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0 comments | Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I think I'm going to make "Say What?" a weekly post on my blog. I've noticed that some of my readers get really upset when I post anti-gay videos on my site. I do it because I think it's really important to be reminded what we're up against in the fight for equality. Some of us who live in the gayborhoods of West Hollywood, the West Village, and Atlanta's Midtown become so comfortable in progressive environments that we forget what it's like for other gays and lesbians who aren't as fortunate to live in such places. If you're LGBT in this country the threat of violence is a cruel reality for a lot of people.

But beyond physical violence I believe that religious attacks are the most prevalent and the most dangerous. I frequently call out ministers and so called "Christians" on this site who choose to use the bible as a weapon to condemn and destroy the lives of same gender loving people. I know in doing so it causes a lot of controversy and discussion and I welcome it. But as long as we have the Eddie Long's of the world and the well meaning but clearly misguided brother in the video below spewing ignorant and hateful rhetoric towards the community I will continue to speak out.

Did you know your homosexuality was similar to being handicapped? You know like having an amputated leg and fixing it with a prosthetic. It should be just as easy to "fix" your homosexuality. And if you were wondering what the one requirement was to enter heaven then it's inside this video. Awww I'll go ahead and tell you, you must be STRAIGHT! Feel free to laugh out loud now.

This video is not to be taken seriously or the idiots who spout this BS. This year I challenge my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters to walk out of churches and away from doctrines that abuse and hinder their spiritual growth. The love of God is for you too and anyone who tells you differently is a liar. Bottom line.


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