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0 comments | Friday, October 10, 2008

Soulforce 2008 Equality Ride Lands at Liberty Univ, Morehouse College, & Spelman College

Every day, thousands of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people suffer harassment, violence, and discrimination at the hands of those who do not understand them. This oppression usually hides in plain sight, masquerading as rigid doctrine or timeless tradition. Consequently, it often goes unchallenged and unchanged.

The Equality Ride is a traveling forum that gives young adults the chance to deconstruct injustice and the rhetoric that sustains it. Check out news coverage of Equality Ride 08 on the campus of Jerry Falwell's Liberty University here.

Young, Black and Republican in New York, Blogging Against the Tide (NY Times)

The barbs have become like a soundtrack to Richard Ivory’s life: Uncle Tom, sellout, self-hater. Being black and Republican does indeed have its challenges — especially in New York. And even though the remarks sometimes wear on Mr. Ivory, they mostly seem to have emboldened him.

Mr. Ivory started a blog, HipHopRepublican.com, four years ago to voice criticism of what he perceived to be the political pigeonholing of blacks.

The blog is part of a small but vibrant collection of black Republican sites that have given right-leaning blacks a sense of community during an election in which Senator Barack Obama’s candidacy has made their political stance seem particularly unlikely.

Interview With “Project Runway”’s Jerell Scott (After Elton)

There's spoilers throughout this interview and because I'm a week behind on Project Runway I haven't read it. But I'm rooting for Korto. So if you love Runway as much as I do I'm sure you'll enjoy this interview with Jerell.

Clay Cane Interviews Jensen Atwood

Clay Cane chats with Jensen Atwood about his upcoming film Noah's Arc: Jumping The Broom, the Shemar Moore rumors, the cancellation of the series, and his male groupies.

Janet Resumes Rock Witchu Tour

Janet Jackson is returning to her “Rock Withchu Tour,” following an illness that put her on the sidelines. Promoters Live Nation confirmed to Access Hollywood that the superstar will return to her cross country trek beginning Saturday, October 11 in Uncasville, CT. New York has been rescheduled to Nov 1, Atlanta Oct. 19, Detroit Oct 28.

Atlanta Queer Literary Festival

The Atlanta Queer Literary Festival is this upcoming October 14th-19th in Atlanta. The festival features LGBTQ Poets, Writers, Musicians and Performers at various venues including Outwrite Books, Charis Books & More, and The Atlanta Central Library.

Artists scheduled to perform are Lakara Foster (of 89.3 WRFG She Speaks & Oprah Fame),Local Black Gay singer Ken J. Martin, Mark Doty (who recently had his book of poetry on the NY best seller list), Theresa Davis, Collin Kelley (Editor of Atlanta Intown Newspaper) Yolo Akili ( Poet, Author, Activist) and many more.

The festival was started in order to create a space to celebrate the work of LGBTQ writers and artists who may be under represented, and to help new burgeoning artists. Because often poetry open mics or other creative venues can be dangerous for LGBTQ people, we felt that creating a safe space was imperative!

Queen Latifah Continues To Deny What We Already Know

Will somebody please get the memo to Queen Latifah that tomorrow is National Coming Out Day and she should act accordingly. LOL! Just kidding. Hide in your closet as long as you want to Latifah. I wonder if it ever gets lonely in there? Read what Latifah said to the press over the weekend about her "ambiguous" sexuality by clicking the link above.


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