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1 comments | Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Darryl Stephens, star of the new gay film Boy Culture is lending his image to the Got Aids? campaign by Los Angeles based Black Aids Institute .

The question on the front of the shirt is bold and is sure to make any passerby think about their status, but the question on the back of the shirt takes it a step further. It asks," How do you know?"

There was recently a meeting of the minds in Scottsdale, Arizona that included political leaders, activists, and members of the media. They all convened to devise an action plan that would reeduce the rate of HIV infection among African Americans by half in five years, increase the percentage of those who know their status, reduce stigma, and test a million people over the next year. They also planned to get black Americans into care earlier and improve education for those testing negative as well as positive.

You can read more about this cause here and here .



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