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1 comments | Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Broadway and television star Sheryl Lee Ralph will deliver the keynote address at the second annual State Of Black Gay America Summit during the 12th Atlanta Black Gay Pride Celebration. Xtreme Entertainment Inc. along with In The Life Atlanta will present Mrs. Ralph along with a distinguished panel of speakers from across the nation to discuss politics, health disparities, faith and religion, marriage rights, and trans rights to name a few. The summit will take place on Saturday August 30, 2008 from 11AM-4PM at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Atlanta.

Sheryl Lee Ralph has been a longtime ally and outspoken activist for the black gay community. Her critically acclaimed one woman show "Sometimes I Cry" deals with the lives, and losses of women infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

I personally fell in love with Mrs. Ralph and her beautiful spirit all over again last year during an episode of Meet The Faith on BET as a panelist on "Homophobia in Black America" with Keith Boykin, Rev. E. Bernard Jordan and host Ian Smith. If you missed it I've re-posted the video below.

This year's SBGA Summit is definitely one you don't want to miss. But don't worry, for those of you who are not in Atlanta I will be bringing you exclusive coverage on loldarian.com.

Log onto thelionsdenatlanta to register for the summit and to check out highlights from last year.


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Awesome post. Sheryl Lee Ralph was passionate about her advocacy in the video clip. I never knew she held such a stance. Thanks for sharing.

August 24, 2008 12:23 PM


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