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1 comments | Thursday, August 07, 2008

Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson touched down in Atlanta last weekend as a special performer for V-103's Soul Sessions at Sugar Hill in downtown Atlanta and she reminded audiences what they've been missing since we've been bombarded with no talent artists all over radio and television for the past few years.

My immediate friends and relatives know how much I love me some J Hud and have lost count of the number of times I've seen Dreamgirls, so you have to imagine my disappointment when word got back to me that the down-to-earth girl from Chicago has all of a sudden gone Hollywood. "Say it ain't so Jennifer"! But I guess when you have an enormous talent like Ms. Hudson(I'm sure that's what we'll have to call her soon...let me stop) then the diva within is bound to come out.

I'm sure you remember the online controversy surrounding her obviously airbrushed album cover. Well that controversy got one journalist from The Atlanta Journal Constitution kicked to the curb for refusing to adhere to the demand from Ms.Hudson's publicist not to ask the star about the controversial cover.

C'mon Jenn, we know you're not a size 2 and we love you for it.

Recording equipment was not allowed in the venue so no one online has any footage of the performance...except me.

A real Jennifer Hudson fan will always find a way and I wasn't even there. Many thanks to my girlfriend (in the very platonic sense of the word) who managed to capture a few minutes of Jennifer's set. The video is a little shaky because she was obviously nervous(lol!) but the sound is crystal clear.

Make sure to grab your copy of Jennifer's new album on September 30th.


<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

You're going to KILL Me for saying so, HOWEVER, Jennifer's album is NOT going to sell to the masses in the mainstream manner that Gay, Black men ASSUME its going to. Jennifer, while indeed having a POWERFUL Voice, has not released a single that has crossover appeal. She has allowed her ridiculous, Size 4 Album Cover to go into production, because despite her candid rants about being 'PROUD' of her 'BIG GIRL' stature, she KNOWS that AMERICA does NOT Truly envelop her physique. Jennifer's success in the music industry is going to be very moderate. She will NEVER see the success that rests within the careers of Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys, or her other counterparts. While Jennifer MAY continue to stand upon the threshold of The DreamGirls phenomenon, there isnt too much left to applaud her for. Jennifers 'acting' performance in 'SEX IN THE CITY' was Pedestrian and haphazzard; only going to PROVE that she did NOT deserve an Oscar Award for her portrayal of Effie White. IF we distribute Oscars for vocal performances of remade classic hits, SURE...Give the Oscar to Jennifer. However, in judging her screen performance alongside the actresses who had garnered the coveted award in the years prior to her win, Jennifer's theatrical portrayal was less than mediocre. I know that Jennifer is Overrated, and unless she receives MAJOR Acting training, her Music & Acting career are going to see a quick Stand Still.

Im Sorry...but I just DONT see it for her. And, NO ONE is playing or talking about her Single. This is WHY she does these Club Tours, STILL belting out,'Im Telling You'; which, by the way, Im SICK TO DEATH of listening to.

August 09, 2008 10:52 PM


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