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0 comments | Sunday, January 06, 2008

Last Friday I had a chance to have lunch with the amazingly talented B. Scott of lovebscott.com in Los Angeles and we had a blast! I was in town to interview B. for an article I'm writing for the February issue of Clik Magazine on his surge in popularity on You Tube and his website.

The person you see in his hilarious videos is the exact same person you get when you meet B. Scott in person. Beautiful, opinionated, and real. I'm not ashamed to say I'm one of his love muffins and you should be too...lol!

Get into his videos if you haven't already and get into the excerpt below from the forthcoming Clik Magazine feature written by me.

Excerpt from The Fabulous B. Scott! If You Don't Know Him Now...You Will :

Once I was assigned to write this article I knew I had to opt out of the usual telephone interview and make the trip to Los Angeles to meet B. Scott in person after watching his internet popularity increase to celebrity status, and I’m glad I did.

It was an unusually rainy day in Los Angeles as I arrived at Toast near The Grove to meet B. Scott for a late lunch. As I waited for his arrival I wondered if he would be the person so many of us had grown to love from his videos or if he would be the exact opposite. So often performers turn out to be a big disappointment to their fans after the camera stops rolling and they’re required to make a human connection.

When B. Scott walks into a room it’s almost impossible for him to go unnoticed, with a pair of fitted jeans, white v-neck tee, cropped military jacket, and his hair pulled back, he greets me with a warm smile and embraces me as if we are old friends.

For the next hour and a half I become immersed in the world of B.Scott and much to my surprise the person from the videos is the exact same person that’s sitting across the table from me taking small sips of Tortilla soup, authentic, opinionated, and super confident.

Read the entire article next month in Clik Magazine.


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