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0 comments | Monday, July 14, 2008

If you live in New York City or have ever visited on vacation then you probably already know about the number one source for information on all things gay in the big apple. This year NEXT Magazine celebrates it's 15th anniversary.

NEXT Magazine became my unofficial tour guide when I moved to New York City in 1998 shortly after high school to attend college and as a result I was able to experience the good, the bad, and the ugly of gay nightlife. Would I do it again? Hell yeah!

Started in 1993 by David Moyal as an inexpensive alternative to advertise his other businesses—like personal lines and 1-900 numbers—the majority of the content in the early days was personal ads along with some scathing columns about New York nightlife.

“About seven years into the run, in 2000, we started to take it seriously,” Woodward says. That started Next’s transformation into the magazine you see today, focusing more on editorial content about gay entertainment and New York nightlife, celebrity interviews and club snapshots without skimping out on all the pictures of hot boys and gossip that have been a hallmark of the publication. As the revenue from personals has moved online, the focus of the advertising has changed as well with more national advertisers, restaurants and Broadway shows using the pages of Next to reach New York’s gay community alongside the clubs, bars and parties that have been there since the beginning.

Over the years NEXT has diversified it's covers to include some of the hottest black models and celebrities including Kevin Aviance, Billy Porter, Nathan Hale Williams, Deborah Cox, Kelis, NY Drag Queen (and my college classmate) Peppermint, and troubled twins Taleon & Keyontyli Goffney to name a few.

Last year they also celebrated gay fathers in one of my favorite pieces that included a black gay single dad from New Jersey.

Enjoy a look at some of my favorite NEXT covers featuring African-Americans. And make sure to pick up a copy when you're in the city or check NEXT out online.


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