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0 comments | Sunday, April 01, 2007

Ms. Over Exposed Beyonce Knowles is showing her love for the kids in one of eight new videos for B'day. The high energy track Get Me Bodied has been spun on heavy rotation in gay clubs all over the country since Beyonce's second album dropped last fall.

In this video Beyonce and her crew of (unpaid) back-up dancers re-invent Bob Fosse's famous choreography from the musical Sweet Charity . I want to hate on her so badly, but I will refrain because my friend LT does it so well, not to leave Clay Cane out.

I have a love/hate relationship with Ms. Deena Jones, but I have to admit I really like this video. Watch out for the Destiny's Child reunion with appearances by Kelly, Michelle, and Solange...the lost member.


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