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1 comments | Friday, January 15, 2010

Is this what is being taught in schools?

Massachusetts police have identified a 15- year- old Chelmsford High School student as the culprit behind a posting on Facebook for a proposed "Kill All Gays" event scheduled for January 19.

The posting, rife with spelling and grammar mistakes, says, quote, "ever one that s gay dies." The page includes a photo of men hitting someone with sticks and is labeled "Attack on a gay individual in Iraq." School officials discovered the page on Wednesday and requested the investigation, noting at least nine students had signed up to attend the event.

Deputy Police Chief Scott Ubele said the teen has accepted responsibility for the posting that incited a backlash of comments from Chelmsford High students and other teens who were outraged by the message of hate.

"If you'd rather live amongst murders than amongst gays, I don't know," added Amanda Tine of Chelmsford High. "You've got bigger problems than I do, that's for sure."

In related news: Sadly, the advocating of violence towards gays not only exists in high schools but on college campuses as well. GLAAD is demanding an apology and a retraction from The Observer, Notre Dame's student newspaper that ran an anti-gay cartoon promoting violence towards the LGBT community.

The cartoon reads:
“What’s the easiest way to turn a fruit into a vegetable?”
“No idea.”
“A baseball bat.”

As many people know, “fruit” is often used as a derogatory term for members of the LGBT community.

GLAAD contacted The Observer immediately upon seeing this cartoon. The Editor in Chief Jenn Metz relayed a tearful and what appeared to be heartfelt apology by phone. She explained that she was not present when the decision to run this cartoon was made, and that she was incredibly upset that others on staff had made that decision.Metz plans to run what she describes as a “full retraction and apology,” in Friday’s edition of The Observer.

h/t Maybe It's Just Me


<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

Damn thats crazy. The Massachusetts thing especially...Notre Dame isn't any better. What really saddens me is that sometimes these signs of hatred go unchecked and someone of the LGBT community is hurt. I'm glad, it wasn't the case this time.

January 15, 2010 10:32 AM


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