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0 comments | Sunday, October 19, 2008

What a way to start your week, right? You may remember this ex-American Idol semi-finalist and Fuse TV host appearing on this site late last week as one of six men of color listed on Cosmo's Hot Bachelors of 2008. Jared Cotter is quickly becoming an loldarian.com favorite and his management has released three photos from his upcoming 2009 calendar exclusively for loldarian.com readers.

Jared has kept himself busy post American Idol by proving that life goes on and is often sweeter for those contestants who don't win the crown by recording his debut album, hosting The Sauce- a daily variety show consisting of live performances and celebrity interviews on Fuse TV and shooting one of the hottest calendars I've seen since Jensen Atwood's.

Although Jared probably won't have a man crush any time soon we love that he's not afraid to embrace a gay audience.

You can order your copy of Jared's 2009 calendar here.

Many thanks to Tanya Brown


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