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0 comments | Sunday, October 21, 2007

Noah's Arc fans may be disappointed the show is no longer in production but three cast members haven't stopped giving fans new reasons to fall in love with them all over again. Daryl Stephens (Noah), Jensen Atwood (Wade), and Wilson Cruz(Junito) have been working non-stop since production wrapped on the Arc. Daryl was last seen in the popular indie flick Boy Culture, Wilson Cruz is one of the voices in the new LOGO animated series Rick and Steve, and Jensen Atwood is turning up the heat on Dante's Cove on the here! network.

I couldn't resist posting the amazing cover of the September issue of LA's Frontier Magazine featuring Daryl, Wilson, and LOGO president Brian Graden. I have my friend Jeff in Seattle to thank for the photo as well as a hot clip of Jensen on Dante's Cove. Unfortunately it was too hot to be posted on my blog, but don't worry you can check out a PG-13 clip here as well as screen captures below. God I love my MAC ! Enjoy!


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