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1 comments | Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A day of hot topics on The View yesterday found the ladies giving considerable airtime to two stories involving gay and lesbian people that are currently dominating the news cycle.

Constance McMillen, an 18-year old openly lesbian Itawamba County Agricultural High School student in Jackson, Mississippi made national news last week when her school board decided to cancel her prom rather than grant her request to attend with her girlfriend and wear a tuxedo. The American Civil Liberties Union has since filed a discrimination lawsuit and McMillen has taken her case before the national news media.

In Boulder, Colorado the Catholic church has come under fire for rejecting the re-enrollment of two children co-parented by a lesbian couple. Yes, the same Catholic Church which has been embroiled in sex abuse scandals for years and is currently back in the news again for the same SIN. The archbishop of Denver is defending the decision and tells CNN "people with a different understanding of marriage and family life "have other, excellent options for education and should see in them the better course for their children."

Please take notice when you watch the clip from The View that Sherri and Elisabeth actually come down on the right side of a gay issue for once. And despite Sherri's large number of "close gay friends" she manages to control her usual contorted facial expressions and hypocritical bible beating.

And I must say the thunderous applause from the audience in support of these two issues is wonderful. The hot topic segment begins around the 2:20 mark.


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Maybe it's the last baby she gave to or maybe it's cause she is getting a salary increase but Elizabeth Hassleback has routinely been coming across as sane, rational, and open minded on a lot of topics as of late.

Obvs the end of the world is near.

March 16, 2010 4:05 PM


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