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1 comments | Monday, July 06, 2009

An update on the tragic murder of black gay Navy Seaman August Provost . The mainstream media is finally picking up on this story days after Provost was murdered at Camp Pendelton and after loldarian.com affiliate Rod 2.0 initially broke the story.

Gay activists are pushing to have this case investigated as a hate crime and CNN are also raising questions about the potential motive in Provost's killing.

Bound to secrecy under the discriminatory 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' policy, Provost confirmed his sexual orientation on his Myspace and Facebook pages, referring to his boyfriend Kaether Cordero as the love of his life.

On the morning of June 30 Provost's body was found in a guard shack on the western edge of Camp Pendleton in an apparent homicide. Early reports revealed the victim suffered from gun shot wounds and was bound, gagged, and burned.

CNN spoke with Navy spokesperson Lt. Kyle Raines who attempted to dispel rumors that Provost was tortured and targeted because he was gay.

"There are no indications that the body of Seaman Provost was bound, gagged or mutilated as some media have reported. There was a fire set in an effort to cover up evidence. The specific cause of death will be addressed once the autopsy report and toxicology reports have been completed. There was a person who was initially held as a person of interest. He is no longer being held. There is now a second sailor who was not previously identified to the media who has been linked to the commission of the crime through both physical evidence and his own statement. The second sailor is being held. His name has not been released."

In what could be perceived as an attempt to cover up the truth, Capt. Matt Brown, director of public affairs for Navy Region Southwest, said they had no indication that the shooting death of Provost was a hate crime or that he'd been harassed in the days before he was killed.

If this isn't a hate crime then I don't know what is.

Get into the CNN video report below:


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