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0 comments | Friday, July 18, 2008

Gay filmmaker Kirk-Shannon Butts is riding the wave of the success of his debut film BLUEPRINT all the way from Harlem to Hollywood. The film has screened at dozens of film festivals across the U.S. and abroad and has earned Shannon- Butts an arm full of accolades.

Named "The Visionary" on the Out 100 list by Out Magazine in 2007 Shannon- Butts is also remaining true to the title in his position as Men's Editor for Glamour Magazine. He recently was granted VIP access to fashion mogul Kimora Lee Simmons' new 'Fabulosity' line for JCPenney.

While the reviews and the relevancy of the' Baby Phat' and 'Fabulosity' fashion lines may be mixed- people can't seem to get enough of Shannon-Butts.

Uptown Magazine recently included him on their "35 Stars To Watch" list and ON Magazine's Peter Canavese declares, “Shannon-Butts’ makes a good case to be the GLBT Spike Lee.”

Upcoming screenings for BLUEPRINT include Oakland International Black LGBT Film Festival in August and Africa in the Picture (The Netherlands) in September.

You might remember reading about BLUEPRINT on this site's list of black gay films to see from a post earlier this year. If you haven't seen it yet then by all means check it out when it comes to your area. BLUEPRINT is slated for a fall 2008 release.

Check out the trailer below:


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