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0 comments | Friday, January 15, 2010

Maryland delegate Emmet C. Burns has announced he will introduce legislation that would prohibit the recognition of same-sex marriages from other jurisdictions, and declare that same-sex marriages are against the public policy of the state of Maryland.

From The Advocate:

This announcement comes on the heels of D.C. Superior Court Judge Judith N. Macaluso's ruling that denied a highly sought after voter initiative to eliminate the right of same-sex couples in the district to wed spearheaded by Maryland resident and leading anti-gay bigot Bishop Harry Jackson.

The measure from Burns, a Baltimore Country representative, arrives as state attorney general Doug Gansler reportedly is preparing to issue an opinion on out-of-state marriage recognition.

According to the Associated Press, similar attempts to bar same-sex marriage recognition have failed to reach the floor for a vote in the past.

Apparently, gays and lesbians being able to legally wed in neighboring DC as of March hits a little too close to home for Burns and the fear of those marriages being recognized in his home state has taken precedence over crime, illiteracy, unemployment, lack of health care, and HIV/AIDS...you know all of the important issues that directly impact the people of his district.

Another day another dumb negro grandstanding for the Christian vote and his moment in the spotlight. Watch out Harry you've got some competition.


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