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| Tuesday, March 09, 2010

HRC is providing live coverage via USTREAM of the first same-sex ceremonies to be performed in the district following the three day waiting period after couples were eligble to apply for marriage licenses under the new law granting marriage equality to gay and lesbian couples.

Three couples – among the first same-sex couples to apply for marriage licenses in the DC — will legally wed under the new law at an event sponsored by the Campaign for All D.C. Families and D.C. Clergy United for Marriage Equality. The first wedding ceremony is scheduled to begin around 10:00 A.M., immediately followed by 2 additional ceremonies, according to HRC Back Story.

About the couples:

Angelisa Young and Sinjoyla Townsend

Officiant: Rev. David K. North, Pastor of Holy Redeemer of Metropolitan Community Churches, College Park, MD
Angelisa and Sinjoyla, both African-American women who reside in Ward 8 of the District, were the first in line to register for a marriage license, and will be the first lesbian couple to legally wed in the nation’s capital. Angelisa (age 47) and Sinjoyla (age 41) have been together for 12 years and have two children.

Reginald (Reggie) Stanley and Rocky Galloway

Officiant: Rev Sylvia E. Sumter, Pastor of Unity of Washington, DC
Reggie and Rocky, both African-American, are long-time residents of the District. They are both 50 years old and have two children. Reggie and Rocky will be married immediately following Angelisa and Sinjoyla. Participating in their ceremony will be Jim Cullion (the best man) and Cherrie McCoy (the best woman).

Rev. Elder Darlene Garner and Rev. Lorilyn Candy Holmes

Officiant: Rev. Dwayne Johnson, Pastor of Metropolitan Community Churches, Washington, DC

Rev. Elder Darlene and Rev. Candy, both African-American, were both born in D.C. and are currently residents of Laurel, MD. Each serve in leadership roles in the MCC Church and have been active in the D.C. community for more than 20 years. Darlene (61) and Candy (53), are mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers, and will celebrate their legal wedding ceremony immediately following Reggie and Rocky.

Live TV : Ustream

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