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0 comments | Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rob Smith and Ramon Johnson hosts of the new online show for gay men of color The Mocha Lounge have returned with episode 2. This week the guys talk about the impressive Instinct cover featuring Darryl Stephens, the iconic Paris is Burning and alarming news from Korea and the CDC.

"This show is here because now is the time to make a more concentrated effort to diversify the images in the gay community," says creator and executive producer Rob Smith. "The Mocha Lounge will definitely bring something fresh and new into the conversation."

The Mocha Lounge will be broadcast bi-weekly on AfterElton.com and Downelink.com, both properties of the LOGOonline Network.

Hiding in Hip Hop author Terrance Dean and I Want to Work for Diddy star and first transwoman of color on reality television Laverne Cox are both scheduled to appear in the Fall '08 season.

The Mocha Lounge is a new loldarian.com favorite and is not to be missed. If you're new to the lounge you can check out the first episode here and the second episode below.


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