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2 comments | Thursday, April 05, 2007

So I wasn't planning on posting anything new today, but after catching the CNN special "What is A Christian ?" I had to put in my two cents. Anderson Cooper (how ironic ) hosted the special and led viewers into the Love Won Out conference by Exodus International. I've written about the Ex-gay movement before so I won't blow off any more steam right now. These conferences are based on lies and are extremely misleading and destructive for all involved.

One family flew from San Diego to the conference to have their gay son cured, and the father was told the reason why his son was gay was as a result of his poor parenting skills. Can you believe this bs?

The highlight of the show for me was Anderson's interview with homophobe Rev. Ken Hutcherson. In a weird way Hutcherson stated that the only requirement to enter heaven was to accept Christ as your personal saviour. Not once did he say being gay or lesbian would revoke your pass into the pearly gates. I think this was his attempt to appear Christ-like, but we know the truth.

I hope to share some video footage of the CNN special for all of you who missed it. But until then, check out this clip from The Montel Williams show of a gay man named Peterson. He endured 3 exorcisms, a failed marriage, and conversion therapy at Exodus conferences and is now living his life as an openly gay man. His story is powerful and real.



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Hey D,

This is such a great post. The best thing that this gentleman shared is that homosexuality and promiscuity do not have to be intimately intertwined. There is a huge difference.

A few years ago everybody in Christendom in America was all abuzz about the book "Prayer of Jabez." Everyone was praying for God to enlarge their territory. What they never realized was God would only enlarge their territory when they enlarged their thinking. Smallmindedness is so pitiful. I long for days when people can have substantive discussions about real issues and not this superficial bull-crap that we hear everyday. The sin of all man kind is not viewing ourselves how God views us. We sell ourselves short and limit God's greatest creation to black and white, gay and straight, fat and skinny. I find it repulsive and offensive


April 06, 2007 9:05 AM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

Sexual sin, wicked deeds of the flesh all work together. How this young man went about "changing" his sexual lifestyle was limited to what he knew. We cannot do things in OUR strength. That is the first problem we encounter when dealing with spiritual matters.

April 08, 2007 1:55 PM


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