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| Thursday, July 02, 2009

Chicago's Windy City Times interviews emerging black gay author James Hannaham about his debut novel 'God Says No'.

The book is a redemption story in which Gary, a fundamentalist Christian college student is disturbed by his budding sexual interest in other men. Though he prays frequently, it is quite a different episode on his knees -- in a Waffle House men’s room -- that proves his undoing. This lavatory encounter with a redneck pops the cork on a spree of indiscretions.

Beyonce's Atlanta stop on her I Am...Sasha Fierce Tour did not disappoint. The reigning diva played to a sold out house that included Atlanta celebrities Tyler Perry and Ciara. New pop group Richgirl, interviewed last month on this site opened the show. Loldarian.com affiliate Gyant of gyantunplugged.com captured footage of last nigh's show.

(Image courtesy of B_Nerd via Twitter )

Beyonce & Richgirl US Tour from Gyant on Vimeo.

Black Gay Pride Storms Into Chicago

India Decriminalizes Homosexuality- The Delhi High Court court repealed Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code that treated consensual gay sex as a crime . The justices wrote gays and lesbians were "denied moral full citizenship [as] Section 377 IPC grossly violates their right to privacy."

The New York Blade, HX Magazine, and Vibe all scheduled to suspend publication.

Chris Brown “Furious” Over BET Awards Absence

A look inside of DOM Magazine's sexy shoot with model Oraine Barrett.