-American gay male to receive an OUT Music Award and now he can add another accolade to his growing list of achievements.

"Love" has reached #1 on MTV Music.com and the old industry rule that forced artists to remain closeted and videos to tow the line of mainstream heterosexuality doesn't seem to apply in this case.

The making of “Love” began with the highly acclaimed indie film "Blueprint,” which features “Love” as the theme song and focuses on the instant attraction of two black male college students, and the quiet reflection of the day they spent together.

In addition to creating wonderful music and making history Nhojj is also active in the gay rights movement. A proud spokesperson for the Gay By God campaign featured on loldarian.com last July, Nhojj offers up this refreshing statement:

“I believe God is love,” the singer explains, “so wherever love exists, God exists. Same gender love is just as right and good as any other – because love is at the core... that is what I want to share with the world.”


Get into the music video for "Love" below:

h/t Bernie & Blabbeando


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