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0 comments | Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I can't even believe we're still having this conversation in the post-Madonna era. Hasn't this all been done before and during a much more conservative time in America?

Lady GaGa and the innocently sweet Beyonce' have ruffled quite a few feathers with the release of the sexually charged video for GaGa's single"Telephone". Reportedly, the video was banned on MTV late last week but the music channel now seems to be back pedaling.

"Faux News" anchor Megyn Kelly along with Sandy Rios of The Culture Campaign nearly lost their minds during a segment in which they completely trashed GaGa's newest creation and explains why the video and the artist is harming children. "Oh lawd what about the kids?!"

"You think you've seen it all...but wait there's more", said Rios.

"And this time we have to speculate on whether she has a male member or not or whether it's been cut off or not. And then they do a mass murder at the the end. And then we've got Beyonce' and GaGa as gay lesbian lovers. It's disgusting Megan! I wouldn't under any circumstance allow my children to buy Lady GaGa cd's or listen to them and I would explain to them why. This is just poison in the minds of our kids".

Watch all of the crazy below:

Trouble viewing the video? Click here.


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