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2 comments | Thursday, March 29, 2007

I received the following message from a young lady by the name of Regan in response to a post I wrote on Wednesday dealing with the likelihood of a biological basis for homosexuality. I'm amazed to learn of the number of women who read my site on a daily basis. Thank you ladies and thank you Reagan for being who you are.

Hey Darian,

I LIKE your site. I'm accessing the sites of as many LGBT folk of color as I can. Just to check in, see how you're doing.
I'm a former dancer myself. Just semi retired recently, but I might get back into it. I have lupus and it's been trying to kill me for the last five years, but I'm still here! So it seems the universe is trying to tell me to concentrate on the writing I do. Finish the writing projects I started. I was born to write as much as dance.

But to get to the point. I've learned that I have a big mouth and know how to use it in defense of my gay family.
It's not about blood relatives, it's about our blood relation as human beings. The het/gay thing is symbiotic, for sure.
Which is why, it boggles my MIND and infuriates me, when I keep hearing ignorant straight folks CONTINUE to argue with gay people about whether it's a choice or not. Or continue to use the words 'lifestyle' to describe being gay.

Straight folks just CAN'T get over it that they are the superior beings they wish they were, nor are gay folks inferior to them in ways they wish they were. How strange that a straight person would TELL a gay person that being gay is a choice.
As IF! Why can't a man argue with a woman that he knows what childbearing and birth is like. OR a menstrual period? Right?
Why can't a white person argue with a black, that THEY know what racism feels like?

So it's REALLY stupid that straight people don't believe what gay folks have to say about it, and those who claim the Bible has given them some moral clarity, but show their moral blindness when they make a moral equivalence to homosexuality and murder, theft and substance addiction.

If they can't know that how one human being TREATS another is what determines moral values and clarity, then they should shut up! One could, with virtually absolute legitimacy conflate how gay people have been treated in institutional homophobia with segregationist institutions. Indeed, it wasn't color that Jim Crow was organized around. Color was a means of achieving segregation, but the real reason was white paranoia regarding black SEXUALITY. Whites gave black sex the same beastlike, aggressive and evil characteristics they give gay sexuality. In that, THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE.

So now, straight people are enabled and emboldened to profligate the same myths and misinformation. And they imbue themselves with some special knowlege and intimacy with gay motives and ability, while they know few gay people other than who validates their stereotypes. Same as segregationists, reported what they thought of blacks, while knowing any on the terms required to know.

The most anti gay are finding that their information isn't squaring with reality. But it's amazing how many straight people make lame attempts to explain their beliefs, who are running for President. Some don't bother to address what's the most pressing gay life right now.

When John Kerry was asked about whether he thought being gay was a choice, I was embarrassed at his answer. And outraged at Lynn Cheney's upbraiding of him, yet she said nothing to Alan Keyes (or James Dobson) who vilified her daughter by name. Were I John Kerry, here's what MY answer would have been. "Why are you asking me, a heterosexual man? When at the same time, you're ignoring the MILLIONS of gay men and women who say it definitely is NOT a choice? I am not the one to question, nor is any heterosexual person in a position to deny that what gay people say isn't true."

I would take it further Darian, and dare those homophobes to decide, since they cannot AVOID the possibility that a child in THEIR family could be gay, what world would they prefer for them? The world that is accepting and brings out their talent and compassion to share with the world? Or a world that CONTINUES to threaten them so that they can't finish school or they could end up tied to a fence with their heads bashed in like Matt Shepard? THEY are the ones who could choose. And the choice is MUCH easier for them.

They should look around, homosexuality is UNIVERSAL and indigenous to ALL human (and some animal life). So it CAN'T be a lifestyle whatsoever. And it's perfectly natural since it doesn't matter what your family structure or culture is.

So what straight people's responsibility is this: THEY can choose. To live with being lied to, in denial or deluded so that it blows up in everyone's face in the worst way. Or face facts that gays and lesbians ARE not and have NEVER been the reprobates they have been taught, and be fucking HAPPY about it! And move onto more pressing issues, oh like GANG VIOLENCE and the drug infusion that fuels it. After all, it's not gangs of gay kids running about America's streets and shooting their children down in them.

This you heard from a straight black woman that won't stop at simply having gay friends who are loved and cherished.
I'll call every damn homobigot on their bullshit the way I'd call a racist on theirs. End of sermon!

Be well, be loved brother.
Stay in touch!


<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

How in the heck is homosexuality, "UNIVERSAL"?

March 29, 2007 11:00 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

Captian get a clue! You really show ignorance so clear! Homosexuality is universal. There are white, black, indian, asian, mexican, latino, japanese, chinese, and etc that are gay aka homosxual. Homosexuality is present throughout the animal kingdom! So please don't ask dumb questions!

April 06, 2007 1:48 AM


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