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3 comments | Sunday, July 20, 2008

The sounds of hip hop and R&B blaring from The Artistry (formerly The Sweet Low-Down) in midtown Atlanta on July 20th could not be contained within the building nor the excitement of all who were in attendance to brush elbows with Jensen Atwood, star of the successful, yet short lived LOGO series Noah’s Arc and Dante’s Cove on the here! Network.

Jensen Atwood enters into a party already in progress, but with one glance of his signature cornrows, chiseled abs, and infectious smile it’s obvious the party has just begun.

In town to support the release of his new 16- month calendar titled “Jensen Atwood on White”, shot by photographer Jerris Madison and produced by Men of Eros.

The calendar is beautifully shot and cleverly designed by Madison who includes Atwood, Rockmond Dunbar, Brian K. White, and Henry Simmons to his roster of clients. But fans will no doubt fall in love with every sexy shot he’s captured of Atwood in this spectacular calendar. And Atwood owns every ounce of sex appeal that has both men and women falling over themselves to get a piece of this sexy actor.

It’s that sex appeal combined with Atwood’s ability to tell a story that will no doubt move calendars and draw a huge audience this fall when the highly anticipated film “Noah’s Arc: Jumping The Broom” is released.

I had an opportunity to sit down with Jensen Atwood shortly before he received his fans and always a true professional he was engaging and quite easy on the eyes.

Jensen on the inspiration for the calendar:

“It actually came about because the fans were demanding it. And this calendar was shot with my fans in mind”, says Atwood.

On the release of Noah’s Arc: Straight to DVD or a theatrical release?

“Noah’s Arc will definitely be shown in theaters across the country”, says Atwood. “We’re in the process of narrowing down which cities will screen the film”.

On Dante’s Cove currently running on the here! Network:

“I’ve been asked to return for the fourth season and I was thrilled to sign on for another season. So you can expect to see more of me on Dante’s Cove once the new season begins,” says Atwood.

To say this man is busy would be an understatement. I was also privy to a career move that is sure to take all of Atwood’s fans by surprise and garner the star new ones. You’ll just have to wait a little bit longer to find out exactly what this talented actor is going to do next.

But for now you’ll be able to enjoy Jensen Atwood over the next 16 months in his amazing new calendar that was created especially with you in mind.

A special thank you to Jerris Madison,Charles Stephens, and Dereck Wallace.

Order your copy of Jensen Atwood Men on White at menoferos.com


<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

Well, leave it up to you to get all the info!

July 21, 2008 5:45 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

Do you find that your interview subjects are more open to conversation and revelation when you wear the deaths head tee shirt??? Whats the psych behind it?

July 21, 2008 9:59 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

You're a mess ponoono! I actually fell in love with the vee-neck and was oblivious to the death head. It's all me baby and not the shirt. lol

July 22, 2008 4:50 AM


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