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0 comments | Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm sure you can tell by the title that this is a deep one. This video was filmed during Seattle Black Pride. I highly recommend that you set aside about seven minutes out of your day and get into this brother.

A little about Soulchilde via his myspace page:

Equal parts Prince, Nina Simone & Grace Jones, he melds composition, style & genre with the skill of Basquiat blending color, spins song into frenzy, & makes magic with his tongue. As the grandson of a pastor, raised & crucified in the belly of the baptist church & reborn at the jook joint, his performance is both ceremony & revival.

In addition to fronting his own band he has spent the last 3 years as "Minister Of Harmony" for band Forgotten Sol & recorded a c.d. with them entitled 'Contradiction'. He is a regularly featured vocalist for deep-house diva Nadirah Shakoor & has shared the stage with artists Choklate, Yahzarah, Ursula Rucker & Osunlade.

He is currently featured vocalist with free jazz ensemble, 'Threat Of Beauty', featured vocalist with Funk/Afro-Carribean band Big World Breaks, & the leader of his band THE CAROUSEL.

Thanks Jeff !


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