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0 comments | Monday, October 22, 2007

Last night I watched in utter disbelief as Tyra Banks and Dr. Richard Lippa, a psychology professor from Cal State Fullerton looked for stereotypical gay traits in 6 male volunteers to determine their sexual orientation.

Dr. Lippa looked for "hair whorls" in the back of the subject's head, if the whorl's were clockwise the subject was most likely straight and if the whorl was counter-clockwise the subject was most likely gay. If that doesn't sound ridiculous there was also the finger test. If the ring finger was longer than the index finger the subject was most likely gay according to Dr. Lippa. He went on to say that this study is not 100% factual probably in an effort to keep him from looking like a fool and from embarrassing the institution that gave him a degreee.

But even more troubling was the audience reaction to the men involved in the test. It was painfully obvious that many people still believe all gay men are effeminate, walk with a swish, and are artistic and overly expressive. They were at a loss for words when a guy they believed to be straight because he was athletic and was photographed with a rifle turned out to be gay.

I'm not sure what message Tyra was trying to send with this show but it was a complete mess and should have never made it on air. I know Tyra is not homophobic and is an ally for gay rights so I hope that GLAAD decides to take it easy on her when they denounce this show.


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